Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Arthur Anderson verdict thrown out!!!

Wow! They're not guilty...... well, not so fast my friend. The Supremes through out the guilty verdict because the first judge gave the jury improper directions. The case will likely be retried. Let's see how the media plays the real story. I'm not too hopeful.....

That New Youk accent!

I'm hearing more folks with that New York/Brooklyn accent on local radio and TV commercials. Don't those advertising folks realize that accent is a turn off to most mid-westerners? They call our part of the USA "fly-over-country" and still expect us to "listen up" when they want our attention.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Our next US Senator?

Keith Butler. Republican. Black! From Detroit!
Very interesting and competant man. He's the leader so far...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

gas prices down=no headlines

Golly! Gas prices are down and The Chronicle doesn't have it on the front page. Amazing. Maybe it's in there somewhere.....
I guess we'll have to wait till Georgie is gone until we can some good news reported by The Gang of Three.(G3)

Sunday, May 22, 2005

They really do hate us!

The eastcoaster media types do.
This is stunning. The contempt that this East-coaster exhibits an excellent insight into how the liberals in the elite media view things they know nothing about. Toby Keith and bad dressers! If only they ruled the world.....

'Sunday Money' and 'Full Throttle': Nascar Nation - New York Times:
"For a certain segment of the population, Nascar's raid on American culture -- its logo festoons everything from cellphones to honey jars to post office walls to panties; race coverage, it can seem, has bumped everything else off television; and, most piercingly, Nascar dads now get to pick our presidents -- triggers the kind of fearful trembling the citizens of Gaul felt as the Huns came thundering over the hills. ..... stock-car racing represents all that's unsavory about red-state America: fossil-fuel bingeing; lust for violence; racial segregation; run-away Republicanism; anti-intellectualism (how much brain matter is required to go fast and turn left, ad infinitum?); the corn-pone memes of God and guns and guts; crass corporatization; Toby Keith anthems; and, of course, exquisitely bad fashion sense.
.......No other sport is so captivating to so many yet so utterly uncaptivating to so many others. If the latter aren't repulsed by the deep-fried spectacle of a Nascar event, with its schizo mix of beery loutishness and Promise Keeper piety, then they're bored stiff by the racing itself. Stock-car racing is, it's true, a competitive variation on commuter traffic: it involves a bunch of sedans ferociously trying to get to the front of the line, making it no different, fundamentally, from Friday afternoons on the West Side Highway. This is what irks the detractors -- the only thing worse than being in traffic, they contend, is watching it -- yet, paradoxically, makes up a major chunk of its appeal. The cars the drivers pilot -- modified Chevy Monte Carlos, Ford Tauruses, Pontiac Grand Prix -- are not so different from the cars Nascar fans use daily to pick up their groceries, shuttle their kids and get themselves to work....
Read the whole thing.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Force Rumsfeld to defend every new base closing

Jeepers, the Chronicle's Gang of Three thinks that the Sec. Def and the Joint Chiefs don't nothin' 'bout base closings. The Chronicle's Military geniuses are "stunned". Maybe they could use some up front experience honing their skills on the front lines in Iraq?
Force Rumsfeld to defend every new base closing: "Force Rumsfeld to defend every new base closing
Thursday, May 19, 2005
One might have thought that four rounds of stateside military base closings -- in 1988, 1991, 1993 and 1995 -- would have been enough for the Pentagon to achieve the efficiency and streamlining it needed.
But Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld wants more, having just proposed closing 33 major bases, including Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, the Groton (Conn.) Submarine Base and America's oldest but still highly capable Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Maine. All of these facilities represent major parts within the strategic core of U.S. military power. For America's Secretary of Defense to recommend these bases closed without a whimper from the Joint Chiefs of Staff is just stunning.
So debate, as it should, will be intense over this latest list of proposed closures as they are reviewed by the independent Base Realignment and Closure Commission before being presented to President Bush for approval in September.
Take Portsmouth, for example, an installation the Navy just cited as having 'consistently and superbly performed their mission while establishing a phenomenal record of cost, schedule, quality and safety performance.' Obviously Navy ships, from small frigates to nuclear-power aircraft carriers, are incredibly costly and complex, and must be maintained and upgraded in order to fill their mission reliably. Closing bases like Portsmouth narrows the list of experienced shipyards to a tenuous few. These are vital assets.
The Groton submarine base could serve as another example of how the nation's strategic defense stands in danger of being compromised for what appear to be dubious savings. Groton's irreplace"

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Timing stoplights

Communities that don't do it will suffer. Muskegon and Muskegon Hgts are the worst offenders. People will avoid downtowns where traffic is stupidly planned.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

King of the Hill

Hank Hill quote:
"Newsweek, not in this house"
Gotta love it!

Katie Curic on saving gasoline!

On the Today Show, the perky one tells us all how she used to keep her windows opened when driving to save on gas, rather than use the car air conditioner. Yeah, right. How dumb does Her Perkiness think we are? Oops, Good Morning America just passed Today in the ratings.

Walmart story

I was shopping at Walmart on Sherman when I heard this endering cellphone conversation by a jumbo mother with her 5 kids in tow:"are you out of jail yet honey?
Gotta love the experience!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

CC Valedictorians

Congratulations to the 6 valedictorians and 2 (3.99) salutorians of this year's Muskegon Catholic Central graduation class. But isn't it a sad commentary that 8 students out of the relatively small class got 100% on everything for 4 years running? It's either that kids are getting a whole lot smarter or the dumbing down of our schools. Gee, I wonder what businesses who hire young folks would say......

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Arabs blame Jews!

This is like blaming McDonalds because you're fat. And still eating 7 Big Macs a week.
Power Line: "Getting it backwards
The UN Development Project has released its 2004 report on Arab development. It finds that a good portion of the blame for the Arab world's lack of progress lies in the creation of Israel 57 years ago, and in the support by the U.S. for Israel's existence since then (our presence in Iraq hasn't helped either). That's right -- 300 million Arabs live under oppression because 5 million Israeli Jews live in freedom, supported by the U.S. "