Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Teflon Leon?

The Grand Haven Tribune - Michigan's Community Newspaper for Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and the West Michigan Lake Shore: "CROCKERY TOWNSHIP � Leon Stille will remain the township's supervisor after a recall effort proved unsuccessful at the polls Tuesday.
Crockery Township voters rejected the recall drive with 598 saying no to recall Stille and 343 saying yes. "

Election Results - All Results Muskegon County

Election Results - All Results Muskegon County
Library WINS, Norton Shores Charter REJECTED!!!!
So far.....

Worth knowing

Instapundit.com -: "February 28, 2006
In the days that followed the bombing of a sacred Shiite shrine, Iraq seemed within a hair's breadth of civil war. But an aggressive U.S. and Kurdish diplomatic campaign appears for now to have coaxed the country back from open conflict between Sunni Arabs and Shiites, according to Iraqi politicians and Western diplomats speaking in interviews on Monday.
Read the whole thing.

I guess he's not gonna run for office soon.

WOODTV.com & WOOD TV8 - Grand Rapids news and weather - Former energy secretary Abraham joins French nuclear company: "WASHINGTON Former Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham will join Areva as chairman of its board of directors.
Areva is the U-S subsidiary of the French-owned nuclear company.
Areva has been aggressively marketing its advanced-design power reactor to American utilities and hopes Abraham will help that cause as board chairman."
The good news is that any company is promoting nuclear power in the USA.

This is good for race relations?

Union head blasts plan to name street after Black Panther: SouthFlorida.com: "A police union official is criticizing a Chicago proposal to rename a street after a slain Black Panther leader who once advocated violence against police officers.

The City Council's transportation committee approved an ordinance yesterday to rename a one-block section of Monroe Street on the city's West Side after former Panther Fred Hampton."
I remember taking a wrong turn in Chicago back in the 1970s. We were surrounded by black thugs who pounded on my car as we sat at a light. I ran the light out of great fear. A few hundred dollars of damage but we made it out alive. That is the legacy of the black racists.

D&W to close 4 stores

WOODTV.com & WOOD TV8 - Grand Rapids news and weather - D&W to close 4 stores: "D&W will be closing the Northtown D&W on Plainfield Avenue in Grand Rapids, the Norton Shores D&W on Seminole Road in Muskegon, the Walker D&W on Rememberance Road and the Zeeland D&W on West Main Avenue."
Too bad, they did a fine job in Norton Shores.

Stabenow the most liberal?

"That's Saul, folks!"
Michigan Republican Party Blog
"According to respected political publication National Journal, Debbie Stabenow's liberal score for 2005 is 86.3, making her the ninth most liberal member of the Senate, outranking nationally known liberals such as New York Senators Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer and on par with Massachusetts Senator John Kerry.

Year Stabenow Clinton Schumer Kennedy Kerry
2005 86.3 79.8 77.8 96.7 86.7

(National Journal Website, www.nationaljournal.com, Accessed February 24, 2006)"
If you vote liberal, Debbie's your gal!


CBS Slants Bush Poll in Favor of Democrats NewsBusters.org:
In its classic 'fair and balanced' tradition, CBS slanted in favor of Democrats its poll that found Bush has a 34 percent approval rating and a 59 percent disapproval rating, an all-time high for a CBS poll.
On the bottom of the PDF version of the poll (page 18) it says how many Democrats versus Republicans were contacted.
'Total Republicans' contacted: 272 unweighted and 289 weighted.
'Total Democrats' contacted: 409 unweighted and 381 weighted.
Remember, this is the C-BS of Dan Rather. Sadly, the rest of the MSM just ate this lie up and reported it as if it were true.

The Simpsons love Holland!

Tonight on the "Simpsons": Homer, negotiating a motorhome purchase, opined how great it would be to "visit the Tulip Festival in Holland, MI". Interesting....what's up with the Holland/Hollywood connection?

AcademyAwards Party!

Sounds like fun!
Contact: Linda Medema 231-722-9750x103

Be Treated Like A Star at the Frauenthal’s
"Academy Awards® Party"
Hosted by Britta from Star 108
FRAUENTHAL CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS, DOWNTOWN MUSKEGON – Join the Frauenthal Center as we celebrate our 2nd annual "Academy Awards® Party" with a line up of star-studded activities! Dress like a star, or come as you are, and view the Academy Awards® live on the big screen of the Frauenthal Theater!
The evening begins at 5:30 with cocktails followed at 6:00 with a divine selection of hearty hors d’oeuvres. After hors d’oeuvres, guests will be escorted to an awaiting limousine, which will bring them to the infamous red carpet where fans and paparazzi will be waiting their arrival. After exclusive interviews and photo opportunities, guest will enter the majestic Frauenthal Theater where the Academy Awards® will be broadcast live on the big screen. There will be a fabulous dessert table with exquisite selections to enjoy throughout the evening.
This event will make people feel like they are attending the actual Academy Awards®. From the beautiful decorations, red carpet, paparazzi, and limos to the fabulous hors d’oeuvres and desserts, guests will be treated like stars all night long. Thanks to the on going support of local businesses we are able to offer all this to the community for the outstanding price of only $35 per person.
In addition to the extravagant lineup mentioned above, there will be drawings and prizes throughout the evening. The entire event is being hosted by the popular radio personality Britta Cleveland. Britta can be heard weekdays on Clear Channel’s Star 108 during the original Wayback Lunch. Don’t miss the "Academy Awards® Party" at the Frauenthal Center on Sunday, March 5, 2006. Schedule of events: 5:30pm cocktails, 6:00pm hearty hors d’oeuvres, 7pm limo ride to red carpet, 7:30pm pre-awards show broadcast, 8:00 pm awards show broadcast and fabulous desserts.
Tickets only $35 per person, which includes one free drink. Tickets available at Tickets Plus outlets including the Frauenthal Box Office. Frauenthal Box Office hours: Monday-Friday, 11am-6pm. Charge by phone at 1-800-585-3737. All proceeds from this fundraiser will benefit the Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts. For more information call Linda Medema at 231-722-9750 x103 or visit us online at www.frauenthal.info
This event is not affiliated with nor endorsed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


More liberal idiocy

WZZM 13 Grand Rapids - Heart Smart Law Requires Fitness Clubs to Have Defibrillators: "Heart Smart Law Requires Fitness Clubs to Have Defibrillators

The heart-attack death of a man at a Royal Oak fitness club led Gov. Jennifer Granholm to sign into law this week a bill requiring all fitness clubs in Michigan to have defibrillators."
Too bad the fellow died at a health club rather than a Starbucks....would they require double espresso drips? Jeepers, some folks wonder why companies are running away from JennyCountry?

Brutal beating?

WOODTV.com & WOOD TV8 - Grand Rapids news and weather
click the link to see how WOOD TV totally distorts the news. Remember next time you watch.


The Grand Haven Tribune - Michigan's Community Newspaper for Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and the West Michigan Lake Shore: "A 12-year-old visitor to the Detroit Institute of Arts stuck a wad of gum to a $1.5 million painting, leaving a stain the size of a quarter"
I'm not sure which is dumber, gumboy or $1.5 million for that painting.

Election Results - Muskegon County

Election Results - Muskegon County
Here's the link

We need to require photo ID to vote!

WOODTV.com & WOOD TV8 - Grand Rapids news and weather - Feds: State has more registered voters than voting-age residents: "DETROIT Maybe Michigan residents are taking their civic responsibility WAY too seriously.
The U-S Department of Justice says the state has more people registered to vote than it has people of voting age."
The democrat party opposes photo ID when voting. There is a difference between political parties.

Library vote will triple current funding!

Library vote will pit tax vs. text: "The library is operating on a $1.1 million budget this year. That's down from $1.7 million in 2004, the last year of full county funding. The loss of county support forced the library to cut hours and staff, stop book and technology purchases and cancel programs. If the millage passes, the annual budget will increase to about $2.9 million"
Does it make sense to increase the library take from the old amount of $1.7 million to $2.9 million?

Monday, February 27, 2006

Coulter cancels visit with local GOP

Coulter cancels visit with local GOP: "Coulter cancels visit with local GOP
Monday, February 27, 2006
By Steven Harmon
The Grand Rapids Press
GRAND RAPIDS -- Ann Coulter, the firebrand conservative commentator, is backing out of her Grand Rapids appearance, Kent County Republican officials said Monday morning. "
Bummer. We're going to miss out on how our local liberals treasure "free speech".

Bolton Blast!

Threads2: "NEW YORK (AP) -- The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said Saturday that the world body is hobbled 'by bad management, by sex and corruption' and a lack of confidence in its ability to carry out missions. John Bolton also criticized the U.N.'s budget, noting that two-thirds of members pay only 20 percent of the cost. "
How dare he criticize those nice, efficient UN dudes.

Canada's health care implosion.

Instapundit.com -: "Proponents of single-payer health care reform in the United States have long pointed toward Canada as a model for the US to emulate.
The New York Times reports that the Canadian system is imploding"
Old news to Canadians. New news to our liberal MSM.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


The Chronicle Commissars have done it again! Tracy Lorenz can write some excellent columns... but many have been as dull as an MEA press release. Tracy had two columns on his website, one published one not. They were both excellent. They are both now gone because the Thought Police at the Chronicle have stepped out of their normal extreme liberal mode and told an employee to delete the "offending" columns from his own web site. I don't know TL and have no first hand info about this except I do know the columns were posted (heck, one was published by The Chronicle!) and they're both gone now. True colors.

Sexual abuse! Oh my!

Captain's Quarters: "The UN peacekeeping forces continue to sexually abuse their wards, according to an internal review at Turtle Bay, and the problem will exist for years:"
That UN "peacekeepers" are abusing those they would protect is awful enough. That the American press would cover this up is criminal. We all know how outraged our press was over the American military abuse events. And they pale in comparison to this. Despicable!

NIMBY hypocrites of the Left!

Threads2: "After a long, loud and costly public fight, the fate of the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm could be decided soon at a closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill. **SNIP** Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., opposes the project along with Rep. William Delahunt, D-Quincy, whose district includes Cape Cod"
I thought alternative energy was a mainstay of the democrat religion.....

John Warner: 500 U.S. Warships Docked in Dubai

John Warner: 500 U.S. Warships Docked in Dubai: "John Warner: 500 U.S. Warships Docked in Dubai

Former Navy Secretary, Sen. John Warner said Sunday that the United Arab Emirates, home to ports operating company slated to take over dozens of U.S. shipping terminals, hosted hundreds of U.S. warships in 2005.
'We are using facilities in the UAE today, docking over 500 ships, American warships, last year,' Warner told NBC's 'Meet the Press.'"
Are the MSM and their like-minded croneys in the democrat party gonna next tell us not to park our warships in the UAE ports? Isn't it important to be able to tell the difference between our enemies and our friends in the Muslum world? Or do all Muslums look alike to the left?

Saudi Shipping Company Controls 9 US Ports | Sweetness & Light

Saudi Shipping Company Controls 9 US Ports | Sweetness & Light: "Saudi Shipping Company Controls 9 US Ports
Funny, our one party media hasn't mentioned this Saudi-owned ports operation. Maybe they don't know about it, as the company's only been around since 1979:"
Geeze, the supersluths at the Chronicle and their comrads in the MSM somehow managed to miss this one. I wonder why.....

Sinking of YouTube

VideoSift - The Best of GoogleVideo and YouTube
Good one!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The fascists of free speech - Los Angeles Times

The fascists of free speech - Los Angeles Times: "it did occur to him that perhaps the long-delayed English translation of Oriana Fallaci's new book, 'The Force of Reason,' might finally be available, and that because Fallaci's militant stance against Islamic militants offends so many people, a store committed to selling banned books would be the perfect place to buy it. So he asked a clerk if the new Fallaci book was in yet.

'No,' snapped the clerk. 'We don't carry books by fascists."
Geez, they sound like The Chronicle.

Revised charter, minus tax hike, heads to voters

Revised charter, minus tax hike, heads to voters: "Besides inserting gender-neutral language recognizing women's increased role in politics during the past four decades, the charter calls for the city's elected leaders to maximize intergovernmental cooperation and pay attention to protecting the environment. "
I agree that the Charter should pass but isn't it sad that we can't trust The Chronicle to analyze the issue and print opposing voices? We know they support county wide consolidation so don't expect to get the full story from their "big government" editors. Bummer.

Microsoft Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Products & Resources: Keyboard Assistance: "Find keyboard shortcuts for leading Microsoft products that help save time and effort and provide an essential tool for some people with functional difficulties and impairments�particularly dexterity and visual."
Another site I got via Kim Komando.com

Kim Komando Digital Photo Tips

Komando.com, Website for The Kim Komando Radio Show�--One of the Top 10 Programs in the US: "Most digital cameras come with basic software that helps organize and manipulate photos. However, those programs tend to be limited. Before you spend a fortune rectifying that problem, check out free programs."
I love my Picassa for saving and organizing digital shots.

VDH is more optimistic

Print version - � COPYRIGHT 2006 The Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii's Newspaper , a division of Gannett Co. Inc.: "Iraq, like all wars, is not static. What was supposedly true on the ground in Iraq in 2003 is not necessarily so in 2006 � in the way that the situation in Europe in 1943 hardly resembled that of May 1945.
Yet while things have changed radically in Iraq, the pessimistic tone of our reporting remains calcified. Little is written about the new Iraqi government, the emergence of the Iraqi security forces or the radically changing role of the American military."

It Didn't Work by William F. Buckley

RealClearPolitics - Commentary - It Didn't Work by William F. Buckley: "One can't doubt that the American objective in Iraq has failed. "
When Buckley speaks we all should listen. Not necessarily agree, but listen at least.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Washington's Birthday

Power Line: "One other point I might make about Washington's presence at the Constitutional Convention was that during debates about how much and what kind of powers the executive branch should have, the delegates were guided by the fact that it was universally recognized that Washington would be the first President. Flexner makes the point that this factor in the delegate's deliberations probably did more to encourage expansive powers for that office more than anything else since the delegates knew how lightly power rested on Washington's shoulders. "

Troubling...big time.

PoliPundit.com: "Of these, Peninsular & Oriental navigation (P&O Ports) has part or whole ownership of the operating leases in eleven of the top U.S. ports. P&O Ports is a British company based in London, which has part or whole ownership in 85 seaports worldwide. And P&O Ports has decided to divest itself of about half of its U.S. seaport investment. Why?"

Relinquishing operations of U.S. ports is nuts

Relinquishing operations of U.S. ports is nuts: "For a Bush Administration that eats, breathes and regurgitates 9/11 24/7, we are hard-pressed to label its plan to allow an operational takeover at six major U.S. ports anything but what it appears at its face:
Wow! TheChron usually takes a week or more to post their Eds. Musta got their pants in a bunch to agree with so many GOPers, eh? The bummer is that they really love it when our President missteps. Real Americans don't.

Latte Art

tonx's latte art slideshow on Flickr
Sure beats bitchin' about the "Arab Port Imbroglio".

Shake down?

My Way - Sports News: "Olympic gold medal speedskater Shani Davis is one of three plaintiffs suing the city of Chicago and former police superintendent Terry Hillard, alleging they were stopped because of their skin color.
........ The other component is to get monetary damages for each of the individuals."
Davis became the first black athlete to capture an individual gold medal in Winter Olympics history when he won the 1,000 meters. But he has been embroiled in a war of words with fellow American skater Chad Hedrick over Davis's decision not to skate in the team pursuit event. "


LILEKS (James) Screedblog: "As for the trust issue, well, wanting port control to remain in American hands is not a matter of Arabiaphobia, any more than selling Boeing to China means you harbor deep hatred of Asians. Some things ought to be left in local hands. It seems absurd to have to make that argument in the first place."

Why do Democrats support this?

FOXNews.com - Politics News - Pa. Gov. Rendell Plans to Veto Voter ID Bill: "Gov. Ed Rendell says he will veto a bill that would require voters to show identification at the polls because he believes it would disenfranchise some of the state's most vulnerable residents. "
You've got to show ID to buy beer but not to vote? This is idiocy!

Calling in sick.

WZZM13.com - Governor's visit with Delphi Workers Cancelled: "The governor's office says Granholm isn't feeling well"

How can anyone have a problem with this?

WOODTV.com & WOOD TV8 - Grand Rapids news and weather - Battle brews over bill that would make English the official language of Michigan: "'The city of Grand Rapids got up on its bully pulpit and said stop this nonsense,' says Grand Rapids City Commissioner Rick Tormala.
The so called 'nonsense' to which Tormala referred to is a bill currently in committee in the state house that would make English the official language of the State of Michigan."
Isn't knowing the language of their new country one of the greatest gifts a new immigrant can earn?

Arab ports issue

FT.com / Comment & analysis / Editorial comment - Paranoia about Dubai ports deal is needless: "First, the deal has been vetted by an inter-agency committee. And ports, in any case, are in one of the most highly regulated sectors in the US. What matters is how they are managed, not who owns them."
The best article about the "PORTS" I've read yet.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Vewy scawy....

MiamiHerald.com | 02/21/2006 | Carter backs Bush's stand on seaport-operations deal: "Carter backs Bush's stand on seaport-operations dealFormer President Jimmy Carter downplayed criticism of White House "


My Way - Sports News: "Illini Back on Track, Try to Extend Dominance Over Michigan

Now that Illinois has recovered from a brief slump, it can focus on extending a streak which spans six years and three head coaches.
The eighth-ranked Fighting Illini (22-4, 8-4 Big Ten) try to defeat Michigan for the 12th consecutive time when the conference rivals meet at Ann Arbor. "
Not so fast my friend...

This whole deal is about an "interest" prohibition?

Michelle Malkin: "I work as a corporate lawyer at a large law firm that has a speciality in Islamic finance. The real reason Dubai Ports World is undergoing the transaction is because of an Islamic finance vehicle called the sukuk. The sukuk is essentially a commerical paper type of Islamic financle vehicle--it is essentially a 'fake' bond to work around the Muslim prohibition on interest"

Walking on the beach is OK!

WOODTV.com & WOOD TV8 - Grand Rapids news and weather - Supreme Court decides not to take up Michigan beach walking case: "AP-Traverse City, February 21, 2006, 11:07 a.m.) The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday refused to consider whether people have a right to stroll along private property aligning Great Lakes beaches in Michigan.
Justices left undisturbed a state Supreme Court ruling last year that found beach walking is a right"

Zillow.com - Your Edge in Real Estate

Zillow.com - Your Edge in Real Estate
This is a nifty site. I got it from kim Komando's tips@komando.com "Cool site of the Day". Find out the value of any house in the USA!

More Summer Celebration and AirFair info!


Contact: Joe Austin Tanya Gonzalez (231) 722-6520

www.summercelebration.com info@summercelebration.com

www.muskegonairfair.com info@muskegonairfair.com

Several new acts to appear at both events

MUSKEGON, MI, February 21, 2006 - The Muskegon Summer Celebration, The BIG Party, and the Muskegon Air Fair, Michigan’s largest air show, announce the first round of acts appearing at each event this summer. At the Muskegon Summer Celebration the following Miller Lite Headline Artists will appear on the Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge Main Stage during the 2006 festival, June 29 - July 9: Smash Mouth, Sugarland, and The Steve Miller Band. In addition there will be a new Community Concert Saturday afternoon, July 8, featuring Raven Symone. Chair Bryon Mazade is pleased with the initial list. “While it’s just a start, landing two classic rock icons like Alice Cooper and The Steve Miller Band is a real coup. Add Sugarland and Smashmouth, and I think we’re on the way to a very solid line up this year.”

Appearing at the Muskegon Air Fair, July 21 – 23, will be the US Army’s Golden Knights, Derric Lee’s Red Tail Aerobatics, Squadron 17 Jet Airshows, and the Sky Soldiers-A Tribute to Patriots. Event organizers are pleased with the first few acts. “We definitely have some new acts and that’s what our patrons have been asking for,” Chair Chris Kelly commented. “We think the Sky Soldiers will be one of the most unique and well received acts ever to perform at the Air Fair.”

On the Tuesday, July 4 alternative pop/rock band, Smash Mouth, hits the stage. Formed in 1994 in San Jose, California by vocalist Steve Harwell, Smash Mouth decided to record their first album, Fush Yu Mang, after playing a summer festival with No Doubt and Beck.

Sugarland appears on Wednesday, July 5. This trio of singer/songwriters from Atlanta is starting to make a lot of noise on the country music scene.

One of the most requested acts for Summer Celebration will rock Muskegon on Saturday, July 8, when The Steve Miller Band comes to town. With a recording career spanning four decades, the 1970’s proved to be the springboard for The Steve Miller Band’s success and continued popularity. The Joker and Fly Like an Eagle were the two huge albums that put the band over the top.

For the first time at the Summer Celebration, there will be a special Community Concert on Saturday, July 8, featuring Raven Symone.

Appearing at the Air Fair for the first time will be Derric Lee with his Russian built E-3 plane, a plane that is capable of pulling more G-force than an F-16 fighter jet.

Returning to the Air Fair this year are crowd favorites, the US Army Golden Knights.

Another newcomer to the Air Fair will be Navy fighter pilot, David Burdine, with his MiG 17. Get ready, Muskegon, the MiG 17 is fast, loud, and exciting!

Sky Soldiers-A Tribute to Patriots, will be one of the feature shows at this year’s Air Fair. This show will be very unique to the Air Fair as it will incorporate soldiers, special pyrotechnic effects, and Huey and Cobra helicopters along with other aircraft to reenact a battle from the Vietnam War.
In addition the Sky Soldiers-A Tribute to Patriots will be offering a Huey Helicopter ride program available to the public. Prices will be announced in later releases.
Sappi 11-Day Pass. The passes will first be available at the Sappi 11-Day Pass Party on Friday, May 19, at a new location, Great Lakes Downs. The price will remain at $80 for adults and $40 for youth, ages 6-12, but only for that day. Beginning Saturday, May 20, the adult price increases to $90 for adults and $45 for youth. As always there will be a limit of SIX adult passes per person and only cash and credit cards will be accepted.
Individual tickets will be available for the shows announced today, except Raven Symone, beginning Wednesday, February 22 at 10:00 AM at all Star Tickets PLUS outlets. Star Tickets PLUS locations include most Michigan Meijer Stores and the Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets are also available on-line at www.starticketsplus.net or by calling (616) 222-4000 (in Grand Rapids) or toll free at 1-800-585-3737. Ticket information for the Community Concert featuring Raven Symone on Saturday afternoon, July 8, will be announced in the coming weeks. Prices for the individual tickets follow.
The Air Fair is also announcing today that food vending will be handled by local and regional concessionaires rather than a national concession company. In addition all concessionaires will be required to sell 20 oz. bottled water for $1.

Fireworks Alert!

BREITBART.COM - Justices to Weigh Late-Term Abortion Ban: "The Supreme Court said Tuesday it will consider the constitutionality of banning a type of late-term abortion, teeing up a contentious issue for a newly-constituted court already in a state of flux over privacy rights. " I hope I'm wrong, but I suspect the MSM reaction will be to obscure the legal issue and demonize BusHitler.

Fuel costs ignite rise in ferry's ticket prices

Fuel costs ignite rise in ferry's ticket prices: A spike in diesel fuel prices has led to a nearly 12 percent hike in 2006 adult round-trip fares for the Lake Express high-speed ferry service between Muskegon and Milwaukee. "
Not the best news but still really worth the trip.

New acts for AirFair 2006

There will be new acts in the air: "Another newcomer to the Air Fair will be U.S. Navy fighter pilot David Burdine, with his MiG-17. He knows how to handle the Vietnam-era Soviet Union fighter because he was trained to fight against them. "
Sounds like a good show.

No zoo? Fans roar back in disbelief

Detroit Zoo to close? Another legacy of liberalism. Will anything be left unscathed if our Lady Gov gets reelected?

WZZM13.com - Area Cracker Barrel Closes Without Warning

WZZM13.com - Area Cracker Barrel Closes Without Warning: "Area Cracker Barrel Closes Without Warning

Walker - The Cracker Barrel on Alpine Avenue is boarded up this morning. A manager says the restaurant closed for good last night."
Kind of surprising that any are still operating.

Monday, February 20, 2006

More academic idiocy

How does one respond to this?
"The University of Washington's student senate rejected a memorial for alumnus Gregory 'Pappy' Boyington of 'Black Sheep Squadron' fame amid concerns a military hero who shot down enemy planes was not the right kind of person to represent the school.
Student senator Jill Edwards, according to minutes of the student government's meeting last week, said she 'didn't believe a member of the Marine Corps was an example of the sort of person UW wanted to produce.'
Ashley Miller, another senator, argued 'many monuments at UW already commemorate rich white men.'"

Daley wants security cameras at bars

USATODAY.com - Daley wants security cameras at bars:
Double standard alert! Imagine the press reaction if Clinton had begun terrorist phone listening (oops, he did!)and imagine if Daley was a Republican. Where's the MSM outrage when a Demo brings 1984 into our lives?
"Mayor Richard Daley wants to require bars open until 4 a.m. to install security cameras that can identify people entering and leaving the building. Other businesses open longer than 12 hours a day, including convenience stores, eventually would have to do the same."



Results of New CDC Study . .
(A) The number of doctors in the US is 700,000
(B) Accidental deaths caused by physicians per year are 120,000
(C) Accidental deaths per physician is 17.14%

Statistics courtesy of the US Dept. of Health &Human Services
(A) The number of gun owners in the US is 80,000,000 (yes that's 80
(B) The number of accidental gun deaths per year, all age groups, is
(C) The number of accidental deaths per gun owner is 0.001875%

Statistics courtesy of the FBI
So statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners.
Remember, guns don't kill people, doctors do.

Please alert your friends to this alarming threat. We should ban doctors before this gets completely out of hand!

Out of concern for the public at large, I have withheld statistics on lawyers for fear the shock would cause people to panic and seek medical attention.

Another example of cowardice and..

SOXBLOG: 02/01/2006 - 02/28/2006
...repression in academia. This time at U of Illinois.

Able Danger

MediaChannel.org - Monitoring TV News Coverage of the Cindy Sheehan Arrest:
Why is the MSM ignoring this?
"MediaChannel.org used the powerful new MediaVision tool to monitor television news coverage of the Able Danger Congressional hearings. To our astonishment CNN's 'Lou Dobbs Tonight' was the only news show to give Able Danger any significant coverage. "

YouTube - A fighter jet is taken down by a bird

YouTube - A fighter jet is taken down by a bird

Amazing video and cool reaction by the pilots. Thanks to Tigertown87 on the MLive forum for this excellent site.

Petitions seek $6.85 minimum wage

Interesting that their real goal is to increase democrat voter turnout rather than any concern for the poor. Just another means to an end.

Petitions seek $6.85 minimum wage
: "Ed Sarpolus, who conducted the Michigan poll, said Friday the issue especially stirs passions among Democratic voters, enough to possibly increase their turnout on Election Day by 4 to 5 percentage points, particularly in cities like Detroit.
'The ballot issue is more about increasing election turnout than it is about the issue of wages,' Sarpolus said."

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Is purepolitics really Dennis the TinHat man?

Do democrat bosses hate all military?

Backroom Battles
Demos dump on Army vet in Ohio!

This is their excuse to murder and riot

Politics: The Shot Heard Round the World - Newsweek Politics - MSNBC.com

Politics: The Shot Heard Round the World - Newsweek Politics - MSNBC.com: "The Shot Heard Round the World"
This is from Newsweek. Do these guys have so much hate that they can't tell the difference between one of the most patriotic moments of our American history at Lexington in 1775 and a simple hunting accident? Or are they so consumed with Bushatred that they will stoop to any level to distort the truth?I guess their front page in tomorrow's issue tells their position. Sad.

MSM cowardice

Captain's Quarters:
The field reporters are brave. The sit-at-home editors are cowards.
"Editors and publishers are afraid the thugs will target them as they targeted Danny Pearl and Theo van Gogh; afraid the mob will firebomb their newsrooms as it has firebombed Danish embassies"

C-5B landing in storm at AirFair2005

F-14 Superflyby

YouTube - Superflyby

YouTube-Sound barrier

10 Ways Cheney can kill you!

Attack of the buns?

"A 63-year-old Ann Arbor man reported to police that someone has been leaving bread buns in his yard, attracting a slew of animals, and he feared a skunk may attack him, city police reported."
Does anyone think of Jimmah Carter here........

What kind of American...

... would be against airing these ads? I sure hope the word gets out.Power Line: A case study
More leftist perfidy. Fascinating how the left unmasks itself as the party of repression. Click the links to the ads the demos don't want you to see. How can anyone defend this?

Despicable media bias!

TCS Daily - Strong Economy, Weak Coverage
: "Is it any wonder than that a November poll by the American Research Group, a non-partisan polling organization that has conducted monthly economic surveys since 1985, showed 43 percent of Americans thought the economy was in a recession? "

Pew Research Center: Are We Happy Yet?

Pew Research Center: Are We Happy Yet?:
No big surprise here.
"Some 45% of all Republicans report being very happy, compared with just 30% of Democrats and 29% of independents"

Cheney to resign?

Another lefty pipedream. Honestly, I'm loving this. The PR wasn't bungled. I'm thinking Rove is behind this whole thing. For the record: I think this entire episode was handled brilliantly by Cheney and his staff. Except for the little deal with shooting his friend. Bummer about that.
Face it. Rove wants to discredit the MSM but can't get it done on his own. Why not hatch a plot to entice the MSM into self immolating on their own, right in front of all the swing voters, just 6 months before an election. Brilliant!
But ya gotta hep me here. Why on earth do the demos want Cheney to quit? If he does, Bush will replace him with the, likely, next GOP President. It seems to me that this is another bozo move by the demos and their MSM allies. Demonize Cheney and he stays...who cares, he's not gonna run for another office. Demonize Cheney and he quits and the dumbo-demos have just given a big help to the next GOPer Presidenttial candidate. It kinda reminds me of all the dumbo-Demo celebrating after Clinton escaped impeachment, making Gore the President. They forgot that us GOPers were celebrating even more. The celebration continues today....... ah life is good.
Oh yeah, and now the Bushies have broken the stranglehold of giving the liberal-MSM sole control of interviews and info. Watch the little guys and FOX carry the breaking news from now on. Brilliant!

More on the media idocy from Drudge:
Admitting he hadn't seen the interview, at about 4:15pm EST Wednesday
on CNN's The Situation Room, Jack Cafferty charged that "it didn't exactly
represent a profile in courage for the Vice President to wander over there
to the F-word network for a sit-down with Brit Hume. I mean, that's a
little like Bonnie interviewing Clyde, ain't it?" MSNBC's Keith Olbermann
castigated Cheney for choosing the "more malleable cameras of Fox News" in
place of a press conference. Over on the broadcast network evening
newscasts, NBC's David Gregory, the most aggressive reporter in the White
House press briefings, fired back at Hume, suggesting Cheney chose him
because of his condemnation of the press corps: "Speaking out for the
first time, the Vice President chose to speak with Fox anchor Brit Hume, a
former White House correspondent, he has been outspoken in his criticism
of the White House press corps' coverage of this story." CBS correspondent
Jim Axelrod characterized FNC as a "friendly" venue: "The Vice President
chose to make his first public comments on Fox News Channel's Special
Report, a broadcast Mr. Cheney sees as friendly, and has turned to
before." One doubts reporters presumed Vice President Al Gore was going to
friendly media when he sat down with ABC, CBS, NBC or CNN.

Chronicle editors, please read this!

Half the truth is often a great lie. -Benjamin Franklin, statesman, author,
and inventor (1706-1790)

Kinda pathetic?

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