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‘We Have Reached Peak Crazy’: Marines Reportedly Removing ‘Man’ From Certain Job Titles in Gender-Neutrality Push |

‘We Have Reached Peak Crazy’: Marines Reportedly Removing ‘Man’ From Certain Job Titles in Gender-Neutrality Push |

"The move has proved unpopular with many Marines and sailors, with several branding it political correctness run amok.

“We have reached peak crazy,” a reader commented regarding a previous Times story on the issue.

“If a woman isn’t going to consider making the Navy her career because she is called a fireman or a corpsman, then I don’t think she was going to make the Navy a career period,” a reader commented on a Navy Times story. “We don’t need [people who are easily offended] like that clogging up the institutions that protect our country.”

Two transgender candidates named 'Misty' win primaries

Two transgender candidates named 'Misty' win primaries - POLITICO:
"Primary voters in Utah and Colorado selected transgender women to run for spots in Congress next fall — a first in major-party American political history.
Misty K. Snow will run against tea party favorite Sen. Mike Lee in Utah this November, while Misty Plowright will challenge Rep. Doug Lamborn in Colorado.
...Snow, a 30-year-old grocery store clerk from Salt Lake City, beat her primary opponent by nearly 20 percentage points.
She ran to the left of her more moderate opponent Jonathan Swinton, criticizing him for supporting limitations on abortion rights, according to a Salt Lake Tribune report.
Plowright, who is 33 years old and works in IT, was similarly successful in her district, located near Colorado Springs, Colorado..."

CHEROKEE TRIBE MEMBERS to Confront Phony Indian Elizabeth Warren on Book Tour

CHEROKEE TRIBE MEMBERS to Confront Phony Indian Elizabeth Warren on Book Tour:
Democrat Elizabeth Warren was exposed as a fraud when she claimed for years that she was Cherokee Indian.
paleface warren

During her campaign for senator Cherokee Indian activists traveled to Massachusetts to confront Warren on her fraudulent past.
But Warren would not meet with them.
Legal Insurrection reported:
In Elizabeth Warren’s new book, A Fighting Chance, Warren claims to be “hurt and angry” that people criticized her claim to be Native American, specifically Cherokee.  Warren blamed the Scott Brown campaign, the local Republican Party, and “some blogger.”
In fact, Warren has no one to blame but herself for her false claim to be Cherokee.  ReadElizabeth Warren Wiki, and these posts responding to the claims in her book:
Warren will be launching a nationwide book tour.  Someone who wants to meet Warren is Twila Barnes.
Barnes is the Cherokee Genealogist whose groundbreaking genealogical research exposed the falsehood to Warren’s claims. Barnes and her team of Cherokee genealogists traced Warren’s family lines back to the early 1800s and documented that Warren’s family not only was not Cherokee or other Native American, but also that they never lived as such.
Now this…
The Cherokee tribe members said this week they look forward to confronting Warren on her book tour this month.
Sounds like great fun.

‘Absolutely Defies Reality’: GOP Congressman Stunned by John Kerry’s Characterization of Istanbul Airport Attack | Video |

‘Absolutely Defies Reality’: GOP Congressman Stunned by John Kerry’s Characterization of Istanbul Airport Attack | Video |

"A Republican congressman told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” Wednesday that he is shocked by Secretary of State John Kerry’s claim that the terror attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport is a sign that the Islamic State is getting “desperate.”

Referring to the Islamic State as “Daesh,” Kerry said during remarks at the Aspen Ideas Festival Tuesday evening that it’s been more than a year since they a launched a “full-scale military offensive.”

'3 Amigos' look more like 3 Stooges during botched handshake

VIDEO: '3 Amigos' look more like 3 Stooges during botched handshake - The American MirrorThe American Mirror:
It was like something straight out of a Three Stooges episode.
President Barack Obama, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto — the so-called “3 Amigos” — were hoping to look like the North American tough guys after the earth  establishment shaking Brexit vote last week.
Instead, they looked like Larry, Moe and Curly.
Hands were flying, left hands were shaking, other hands were just dangling, waiting for any touch from a fellow leftist — it was almost as if someone’s hand was going to windmill and hit somebody else on top of the head.
Watch here:

Newt Gingrich: Vote Hillary If You Want A Liar As President

Image result for hillary liesNewt Gingrich: Vote Hillary If You Want A Liar As President | The Daily Caller:
"Appearing on Fox New’s “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday, Gingrich said,
“Hillary Clinton lies.
Hillary Clinton lies all the time.
She lies about emails.
She lies about the Clinton Foundation.
She lies about secret meetings in the State Department with donors.
She lies about deals that are cut.
She lies about her speeches to Goldman Sachs and by the way, she lies about Benghazi.
What’s new?
I mean this is who she is.” "
(Go to 2:24 to see Newt's "Hillary Lies" comments)

Lunch video-----Why Don't Feminists Fight for Muslim Women?


WATCH: Millennials SHOCKED When They Discover the Truth About Crooked Hillary | Glenn Beck

WATCH: Millennials SHOCKED When They Discover the Truth About Crooked Hillary | Glenn Beck:

"Conservatives know that Hillary Clinton is one of the most crooked, misleading, untrustworthy presidential candidates in our country’s history.

However, we may not have been doing a good enough job at teaching the younger generation why the presumed Democrat presidential nominee would be detrimental to our country."

The invaders have won!-----Unreal. Illegal Immigrants Shut Down Atlanta Highway in Protest to Stop Deportations

Unreal. Illegal Immigrants Shut Down Atlanta Highway in Protest to Stop Deportations:
Illegal alien activistss are so emboldened in America that they are shutting down highways in protest!
Georgia #Not1More coalition blocked the road today in Atlanta heading to ICE headquarters.
They want Obama to stop deportations of illegal immigrants

Clinton outlines tech agenda focused on innovation, expanded internet access

Clinton outlines tech agenda focused on innovation, expanded internet access | Washington Examiner:
"Hillary Clinton unveiled a three-part plan on Tuesday aimed at stimulating job creation and innovation by expanding public access to technology and enabling college students to postpone payments on student debt up to three years.
...The comprehensive plan features three key goals: installing high-speed internet in every American home by 2020, providing students with access to computer science courses before they pursue higher education and incentivizing entrepreneurship by permitting students to defer their federal student loans if they become involved in startups or develop their own small businesses.
Image result for hillary free moneyStudents who launch small businesses in "distressed communities" would also be eligible to have up to $17,500 in their student debt forgiven under Clinton's plan.
...One unnamed Clinton campaign adviser told the Washington Post that the candidate's tech agenda could carry a price tag of $10 billion.
The former secretary of state's latest policy agenda includes the development of new government programs as well.
According to her plan, Clinton would create a federal grant intended for cities, regions and states that create "model digital communities" by making broadband internet accessible in public places and striving for "world-class connectivity..."

British Solar Industry In Total Free Fall After Subsidy Cuts

British Solar Industry In Total Free Fall After Subsidy Cuts | The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF):
"Solar power in the U.K. is collapsing after the government cut its subsidies, according to industry reports published Sunday.
The British solar industry estimates that it lost 18,000 jobs since the subsidy cuts. 
The U.K. subsidy cutbacks are part of the collapse of Europe’s green energy industry.
...“All industries have their ups and downs, but the solar industry’s ups and downs are entirely dependent on the level of handouts from government,” Myron Ebell, director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the free market Competitive Enterprise Institute, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.
“The British government has realized that even in sunny Britain subsidizing solar panels is a waste of taxpayer money.”
British subsidies and tax incentives intended to support the solar industry were enormously costly.
Brits paid a whopping 54 percent more for electricity than Americans in 2014 while energy taxes cost residents roughly $6.6 billion every year.
Green energy subsidies in the U.K regularly exceed spending caps and account for roughly 7 percent of British energy bills, according to a government study released last July.
Subsidies had driven the energy prices so high that 38 percent of British households have cut back essential purchases, like food, to pay their energy bills and another 59 percent of homes were worried about how they are going to pay energy bills..."

Flashback: '60 Minutes' edits Obama's answer on Benghazi | Washington Examiner

Flashback: '60 Minutes' edits Obama's answer on Benghazi | Washington Examiner:

"CBS News' "60 Minutes" selectively edited an interview with President Obama in 2012 to omit his comment that it was unclear whether an assault on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya, was the pre-meditated work of terrorists, or a random uprising.

Obama's uncertainty in that interview, conducted one day after the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attack, stands in sharp contrast to when he stated indignantly during an Oct. 16 presidential debate that he saw the assault as an act of terror from the get-go.

Part of the CBS interview first aired on Sept. 23. However, CBS withheld specific portions of the president's sit-down from its original air date. Instead of running the president's remarks on the attack, CBS released small snippets of his comments throughout the final days of the 2012 election."

Texting changes the rhythm of your BRAIN, researchers say

Texting changes the rhythm of your BRAIN, researchers say | Daily Mail Online:
Messaging messes with your mind: Researchers reveal texting changes the rhythm of your BRAIN
Image result for texting danger
  • Sending a text message or using an iPad creates a unique 'texting rhythm' 
  • This was seen in 1 out of 5 participants monitored in the 16 months study 
  • The rhythm had no correlation to demographics, including age and gender 
  • They say has implications for brain-computer interfacing, gaming, driving

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History for June 30

Image result for mike tyson quotes
History for June 30 -
Lena Horne 1917 - Jazz singer, Susan Hayward 1919, Florence Ballard (The Supremes) 1943 

Vincent D'Onofrio 1959 - Actor ("Law and Order: Criminal Intent"), Rupert Graves 1963 - Actor, Mike Tyson 1966 - Boxer 

1894 - Korea declared independence from China and asked for Japanese aid.

1908 - A meteor explosion in Siberia knocked down trees in a 40-mile radius and struck people unconscious some 40 miles away.

1934 - Adolf Hitler purged the Nazi Party by destroying the SA and bringing to power the SS in the "Night of the Long Knives."

1936 - Margaret Mitchell’s book, "Gone with the Wind," was published.

1952 - CBS-TV debuted "The Guiding Light."

1953 - The first Corvette rolled off the Chevrolet assembly line in Flint, MI. It sold for $3,250.

1958 - The U.S. Congress passed a law authorizing the admission of Alaska as the 49th state in the Union.

1971 - The Soviet spacecraft Soyuz 11 returned to Earth. The three cosmonauts were found dead inside.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016



State of Weakness

By Tammy Derouin

The evidence is right before us.  The current administration will stop at nothing to destroy our country.  How bad does it truly have to get before the reality of what is happening is understood by all?  How many Islamic Jihadist attacks must take place, within our borders, before we realize it isn’t the Second Amendment that is the problem, it’s the failure of our government to identify and eradicate our enemy. How much blood must be shed before the rest of the nation wakes up and understands that the government, which is supposed to protect us, is trying to destroy us?
War was declared on September 11, 2001.  Our failure to identify this attack as a declaration of war has led to our current state of weakness.  It led to an administration that sympathizes with those who wish to destroy us.  Instead of focusing on the destruction of our enemy, they are focused on destroying the United States.  The administration has been persistently targeting law-abiding American citizens.  Government agencies, such as the IRS and the TSA, have been harassing innocent Americans while our enemies have been able to gain access by way of unprotected, open borders.  The administration also seems to take special interest in weakening and humiliating our military by any and all means possible.   It’s as if this has all been done by design.

We did not want to believe that this type of evil existed. We did not want to be accused of judging an entire region based on the actions of a few, never mind the history. Our carelessness has brought the war to our shores...... 

Holi crapoli, too many folks are nearly broke!-----Six Challenges to Retirement Security

Six Challenges to Retirement Security:
  1. Many Americans lack the income or resources to save for short-term needs — so they raid their retirement accounts. "Unfortunately, many Americans are unable to save because they have low earnings, coupled with immediate demands that consume all of their income," according to the report (see chart below). "But the problem is broader than that. Nearly half of individuals say that they could not come up with $2,000 in 30 days without selling possessions or taking out payday loans." 
    Real Incomes Haven't Grown Since 2000
  2. Americans are increasingly at risk of outliving their savingsOverall life expectancy among Americans who live to 65 has risen from 79 in 1940 to 85 in 2014. Over the next 25 years, the number of people age 85 and older will more than double. "Today, working Americans who want to retire at the same age as was typical of previous generations must save more to cover additional years of consumption in retirement," the report warns.

Petition for Second Referendum Exposed As Fake

Petition for Second Referendum Exposed As Fake - Andre Walker:
"LONDON, United Kingdom - Pro-European spammers have fooled the British establishment into believing a million people a day have signed a petition to hold a second referendum on Brexit.
The petition demands the referendum rules are retrospectively changed forcing a second vote on Britain’s membership of the EU.
But doubts were raised about the authenticity of those signing after evidence that a code was being used emerged.
It shows how the petition website was tricked into registering millions of ‘signatures’ from people who do not exist.
Further questions were raised over the petition after analysis showed that just 353k of the nearly 3 million signatures were from the UK. 
A total of 3000 were reported to be from Vatican City, a country with a population of just 800.
Most UK national newspapers reported on the petition today, seemingly unaware of the fraud.
Both the Sunday Telegraph and Mirror put the story on the frontpage.
The Independent has run multiple stories on the subject, at one stage crowing that the website kept crashing.
The petition is hosted on Parliament’s own website and rules at the House of Commons mean any petition with over 100k signatures is considered for debate by MPs. 
...The referendum petition reads: “We the undersigned call upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the remain or leave vote is less than 60% based a turnout less than 75% there should be another referendum.”
It will be open for the next six months, at the present rate of growth it will have been signed by 1,800,000,000 or thirty times the entire UK population by the time it closes."

Why Limbaugh Says He’s ‘Angered Beyond My Ability to Tell You’ by Democrats’ Benghazi Report, Media’s Reaction |

Why Limbaugh Says He’s ‘Angered Beyond My Ability to Tell You’ by Democrats’ Benghazi Report, Media’s Reaction |

"Conservative talker Rush Limbaugh wasn’t very happy when he discovered the Democrats’ Benghazi report mentions Donald Trump, who “wasn’t even on the public scene when Benghazi happened,” 23 times."

NEVER trust the government!-----California Hits the Brakes on High-Speed Rail Fiasco

California Hits the Brakes on High-Speed Rail Fiasco - Bloomberg View
"...Sold to the public in 2008 as a visionary plan to whisk riders along at 220 miles an hour, making the trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a little over two and a half hours, the project promised to attract most of the necessary billions from private investors, to operate without ongoing subsidies and to charge fares low enough to make it competitive with cheap flights.
Image result for California high-Speed Rail Fiasco cartoonWith those assurances, 53.7 percent of voters said yes to a $9.95 billion bond referendum to get the project started. 
But the assurances were at best wishful thinking, at worst an elaborate con.
The total construction cost estimate has now more than doubled to $68 billion from the original $33 billion, despite trims in the routes planned.
The first, easiest-to-build, segment of the system -- the “train to nowhere” through a relatively empty stretch of the Central Valley -- is running at least four years behind schedule and still hasn’t acquired all the needed land.
...And no investors are lining up to fill the $43 billion construction-budget gap.
Now, courtesy of Los Angeles Times reporter Ralph Vartabedian, comes yet another damning revelation:
When the Spanish construction company Ferrovial submitted its winning bid for a 22-mile segment, the proposal included a clear and inconvenient warning:
“More than likely, the California high speed rail will require large government subsidies for years to come.” 
Ferrovial reviewed 111 similar systems around the world and found only three that cover their operating costs.
This research should surprise no one who pays attention.
Even advocates acknowledge that almost all high-speed rail systems need ongoing subsidies..."

EU referendum: German and French to unveil European superstate blueprint post-Brexit

EU referendum: German and French to unveil European superstate blueprint post-Brexit | Politics | News | Daily Express:
EUROPEAN political chiefs are to take advantage of Brexit by unveiling their long-held plan to morph the continent’s countries into one GIANT SUPERSTATE, it has emerged yesterday.
The foreign ministers of France and Germany are due to reveal a blueprint to effectively do away with individual member states in what is being described as an “ultimatum”.
Image result for European superstate Under the radical proposals EU countries will lose the right to have their own army, criminal law, taxation system or central bank, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels.
...The public broadcaster reports that the bombshell proposal will be presented to a meeting of the Visegrad group of countries - made up of Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia - by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier later today.
Excerpts of the nine-page report were published today as the leaders of Germany, France and Italy met in Berlin for Brexit crisis talks.
In the preamble to the text the two ministers write: "Our countries share a common destiny and a common set of values that give rise to an even closer union between our citizens. We will therefore strive for a political union in Europe and invite the next Europeans to participate in this venture..."

Lunch video-----America's Debt Crisis Explained


‘You Have No Idea What’s Happening’: Muslim Woman Makes Chilling Threat Before Being Arrested at LAX | Video |

‘You Have No Idea What’s Happening’: Muslim Woman Makes Chilling Threat Before Being Arrested at LAX | Video |

"A Muslim woman was caught on camera at Los Angeles International Airport two days after the Orlando terrorist attack, threatening to bomb America and making derogatory comments about LGBT people, according to citizen journalist and cameraman Tony Vera.

Vera first observed the woman being questioned by five police officers, who put her in handcuffs while they searched her luggage. After police cleared her to go, Vera approached the woman to ask about what had happened."

Good, albeit terrible, read.-----Where Was The Commander-n-Chief For 8 Hours? A Case for Maladministration

Where Was The Commander-n-Chief For 8 Hours? A Case for Maladministration | Journal of a Conservative G-Ma:
"There is this thing called a CBA, Cross- Border-Authority.
This is either granted or withheld by the President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief. Sending additional forces into a foreign country is the direct responsibility of the Commander-in-Chief, only he can give this command (authorize the CBA) or refuse it.
According to retired Navy Seal officer, Matt Bracken, who took a Nav-Spec-War Detachment to Beirut:
“Once the alarm is sent -in this case, from the consulate in Benghazi — dozens of HQs are notified and are in the planning loop in real-time, including AFRICOM and EURCOM, both located in Germany.
Without waiting for specific orders from Washington, they begin planning and executing rescue operations, including moving personnel, ships, and aircraft forward toward the location of the crisis. However, there is one thing they can’t do without explicit orders from the president: cross an international border on a hostile mission.  
Image result for benghaziThat is the clear ‘red line’ in this type of a crisis situation.”
We know the back story, we have heard all the talk and speculation regarding Gun running to the Syrian’s and we now know that to be true, as Obama and his criminal cronies are currently and openly sending arms and God knows what else to the Syrian Rebels.
We have heard from dozens of officials, and even been told by Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State at the time the catastrophe in Benghazi occurred “What Difference Does it Make!”
Well Hillary, according to this new or not so new information which has come to light, it makes a bloody big difference!
Because what Mr. Bracken is saying is that to avoid any embarrassment, or stumbling into a war because some “jet jokey, in hot pursuit (or a mixed-up SEAL squad in a rubber boat) strays into hostile territory.”  
Only the Commander-in-Chief, the president of the United States can give the order for our military to cross a nation’s boarder without that nation’s express permission.
...Now on the flip side of the CBA coin is this; to avoid or prevent a rescue in Benghazi, all the Commander-in-Chief, the President of the United States, the only person with the authority to grant a CBA, is to not grant the Cross Border Authority; if the Commander-in-Chief does not grant the CBA, the entire rescue mission must stop, even if underway. 
According to Mr. Bracken, retired Navy SEAL officer:
“Ships can loiter on station, but airplanes fall out of the sky, so they must be redirected to an air base (Signorelli, in Sicily) to await the [Commander-in-Chief’s] decision on granting CBA.
If the decision to grant CBA never comes, the besieged diplomatic outpost in Benghazi can rely only on assets already “in country” in Libya — such as the Tripoli quick reaction force and the Predator drones.
These assets can be put into action on the independent authority of the acting ambassador or CIA station chief in Tripoli.
They are already “in country,” so CBA rules do not apply to them.”
So with this in mind, how might this process have played out in the White House, that fateful night on September 11th 2012?..."

Gas Station Offers Special Discount To Help Security

Gas Station Offers Special Discount To Help Security « WCCO | CBS Minnesota:
"MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After two robberies in less than three months, a Sauk Rapids gas station owner decided to try something different. His unique offer gained so much attention that business is now up.
Now, the owner says a single sheet of paper is changing his business.
Image result for Gas Station Offers Discount For Law Enforcement, Permit-To-Carry HoldersThe new, nondescript sign hanging on a Sauk Rapids Shell gas station is changing business for owner Frank Schwagel.
“If you come in and provide evidence that you are law enforcement, security or have a permit to carry a firearm — if you show it to my employees you’ll get a 10 cent per gallon discount on any gas you’ll buy,” he said.
In March and May of this year, the small town gas station was robbed twice — once at gunpoint.
“It’s very frustrating,” Schwagel said.
“You get mad and concerned about your employees.”
While local police are doing their job investigating the crime, Frank thought to make a move on his own: offer discounted gas to law enforcement and those with a permit to carry after 7 p.m.
“It was just an idea to increase store traffic in the evening and get people in here so my employees wouldn’t have to be down here alone at night,” he said.
He posted the sign Tuesday, and within a week a photo of the new offer went viral on Facebook.
“The next thing, the radio was calling and newspaper and now TV stations are calling,” Schwagel said.
The uptick in customers is not only good for business, but a busy store helps employees feel safer.
“It’s working out so far,” Schwagel said.
“We have a lot more people coming in at night versus what we used to have.
It’s been a good thing so far.”
Shwagel says he’s also installed a new security and surveillance system in his store, and he hopes to see other gas stations adopt their policy."

This is GREAT!-----‘Brexit’ leader gives face-melting speech to stunned EU leaders he worked 17 YEARS to defeat

‘Brexit’ leader gives face-melting speech to stunned EU leaders he worked 17 YEARS to defeat | BizPac Review:
"...“When I came here 17 years ago and I said that I wanted to lead a campaign to get Britain to leave the European Union, you all laughed at me,” Farage said.
“Well I have to say, you’re not laughing now, are you?”
The reason for their obvious anger was “perfectly clear” to Farage.
“You, as a political project, are in denial,” he said.
“You’re in denial that your currency is failing …” 
When interrupted by strong boos, Farage pointed to the EU’s inept policies in the Mediterranean. When this drew more boos, Farage sarcastically quipped, “No, no, no — as a policy to impose poverty on Greece and the rest of the Mediterranean, you’ve done very well.”
Farage blasted their lax immigration policies as well, telling the European MEPs they were “in denial over Mrs. Merkel’s call last year for as many people as possible to cross the Mediterranean into the EU has led to massive divisions between countries and within countries.”
Describing the Brexit vote as a way ordinary citizens are taking back their ability to make decisions in their own national interest, Farage said the British people, “rejected the multinationals, they rejected the merchant banks, they rejected big politics, and they said actually we want our country back, we want our fishing waters back, we want our borders back.
We want to be an independent, self-governing, normal nation and that is what we have done and that is what must happen.”
“And in doing so,” Farage continued, “we now offer a beacon of hope to democrats across the rest of the European continent.”
In maintaining British desire to continue trade with member nations, The UKIP leader implored members to not seek a trade war with the British, because the “consequences would be far worse for you than it is for us,” mentioning in particular the thousands of German automotive jobs at stake.
After predicting that the UK wouldn’t be the last member state to leave the EU, the British MEP offered a parting shot that got him censured by President Schultz – Farage openly mocked the members by telling them they have never held a “proper job” or “worked in business” or “worked in trade or indeed ever created a job.”
Even though that was probably true, it was a bridge too far for Schultz, who told Farage as much.
But the victory lap had already been run, and what a lap it was!
Watch the video below, and be sure to look for where the camera caught member reactions to Farage’s speech:

Veteran Federal Judge’s Stunning Declaration About the Constitution |

Veteran Federal Judge’s Stunning Declaration About the Constitution |

"Richard Posner, a member of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit and a senior lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, wrote, “I see absolutely no value to a judge of spending decades, years, months, weeks, [days], hours, minutes, or seconds studying the Constitution, the history of its enactment, its amendments, and its implementation.”"

Attorney General: Fight Terror With Love

Attorney General: Fight Terror With Love – Law Officer:
"Speaking to LGBT activists in Orlando, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that love and compassion are the best responses to terrorism during remarks to the media  on Tuesday.
Lynch said the Department of Justice stood in solidarity with the LGBT community “in the light” following a Muslim terrorist’s massacre of 49 people at a gay nightclub last week.
“We stand with you to say that the good in this world far outweighs the evil, that our common humanity transcends our differences, and that our most effective response to terror and to hatred is compassion, it’s unity, and it’s love,” Lynch said.
Following the remarks, South Carolina Representative Jeff Duncan took to twitter to say the following: “All You Need Is Love” is a great Beatles song but a horrible foreign policy. 
Seriously @LorettaLynch, resign immediately.”"

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History for June 29

History for June 29 -
George W. Goethals 1858, William Mayo 1861, Antoine de Saint-Exupery 1900

John Toland 1912, Slim Pickens 1919, Gary Busey 1944

1767 - The British Parliament approved the Townshend Revenue Acts. The acts imposed import duties on glass, lead, paint, paper and tea shipped to America.

1804 - Privates John Collins and Hugh Hall of the Lewis and Clark Expedition were found guilty by a court-martial consisting of members of the Corps of Discovery for getting drunk on duty. Collins received 100 lashes on his back and Hall received 50.

1888 - Professor Frederick Treves performed the first appendectomy in England.

1903 - The British government officially protested Belgian atrocities in the Congo.

1925 - Marvin Pipkin filed for a patent for the frosted electric light bulb.

1956 - The Federal Highway Act authorized the construction of 42,500 miles of freeway from coast to coast.

1956 - Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller were married. They were divorced on January 20, 1961.

1995 - The shuttle Atlantis and the Russian space station Mir docked, forming the largest man-made satellite ever to orbit the Earth.