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Supreme Court to hear case over government refusing to register trademarks deemed offensive |

Supreme Court to hear case over government refusing to register trademarks deemed offensive |

"WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court will hear a First Amendment challenge over the government’s refusal to register offensive trademarks in a case that could affect the Washington Redskins.

The justices agreed Thursday to take up a dispute involving an Asian-American rock band called the Slants, but they did not act on a separate request to hear the higher-profile Redskins case at the same time."

UN DEMANDS America Pay Black People. For... Slavery?!

UN DEMANDS America Pay Black People. For... Slavery?! » Louder With Crowder
"Remember the UN? 
...And it usually involves butt loads of cash, because “world peace” is super duper expensive and stuff.
The United States needs to pony up and pay black people reparations. 
Because reasons…
The history of slavery in the United States justifies reparations for African Americans, argues a recent report. The conclusion was part of a study by the United Nations’ Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent.
“The legacy of colonial history, enslavement, racial subordination and segregation, racial terrorism and racial inequality in the United States remains a serious challenge…” the report stated. “Contemporary police killings and the trauma that they create are reminiscent of the past racial terror of lynching.”
The reparations could come in a variety forms, according to the panel, including a “formal apology, health initiatives, educational opportunities… psychological rehabilitation, technology transfer and financial support, and debt cancellation.”
That’s right, the UN is cracking down on slavery… 
From hundreds of years ago, that is. Not to be confused with current slavery. 
You know, like what’s going on in the Middle East or Africa right now. 
Because that stuff isn’t pressing – but you know what is? 
Giving tons of money to people who were born years after slavery and racism were abolished in America. S
ee, the UN says they deserve it because cops are mean..."

Venezuelan children fainting in school because they are hungry

Venezuelan children fainting in school because they are hungry | Fox News Latino:
"CARACAS. –  Klaireth Díaz is a 1st-grade teacher at Elías Toro School, one of the biggest public schools in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.
Last year, she says, attendance was painfully low.
Every day, of a class of 30 children at least 10 would be absent.
“The reason was always lack of food,” she told Fox News Latino.
She said she had a student who skipped class every single Thursday and when she asked his mother about it, she explained that Thursday was the day of the week assigned to her family to buy food at government-regulated prices – which involves standing in line starting sometimes as early as 3 a.m.
“She told me she couldn’t leave the child alone at home and didn’t have anybody to bring him to school,” Díaz said.
Diaz also once saw a child faint during a cultural event.
Across the country, teachers have said they have seen children faint or fall asleep because they haven't had enough to eat.
“When he came to he told me that he had only eaten an arepa (cornbread) at 10 a.m.
It was 3 p.m.,” she said.
As the school year progressed last year, Diaz said, she noticed more and more kids had stopped bringing lunch.
“At the beginning of the school year every children bring their lunch. 
At the end they didn’t. 
They said their mom didn’t have money to buy food,” she said..."

Friday on my mind | Power Line

Friday on my mind | Power Line:

"At PJ Media Debra Heine expands on that last bombshell regarding the deleted Petraeus emails in “FBI Docs: Hillary Deleted Nearly 1,000 Emails With David Petraeus.” Excerpt:

“A potentially explosive nugget from the FBI’s Friday document dump of investigatory notes from the Clinton email probe has been all but ignored by the media. And that is the revelation that Hillary Clinton deleted 1,000 work-related emails between herself and General David Pet[r]aeus from his time as the director of the United States Central Command. …

“In August of 2015, she signed a statement to a federal judge declaring “under penalty of perjury” that she turned over all work-related emails. …

“Petraeus started out as the leader of U.S. Central Command and then became the director of the CIA during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of State, so not only were those emails obviously work related, they very likely were highly classified. The implications here are staggering.

But it gets worse."

Pension Mess Can't Go On; That's No Reason to Ignore It

Pension Mess Can't Go On; That's No Reason to Ignore It -
"President Richard Nixon's economic adviser, the late Herbert Stein, still is knon for his dictum:
"If something cannot go on forever, it won't."
It should be the rallying cry for California's pension reformers.
The numbers don't lie, they say.
Services are being cut to pay for oversized pensions, they note.
Something must be done because the debt cannot keep growing forever.
They're right.
And it won't go on forever.
It can't go on forever.
At some point, even the most dogged public-pension defenders will realize the gravy train—six-figure guaranteed lifetime pensions inflated by myriad spiking gimmicks—will end because the math must catch up with the wishful thinking.
New York and Chicago already pay for more retired cops than for officers patrolling the streets. 
Some cities have gone belly up, with Stockton and Vallejo the most visible California examples of what happens without adult supervision.
Even healthy cities are slashing services and raising taxes to meet escalating pension bills, to pay for those who often receive far more in retirement than most residents earn during their working years..."

Jason Chaffetz nails it: If Clinton emails were a ‘mistake’ why is everyone ‘pleading the 5th?’

Jason Chaffetz nails it: If Clinton emails were a ‘mistake’ why is everyone ‘pleading the 5th?’ | BizPac Review:
"Rep. Jason Chaffetz challenged Hillary Clinton to look Americans in the eye and come clean about what really went on with her emails when she was secretary of state.
The Utah Republican and chairman of the House Oversight Committee told Fox News host Megyn Kelly in an exclusive interview on Wednesday’s “The Kelly File” that “right now we can’t get to that truth” despite the immunity granted to the Democratic presidential nominee and her former aides.
Chaffetz argued that the American people are interested in the ongoing probe of Clinton’s mishandling of classified information because “they’re worried Lady Justice has a little different blindfold when dealing with the Clintons.”
“If this was just a mistake,” Chaffetz said, referring to the email controversy, “why is everyone pleading the Fifth [Amendment] and getting immunity deals?”
“I want Hillary Clinton to look at the camera and tell people – there’s immunity and they’re not going to prosecute – tell Congress and tell the American people the truth,” Chaffetz said..."

Lunch video-----The Most Shameful Injustice


U of M Brings Personal Pronoun Wars To Michigan [Michigan Capitol Confidential]

U of M Brings Personal Pronoun Wars To Michigan [Michigan Capitol Confidential]:

"A new initiative by the University of Michigan invites students to report their preferred gender pronouns to the university so faculty and staff can use these when addressing each student.

Students can update their gender pronouns on Wolverine Access, a portal for students, faculty, and staff."

Take cold showers for the planet, new 'sustainability' department urges Indiana U. students

Take cold showers for the planet, new 'sustainability' department urges Indiana U. students - The College Fix:
Turn off your lights, unplug your electric devices, take shorter, cold showers.”
This is the pitch to Indiana University-Bloomington students from the head of the new “sustainability” department inside the Student Association, the Indiana Daily Student reports...
The Daily Student reports:
The Sustainability Department’s first goals will be to assess environmental problems that students encounter daily, such as the number of recycling bins on campus or inefficient light use in buildings.  

The IUSA Sustainability Department will seek … to better understand what policy they can realistically implement on campus and what the student body’s immediate sustainability needs are. Parker Angelos, who heads the new department, said students must “be progressive or our lives are going to change for the worse,” apparently thinking that students will embrace cold showers as a wholly symbolic and inconsequential environmental gesture. (It’s a surprise that cold showers haven’t been previously mandated on IU-Bloomington men as a rape-prevention tactic.)

Preparing for North Korea's Inevitable Collapse

Preparing for North Korea's Inevitable Collapse - Bloomberg View
"Let's be honest.
The world would be a better place if a revolutionary tribunal in the near future sent North Korea's Kim Jong-un and his henchmen to the gallows.
Kim's subjects are so malnourished that North Koreans are notably shorter than their South Korean cousins. 
The state's gulags are so large, you can see them from space.
Survivors of those camps have testified that fellow prisoners withered away from starvation.
The U.N. high commissioner for human rights has acknowledged the horror. 
A 2014 report from that office says that inside of North Korea "crimes against humanity" have been committed as a result of the state's policy.
These include "extermination, murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortions and other sexual violence, persecution on political, religious, racial and gender grounds, the forcible transfer of populations, the enforced disappearance of persons and the inhumane act of knowingly causing prolonged starvation."
...Trying to secure all this after a chaotic collapse or overthrow of the Kim regime would be a nightmare.
General Raymond Thomas, who heads U.S. Special Operations Command, called a regime collapse in North Korea a "worst case scenario," at a conference hosted last week by the Institute for the Study of War.
"In the event of the implosion of the region, we'd have the loose nuke dilemma on an industrial scale," the general said, describing it as a "vertical track meet between the Chinese and the South Koreans in terms of securing the nukes..."

As they left the White House, the Clintons Defaced Walls, Stole Furniture and Much Much Worse

As they left the White House, the Clintons Defaced Walls, Stole Furniture and Much Much Worse – TruthFeed:
"In 2001, the Clintons were moving out of the White House to make way for the Bush Administration.
Not only did the Clintons steal furniture on their way out of the White House, but they did something far worse. 
It’s yet another reason why they should not be allowed to step foot in the White House AGAIN!
Besides the stolen furniture, Hillary Clinton and her lackeys defaced walls, stole a presidential seal dating back to the Eisenhower years, damaged furniture they deemed not expensive enough to take, and left a huge mess in the offices, making it look like a rave party had taken place there.
Image result for Clintons Defaced Walls, Stole Furniture and Much Much WorseThey left behind offensive and derogatory statements about Bush, defaced keyboards so the letter W could not be used, stole doorknobs and other small items, and left behind prank signs as well as many other immature acts. 
Apparently, the Clintons are petty, reckless, and have no respect for the taxpayers or the donations they give to for president’s household and office.
A complete list of all the damages is in the GAO 02-360 ‘The White House: Allegations of Damage During the 2001 Presidential Transition,’ an official document of the aftermath of the Clinton Administration. 
So, liberals can’t chalk this up to a conspiracy theory.
...The Clinton family claims they returned the furniture they had mistaken as being personally donated to the Clinton family, while other items reported missing at the end of Bill Clinton’s administration were never returned.
Of course, this has Hillary written all over it.
I can’t think of another person who would steal from and deface the White House.
Her greed is apparent with these actions, and it’s almost a guarantee that if she’s elected, some of the missing items will suddenly reappear in the White House.
Hillary was the first person to condemn Donald Trump for his “reckless temperament,” stating further that he is not suitable to be commander-in-chief, and yet evidence of her own reckless and overall immature behavior further shoves her into a hypocritical light..."

FBI Bombshell: Huma Abedin Caught in Falsehood—but No Followup

FBI Bombshell: Huma Abedin Caught in Falsehood—but No Followup:

"Hanley then said that the new email account name,, was specifically chosen by Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Abedin claimed that she had no knowledge of the private server when the FBI interviewed her on April 5th — before Hanley’s interview. The FBI documents do not show that any agents conducted a second interview with Abedin after Hanley provided this information."

UW-Madison cuts student workers’ hours, cites Obamacare

UW-Madison cuts student workers’ hours, cites Obamacare - The College Fix:
"The Affordable Care Act strikes again — against young people.
UW-Madison is reducing the number of hours its student employees can work.
Moving forward, they can work no more than 29 hours each week.
That’s so that the university can skirt the federal law’s mandate requiring employers to provide health insurance for people who work 30 hours or more per week.
The Cap Times this week reported:
UW-Madison officials say that the UW System is considered a single employer under ACA.
So, under the new rule, student workers would be limited to 29 hours a week total for all jobs with UW, on any campus.
… “Effective immediately, student hourly employees legally cannot work more than 29 hours a week for ALL CAMPUS JOBS,” read an email that went out June 28...
UW-Madison joins hundreds of other universities that have slashed student workers’ hours because they cannot afford the Obamacare mandate.
...MORE: Obamacare strikes again: Missouri grad students lose health insurance subsidies"

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History for September 30

History for September 30 -
William Wrigley, Jr. 1861 - Chewing gum tycoon, Deborah Kerr (Trimmer) 1921 - Actress ("The King and I", "Separate Tables"), Truman Capote (Streckfus Persons) 1924 - Writer (In Cold Blood, Other Voices, Breakfast at Tiffany's), actor

Johnny Mathis 1935 - Singer, Marilyn McCoo 1943 - Singer (5th Dimension), TV hostess (Solid Gold), Fran Drescher 1957

1846 - Dr. William Morton performed a painless tooth extraction after administering ether to a patient.

1882 - In Appleton, WI, the world's first hydroelectric power plant began operating.

1938 - The Munich Conference ended with a decision to appease Adolf Hitler. Britain, and France allowed Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland to be annexed by the Nazis.

1949 - The Berlin Airlift came to an end. The airlift had taken 2.3 million tons of food into the western sector despite the Soviet blockade.

1951 - "The Red Skelton Show" debuted on NBC-TV.

1954 - The U.S. Navy commissioned the Nautilus submarine at Groton, CT. It was the first atomic-powered vessel. The submarine had been launched on January 21, 1954.

1983 - The first AH-64 Apache attack helicopter was rolled out by McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company.

1982 - "Cheers" began an 11-year run on NBC-TV.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

HARD TRUTH About Cities Run By Democrats For Generations | The Federalist Papers

HARD TRUTH About Cities Run By Democrats For Generations | The Federalist Papers:

"Every major city in America which is a center of poverty is run by Democrats and has been under Democratic party control for a very long time. If those communities want to reverse their fortunes it’s time to stop voting for Democrats."

HARD TRUTH About Cities Run By Democrats For Generations

HARD TRUTH About Cities Run By Democrats For Generations | The Federalist Papers

"Pete Didonato reports that every major poverty center in America has been run by Democrats for generations:
Every major city in America which is a center of poverty is run by Democrats and has been under Democratic party control for a very long time.
If those communities want to reverse their fortunes it’s time to stop voting for Democrats.
...The constituencies that voted for [President Obama] aren’t doing very well,” Sen. Paul said in an interview with St. Louis Public Radio.
Income inequality is higher in states and cities with Democratic leadership, he explained, and “ridiculous” low interest rates held in place by the Federal Reserve in recent years have artificially boosted the stock market and hurt the ability of middle- and working-class Americans to save.
If you are unemployed or underemployed, maybe you need to look to other people and new policies,” Sen. Paul said.
“Maybe you people need to give Republicans another chance if you want to improve the lot of people who are suffering.
In a recent interview Clinton labor secretary Robert Reich tried to blame Republicans for the increase in poverty since Obama took office.
Newt Gingrich called it “baloney” and fired back, “Every major city which is a center of poverty is run by Democrats”...

The "free-speech" left-----Black Lives Matter protesters take over BLM debate hosted at U-M

Black Lives Matter protesters take over BLM debate hosted at U-M |
ANN ARBOR, MI -- Black Lives Matter protesters showed up to voice their displeasure with a debate hosted by the Michigan Political Union on Tuesday, Sept. 27, inside the Michigan League.
About 10 minutes into the debate, which provided the resolution: Black Lives Matter is harmful to racial relations in the United States, students -- a number of whom were black -- flooded the inside of the Vandenberg Room and the hallway of the second floor chanted before sitting on the floor and available spaces in opposition to the event.
Black Lives Matter protesters: 'Black lives are not up for debate'
The Michigan Political Union's decision to debate that the Black Lives Matter movement is harmful to racial relations was halted by an eruption of chanting from unified students in opposition to that viewpoint on Tuesday, Sept. 27, inside the Michigan League.

Students spoke out that the three members of the panel -- none of whom were black -- didn't have the right to debate that the BLM movement is harmful to race relations because they didn't speak from a point of view of experience.
They questioned members of the MPU on why they were an authority on the BLM movement, angered by the premise of the evening's debate.
See how race relations became a major issue at U-M, EMU this fall
In recent weeks, University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University students have protested about race relations and against police brutality. Here's a breakdown of how the recent protests started.

U-M students continued to speak out against the premise of the event, stating their case for the BLM movement until about 8 p.m. Below are a couple of videos from the protest.

VIDEO: Obama Administration Official Admits to Allowing Refugees in to U.S. Based on Their Testimony Alone | Ted Cruz | U.S. Senator for Texas

VIDEO: Obama Administration Official Admits to Allowing Refugees in to U.S. Based on Their Testimony Alone | Ted Cruz | U.S. Senator for Texas:

"Moreover, during an exchange with Sen. Cruz, Director Rodríguez acknowledged publicly that refugee applications can be approved based solely on the applicant’s testimony, without any documentation.

Sen. Cruz: Is it true or false that the testimony of the applicant alone can be sufficient for approval? "

IT’S COME TO THIS: Cop Issues Warning: ‘If You Run Around in a Clown Suit, You Should Probably Expe…

Instapundit » Blog Archive » IT’S COME TO THIS:
IT’S COME TO THIS: Cop Issues Warning:
‘If You Run Around in a Clown Suit,
You Should Probably Expect for Citizens to Beat You’:
Professional clowns fear profiling, vigilantes."

WATCH: Speech code overrules U.S. Constitution, Arkansas Tech tells libertarian students

WATCH: Speech code overrules U.S. Constitution, Arkansas Tech tells libertarian students - The College Fix:
Just a ‘time, place and manner’ restriction?
A campus police officer at Arkansas Tech University told a student group that the public university’s free speech zone overrules the U.S. Constitution.
The officer intervened in a “free speech ball” event hosted by the university’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter as part of YAL’s national Fight for Free Speech campaign.
Like other ball-involved stunts by libertarian students, the YAL chapter encouraged ATU students to write whatever they want on the ball, even if it might offend someone, in order to raise awareness of restrictive speech codes on campus.
A civil-liberties group that has previously intervened in a ball stunt told The College Fix that it’s looking into the dispute..."

DEBUNKED: Trump is Hitler? Why HILLARY is More Like The Führer...


James Comey Says Clinton Would Be Disciplined At FBI | The Daily Caller

James Comey Says Clinton Would Be Disciplined At FBI | The Daily Caller:

"FBI director James Comey on Wednesday said that an FBI agent who operated a private email system similar to Hillary Clinton’s would be “in big trouble” at the bureau."

Greenpeace co-founder - Carbon dioxide is a hero, not a villain - Video - Ice Age Now

Greenpeace co-founder - Carbon dioxide is a hero, not a villain - Video - Ice Age Now:
"Please share this must-watch video with your “warmist” friends.Seriously. 
Try to talk them into watching this. 
It could change their perceptions forever.
I have many friends (and probably relatives) who sincerely want to help the planet. 
They are not bad people. 
Nor are they part of some devious conspiracy aiming to de-populate the planet. 
They simply do not realize that they are being conned about the dangers of carbon dioxide (CO2).
This video by Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore, PhD., mightbegin to persuade them.

At about 6:10 into the video, Moore displays a geological timescale of the last 540 million years. CO2 levels are shown in purple, while the blue line tracks global temperature.
Moore shows unequivocally that CO2 and temperature have NOT moved in unison. 
In fact, during the Jurassic, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere plummeted while temperatures rose. The same thing disparity occurred in the Eocene.
“It is (therefore) not possible to demonstrate a cause and effect relationship between CO2 and temperature over the long-term history,” Dr. Moore concludes.
“Carbon is not the enemy. It is actually the reason that we are alive.”
I posted a graph very similar to Dr Moore’s timescale here:

Friday on my mind

Friday on my mind | Power Line:
"Late this past Friday afternoon the FBI conducted its second document dump in the Clinton email case. To those paying attention it has become clear that the case has compromised the FBI and destroyed the reputation of FBI Director of James Comey. 
These Friday afternoon document dumps come straight from the scandal management playbook perfected under the (Bill) Clinton administration. 
They remind us, in case any reminder was necessary, of how much we have to look forward to in the event the Clintons return to the White House. 
I nevertheless find it shocking that the FBI itself has now adopted the routine, acting as a party with much to be ashamed of. 
I collected early pieces and a few related revelations presenting a first take on the 190 pages of interview notes in “Scandal management with the FBI.”
In the New York Observer John Schindler explains “The FBI investigation of emailgate was a sham.” 
Subhead: “We now have incontrovertible proof the Bureau never had any intention of prosecuting Hillary Clinton.” 
Andrew McCarthy’s NRO column similarly argues “Obama’s conflict tanked the Clinton email investigation.”
Among the revelations reported over the weekend in the first pass at the documents was President Obama’s use of a pseudonym in email correspondence with Clinton on on the private email account maintained on her insecure server. 
Now Jonathan Allen reports for Reuters: “Clinton server tech told FBI of colleagues’ worries about system.” Excerpt:
“… The newly released interview summaries from the FBI investigation show government employees undercutting other aspects of the public accounts given by Clinton and senior State officials.
“A State Department employee, whose name was redacted, told investigators they believed senior department officials interfered with the screening of Clinton’s emails for public release …
“The employee, who worked on the screening process, said there was pressure to obscure the fact they were finding classified information in the messages. … Clinton repeatedly said last year she never sent or received classified information …
“The State Department has said that Clinton did not include any of her emails with Petraeus when her lawyers screened and returned what they said were all her work emails in 2014. A single conversation of about 10 emails later emerged last year after the Defense Department provided it.
“The employee also said the Defense Department told the State Department last year it had found about 1,000 emails between Clinton and David Petraeus in its records from his time as the director of the United States Central Command.” …"

Frank Gaffney on Obama's Attempt to Slip Irreversible Internet Surrender Under the Radar: 'We've Got Three Days to Fix This'

Frank Gaffney on Obama's Attempt to Slip Irreversible Internet Surrender Under the Radar: 'We've Got Three Days to Fix This':
"...a vitally important topic that was not addressed, the impending surrender of U.S. control of Internet registration.
Gaffney recalled a discussion with Congressman Mike Pompeo of Kansas, in which Pompeo told him:
...The conversation turned to the impending handover of Internet control to a foreign body, a topic that should be of major concern to American voters, although Marlow sarcastically observed there was no time for it during the debate because moderator Lester Holt thought it was more important to discuss Donald Trump’s thoughts on Barack Obama’s birth certificate.
“A lot of people in this audience have absolutely no clue why we would do this and can’t even interpret what Obama and the globalists are thinking,” Marlow said.
“Well, quite frankly, I’m among them. I can’t figure out what the argument is for doing this,” Gaffney replied. He went on to explain the situation:
What they’re preparing to do is to cede, or surrender, the last vestige of American control, or even influence, over what is done with critical functions of the Internet. It gets pretty arcane, but the point is, if you think that the freedom of the Internet – whether it’s the ability of people to communicate freely information on it, or whether you think of it as an engine for free enterprise, let alone if you understand the contribution that it makes these days to national security – including, by the way, the operations of our critical infrastructure – you will understand that the United States retaining a measure of quality control as to what’s going on with how the Internet is populated with names and numbers, domains, websites and the like, is a veryimportant thing.
And for absolutely no good reason, other than people – or countries, I should say, like Russia, and China, and Saudi Arabia, and Iran, and North Korea – don’t want us to have any say in this and would like to be able to change things around so that they cannot only restrict all the things the Internet does to help their own people become familiar with the terrible they’re being subjected to, at the hands of their totalitarian or authoritarian regimes, but they want to take those freedoms – freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of enterprise – away from usas well.
So this is what it comes down to, Alex: there’s no good reason for doing this, certainly not in the next three days, which is what’s going to happen unless Congress intervenes.
And there’s an interesting point here: Hillary Clinton could make all the difference on whether that happens or not.
...Gaffney pleaded:
If every one of your impressive audience – and I do think of you as a hotshot, I don’t care what they say – this audience is important, and if they will come up on the net,today, with calls into Mitch McConnell urging him not to give up the Internet – don’t let this happen, make sure the Continuing Resolution doesn’t permit that..."

Obama Administration Orders Pentagon To Quit Talking About 'Competition' With China

Obama Administration Orders Pentagon To Quit Talking About 'Competition' With China:

"The Obama administration has ordered the Pentagon to quit referring to the country’s response to Chinese expansion in the Asia-Pacific as a “competition,” as the word is too inflammatory, sources familiar with the directive told the Navy Times.

Over the past decade, China has aggressively expanded its military presence in the South China Sea, including creating number of fortified, man-made islands within the region."

What is government? Australia goes dark

What is government? Australia goes dark:
Entire state of South Australia has power black out because of flawed climate change energy policy

The story in a nutshell:
The entire state of South Australia suffered a complete power black out on Wednesday September 28 plugging it’s nearly 1.7 million residents, communities and businesses into darkness.

Which brings us to a central question of our times: what is government? Is this government in action? Is Australia suffering from "big" government?

Many years ago this simply would not have happened. People understood that the real governing of society, of a country, is going on within society itself. Government, legitimate government of a free country, is an organic thing taking place in society by the aggregate decisions of a free population. 

Government IS the people, but not in the condescending way statists imply. To understand this is to understand the Copernican revolution in political thinking that fueled the founding generation and set them free from the statism of the past, creating a free country based on a completely different idea of what government is. 

Today most people confuse statism with government and expect to be ruled
National energy policies and national economic policies are the result of forgetting what a free society is. Statism is the denial of you to your governance.

The result is the slow destruction of our countries and our lives.

AM Fruitcake

History for September 29

History for September 29 -
Miguel de Cervantes 1547, Horatio Nelson (England) 1758, Gene Autry 1907

László Bíró 1899 - Inventor of the modern ballpoint pen, Jerry Lee Lewis 1935 - Musician, Lech Walesa 1943

1789 - A regular army was established by the U.S. War Department with several hundred men.

1943 - U.S. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower and Italian Marchal Pietro Badoglio signed an armistice aboard the British ship Nelson.

1946 - "The Adventures of Sam Spade" debuted on CBS Radio.

1953 - "Make Room for Daddy" premiered on ABC-TV.

1960 - "My Three Sons" debuted on ABC-TV.

1967 - The International Monetary Fund reformed monetary systems around the world.

1982 - In Chicago, IL, seven people died after taking capsules of Extra-Strength Tylenol that had been laced with cyanide. 264,000 bottles were recalled.

2008 - The Dow Industrial Average lost 777 points. It was the largest one-day decline to date. The drop came after the U.S. House of Representatives had voted down a $700 billion bank bailout plan.