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Report: Green New Deal Will Impose A $75,000 Per Year Cost On Swing-State Households | The Daily Caller

Report: Green New Deal Will Impose A $75,000 Per Year Cost On Swing-State Households | The Daily Caller:

Image result for flickr commons images piles of moneyAmericans in nearly a dozen swing states could expect to spend roughly $75,000 per year if the Green New Deal is ever implemented, according to a report Wednesday from a conservative nonprofit group.
The Green New Deal would cost households an average of between $74,287 and $76,683 in Colorado, Michigan and Pennsylvania, among others, a report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute noted. CEI worked with Power the Future and the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty on the report.
“Right now, our booming national economy and record low unemployment rate is driven by abundant, domestic, reliable, and inexpensive energy produced by millions of men and women across the country,” Daniel Turner, executive director of Power the Future, said in a statement.

The way we were-----The Russian Revolution (1917)

Boob-tube-----Mrs. Wiggins: Buzz Off from The Carol Burnett Show (full sketch)

If it can't be used to make blacks hate whites, the story is GONE!-----There’s a very good reason the media is silent about the Milwaukee mass shooting - American Thinker

There’s a very good reason the media is silent about the Milwaukee mass shooting - American Thinker
"On Wednesday, an angry ex-employee got a gun, put a silencer on it, went to the MillersCoors facility where he had once worked, and shot five people to death before shooting himself. 
One would expect to have a barrage of news stories about America’s gun violence problem and the need to ban guns. 
After all, on Tuesday, before the shooting happened, the Democrat candidates were all over each other trying to explain why each would be more effective at destroying the Second Amendment. Instead, though, we got crickets.
The reason for the media’s silence became apparent when the media identified the shooter: 51-year-old Anthony Ferrill was black..."
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I hope it's clear to everyone that if political capital can't be made off a tragedy it will get memoryholed faster than the Jussie Smollett hoax. 

Students are smort!-----UCLA BANS all single-use plastics

UCLA BANS all single-use plastics

  • UCLA has announced a policy development that would completely ban single-use plastics, and replace them with compostables and other alternatives.
  • Similar to a UC-wide policy decision, UCLA shortened its deadlines and more aggressive goals.

"...The new policy will ultimately remove all single-use plastics ranging from cups and cup lids, plastic bags, utensils, bowls, and other “food accessory” items.
Image result for what could possibly go wrong memeThe goal for UCLA is to have every dine-in or take-out restaurant, dining halls, events, and even departmental meetings move away from plastics completely and begin using locally compostable or reusable alternatives.
...“As a biology major, I’ve studied how critical a healthy ocean is in fighting climate change, in carbon capture, biodiversity and as an ecosystem,” said UCLA junior, Sithara Menon, chair of the CALPIRG Students UCLA chapter.
“It’s important, as students, that we take what we learn and use it, and I can do that starting here on this campus, helping reduce our plastic addiction.”...
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AP Confirms: Democrats Are Lying to the Public About Coronavirus Readiness

AP Confirms: Democrats Are Lying to the Public About Coronavirus Readiness:

Image result for CDC HeadquartersAn Associated Press fact check confirms what Breitbart News reported earlier this week: that Democrat presidential candidates are falsely claiming that President Donald Trump cut funding and personnel needed to fight coronavirus.
On Tuesday, Breitbart News fact-checked “mostly false” claims by former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg during the Democrat debate in South Carolina. Bloomberg claimed that Trump had “fired” a pandemic specialist at the White House, and “defunded” the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The implication: Trump was to blame for the spread of coronavirus — even though there have been just over a dozen cases and no fatalities in the U.S.

Fomenting hate in America!-----#HATEHOAX: Philadelphia Police Release Images Of Suspect Wanted For Spray-Painting Racial Slurs

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Philadelphia Police Release Images Of Suspect Wanted For Spray-Painting Racial Slurs On Cecil B. Moore Mural
Found via Andy Ngo:

Related: Here’s A [2019] List Of Hoax ‘Hate Crimes’ In The Trump Era.--Posted by 

Perfect example of the fake-news media. And this is AP!---India says US politicizing religious riots in which 30 died

Image result for never trust the liberal mediaOK, here's why this is another example of the half-truth (sophistry) being used by the lib-media to distract us deplorables from what really happened.
  • Fact #1: Trump's visit to India was an unparalleled triumph.
  • Fact #2: "...a U.S. government commission" did NOT make the comments. A liberal, Trump-hating, Nancy Pelosi-appointed hack made the comments to her comrades in the press. Her comments were not official statements from ANY government agency.
  • Fact #3: The Indian minister's quoted response was to another lying reporter's fake question accusing a US commission of making, the flawed "accusations". 
  • Fact #4: The AP created a fake headline to deflect us from celebrating an American (President Trump) foreign policy success. 
  • Fact #5 And tried to create their own fake news: "another gaff from the fools surrounding the dufus who MUST BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE". 
In summary, they lied about the entire "event".

India says US politicizing religious riots in which 30 died
NEW DELHI (AP) — India accused a U.S. government commission of politicizing communal violence in New Delhi that killed at least 30 people and injured more than 200 as President Donald Trump was visiting the country.
...On Wednesday, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom said it was deeply troubled by the violence and cited accounts that police had not intervened in attacks against Muslims, which police and India’s federal government have denied.
“The government is failing in its duty to protect its citizens,” Commissioner Anurima Bhargava said.
India’s External Affairs Ministry said the commission’s comments (note there are no "s around that) were “factually inaccurate and misleading” and appeared to be “aimed at politicizing the issue.”
...Trump’s first state visit to India included a lavish reception in Modi’s home state of Gujarat and talks with the Indian leader, but the U.S. leader said they didn’t discuss the violence. Trump declined to comment about the citizenship law, saying he wanted to leave that to India, before departing.
This is Commissioner Anurima Bhargava
"Anurima Bhargava, Commissioner
Appointed by: Honorable Nancy Pelosi (D), House Leader, for a term expiring in May 2020.
Anurima Bhargava is a civil rights lawyer with extensive experience in various roles advocating for members of underrepresented communities. Before founding Anthem of Us, where she currently serves as President, Bhargava was the Chief of the Educational Opportunities Section of the Civil Rights Division at the U.S. Department of Justice, where she led the Division’s efforts to provide equal educational opportunities for all students. Anurima Bhargava's full bio here."

Lunch video-----TOO MUCH WIND! 10 Wind Turbine Fails


House Democrats Block Resolution Condemning Bernie Sanders’s Praise Of Fidel Castro | The Daily Caller

House Democrats Block Resolution Condemning Bernie Sanders’s Praise Of Fidel Castro | The Daily Caller:
Image result for flickr commons images fidel castro
Despite widespread condemnation by the members of the Democratic Party — including U.S. representatives, presidential candidates and even a DNC spokesperson — no Democratic lawmakers voted to let the resolution move forward.
Democratic Florida Reps. Donna Shalala and Debbie Mucarsel-Powell issued scathing public statements against Sanders’s comments, but both lawmakers on Thursday notably skipped the vote, allowing them to avoid a decision on the resolution.

Don Surber: NYT panics over 2020 race

Don Surber: NYT panics over 2020 race
"Tom Friedman screamed out to his readers in the New York Times this morning in panic. 
He told them the Orange Man will win if we don't do something. 
We gotta do something. Now, now, now.
He sees the problem as a divided Democrat Party.
He is totally wrong, but his solution was so simplistic that it amused me. 
He said build a Team of Rivals, the phrase Gore Vidal used to describe Lincoln's cabinet.
...Friedman's prescription was to have the nominee (Mini Mike or Breadline Bernie) tell the nation, "I want people to know that if I am the Democratic nominee these will be my cabinet choices — my team of rivals. 
  • I want Amy Klobuchar as my vice president. Her decency, experience and moderation will be greatly appreciated across America and particularly in the Midwest."Translation: we need a woman to balance the ticket, and she is the least insane choice available.
  • Going further, the nominee would say, "I want Mike Bloomberg (or Bernie Sanders) as my secretary of the Treasury."Only in Friedmandonia would a capitalist CEO be interchangeable with a communist congressional lifer...
  • More!
...But this is a bad prescription for the wrong problem.
Democrats are united as never before
The debates and the recent assemblages of legislatures in New York state and Virginia have made that clear.
    Image result for democrat debates
  • They stand for:
  • Open borders
  • Gun confiscation
  • Infanticide
  • Reparations
  • Welshing on student loans
  • Wealth confiscation
  • Ending bail
  • Pooping in the streets
  • Banning automobiles
  • Banning plastic
None of those things appeals to most Americans. 
Combined they are a disaster for the party.
Read on!

Makes ya think!

Remember when they fined him for making the suggestion?-----Oregon Engineer Makes History With New Traffic Light Timing Formula - Institute for Justice

Oregon Engineer Makes History With New Traffic Light Timing Formula - Institute for Justice
Image result for avoid frustrating red light tickets"Today, the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) formally announced that it voted to adopt a new formula for determining the timing of traffic lights.
The vote vindicates the theory of Mats Järlström, who was fined $500 by the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying for publicly criticizing traffic light timing without first obtaining a professional engineering license.
The ITE’s vote updates a 55-year-old equation with Mats’s formula, which takes into account the time drivers need to slow down when making a turn in an intersection.
The vote could have wide-ranging, international ramifications by giving drivers a little more time to get through intersections (and in some cases, avoid frustrating red light tickets)..."
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#1 This day 1966-----The Ballad Of The Green Berets

Caught on video: Black-masked Syracuse protesters 'blocking traffic'

Caught on video: Black-masked Syracuse protesters 'blocking traffic'
  • Leftists protesters at Syracuse University blocked city streets Wednesday night.
  • The protesters have released a list of demands for school adminisrators in response to a string of reported racist incidents.
" reported Wednesday that 100 students, faculty, and other leftists protesters took to the streets of Syracuse, New York, near the university campus, and staged a sit-in, blocking and holding up traffic for at least two city blocks. 
Protesters chanted, some of whom wore black masks, chanted, “No justice! No peace! No racist police!” and “SU puts the ‘S’ in White Supremacy."...
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Are we gonna vote for this?

Border chief: Wall cuts illegal crossings 80% - Washington Times

Border chief: Wall cuts illegal crossings 80% - Washington Times:

Image result for flickr commons images Border WallA 20-mile section of new border wall built near El Paso, Texas, cut illegal crossings by more than 80%, the government’s top border official told Congress on Thursday.
Mark Morgan, acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, said the key is not just the border wall but the entire system being built, with roads and lighting and, in some cases, multiple layers of fencing.
He said that’s giving agents more time to get to spots where breakthroughs happen, and when they can respond they can make arrests or force people to retreat back into Mexico.


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Image result for australia china travel ban"Why were the Australians ahead of the world? For a very simple reason. They don’t trust the WHO. The information from multiple international sources is that the WHO is under intense pressure from the Chinese government, and succumbing to it...
...The travel ban was decided immediately after the US made the same call. Beijing instantly lashed both the US and Australia on that occasion – the Chinese Communist Party’s official mouthpiece, People’s Daily, calling it “racist”.
But, of course, that decision now looks very wise, more so with each passing day.
“With the ongoing China travel ban, I’m very sympathetic about the impact on tourism and farmers, but I’m much less so with the universities,” he began. “Because they have been warned for years that they are over-reliant on the Chinese market...
Read the whole thing.


AM Fruitcake

History for February 29

See the source image
History for February 29 -
Ann Lee (Anne the Word or Mother Anne) 1736 - Founder of Shakerism in United States, John Philip Holland 1840 - Inventor of the first submarine accepted by the U.S. Navy, Herman Hollerith 1860 - Engineer, teacher, inventor of first electric tabulating machine (forerunner of the calculator)
Image result for Ann LeeImage result for John Philip HollandImage result for Herman Hollerith

Jimmy Dorsey 1904 - bandleader, Dinah Shore 1916 - Singer, entertainer ("The Dinah Shore Show"), Jack Lousma 1936 - Astronaut
Image result for Jimmy DorseyImage result for Dinah ShoreImage result for Jack Lousma

1288 - Scotland established this day as one when a woman could propose marriage to a man. In the event that he refused the proposal he was required to pay a fine.
See the source image

1940 - Hattie McDaniel became the first black person to win an Oscar. She won Best Supporting Actress award for her role as Mammy in "Gone with the Wind."
Image result for Hattie McDaniel became the first black person to win an Oscar.

Friday, February 28, 2020

‘This Is A Fight We Must Wage And Win’: Nikki Haley Warns Against ‘Trendy’ Socialism Of Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders | The Daily Caller

‘This Is A Fight We Must Wage And Win’: Nikki Haley Warns Against ‘Trendy’ Socialism Of Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders | The Daily Caller:
Image result for flickr commons images Nikki Haley
“Socialism has failed everywhere it’s ever been tried,” Haley said. “Instead of prosperity, it leads to poverty.”
“Instead of opportunity, it creates dependency. Instead of liberty, it means oppression at home and often means aggression abroad instead of hope for a better tomorrow,” she said.
She pointed out that though countries around the world suffer from socialism, “socialism has become trendy in parts of America these days,” drawing on Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’s affinity for socialism.

The way we were-----BBC Children's TV 1950's

Boob-tube-----Best Mary Tyler Moore Show Bloopers

'Progressivism' Versus Progress | The Pipeline

'Progressivism' Versus Progress | The Pipeline
"A cry is going up across the world— in Cambridge England, in Germany, and above all in Canada. It’s the cry heard down the ages from the Common People, the Reasonable Person, the Over-burdened Taxpayer, the Forgotten Man, the Silent Majority, and whoever is feeling his shoes pinching and his belt tightening.
That cry today is more puzzled and poignant than usual because it expresses bafflement as well as indignation.
That cry is: “What the hell’s going on?
The note of inquiry is entirely justified.

...Nevertheless, the environmental history of socialism provides a very weak argument for getting rid of capitalism. 

Yet, it is where most solutions to the climate emergency end up and, not coincidentally, where they begin too.
Why so?
XR’s multiplication of justifications for their hooliganism is explicable when you realize that their predictions of doom keep not happening. 

And when any particular doom doesn’t happen, the climate seer needs to invent another likely catastrophe to justify his activism. 
Dr. Madsen Pirie, founder of the Adam Smith Institute in London, gave a fairly comprehensive list of such predictions here.
  • 1966: Oil will run out in ten years
  • 1967: Famines by 1975
  • 1968: Worldwide overpopulation
  • 1970: World's natural resources run out
  • 1970: Ice Age by 2000
  • 1970: Water rationing in US by 1974, food rationing by 1980
  • 1971: New ice age by 2020 or 2030
  • 1974: Satellites show new ice age near
  • 1976: Scientific consensus that Earth is cooling.
  • 1978: 30-year cooling trend continues
  • 1980: Acid rain kills life in lakes
  • 1980: Peak oil in 2000
  • 1988: Regional droughts by 1990s
  • 1988: Maldives underwater by 2018
  • 1989: Nations will be wiped out if nothing done by 2000
  • 2000: Children won’t know what snow is
  • 2002: Peak Oil in 2010
  • 2002: Famine in 10 years unless we stop eating fish, meat, and dairy products
  • 2004: Britain will be Siberia by 2020
  • 2008: Arctic will be ice free by 2018
  • 2008: Al Gore predicts ice-free Arctic by 2013
  • 2009: Prince Charles says we have 96 months to save the world
  • 2009: Gordon Brown says we have 50 days to "save the planet from catastrophe"
  • 2013: Arctic ice-free by 2015
  • 2014: Only 500 days before ‘climate chaos’
Of course, Pirie was writing in 2014; the list will be longer now.
But however often the predictions are falsified, the soothsayers never admit error. 
Like the religious lunatics who assemble on a mountain to witness the Apocalypse in this Peter Cook sketch, their conclusion is always: “Okay, next week, same time, same place. We must get a winner some time.”

The Monstrous Lie Behind CrowdStrike – American Greatness

The Monstrous Lie Behind CrowdStrike – American Greatness:
    See the source image
  • There’s a simple explanation for the Democratic National Committee’s unwillingness to let outsiders have a peek at evidence its servers were infiltrated by the Russians in 2016: There isn’t any. The Russian hacking that’s caused so much division and turmoil at home and abroad never really happened. It was all a ruse.
"Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 presidential election was predicated largely on the claim Russian intelligence had hacked the Democratic National Committee’s servers ahead of the November election.
...A lot of ordinary folks just can’t stop wondering why the DNC wouldn’t let any federal investigators examine their servers. 
Only CrowdStrike, an independent contractor on the DNC’s payroll, was allowed to do so..."
Read all.

EXCLUSIVE: Steve Scalise To Donate Millions To NRCC In Effort To Win Back The House | The Daily Caller

EXCLUSIVE: Steve Scalise To Donate Millions To NRCC In Effort To Win Back The House | The Daily Caller:

Image result for flickr commons images Steve ScaliseHouse Minority Whip Steve Scalise has donated millions of dollars to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and plans on doubling his commitment in an effort to win back the House of Representatives, the Daily Caller has learned.
Scalise has given $6 million to the NRCC this cycle and told the Daily Caller that he will be doubling his commitment to $12 million. He’ll start by giving another $2 million this week. Scalise has raised over $13 million online alone in small-dollar donations so far this cycle, and $7.8 million alone during impeachment; this is an unprecedented number and the highest amount raised by any GOP member.

Schools tell pupils boys can have periods too in new guidelines on transgender issues - Mirror Online

Schools tell pupils boys can have periods too in new guidelines on transgender issues - Mirror Online

    Image result for transgender children
  • Primary school children will now be taught "all genders" can have periods in a bid to be more inclusive to transgender children, a council has revealed.
  • Advice on menstruation will be issued to boys and girls after Brighton and Hove City Council passed a motion to help minimise discrimination against the trangender community.
  • The guidelines also advise that bins for sanitary products and waste should provided in both male and female bathrooms.

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How Iran's Regime Spread Coronavirus to the Middle East :: Middle East Forum

How Iran's Regime Spread Coronavirus to the Middle East :: Middle East Forum
See the source image"On Monday, Iranian official Ahmad Amirabadi said there have been up to 50 deaths in Iran from coronavirus
The regime did what it knows how to do best: It sought to silence him and condemn him for spreading the news, claiming that only 12 had died from the virus and that there were only 61 cases in the country.
However, for five days Iran has known that there were likely more cases concentrated in the holy city of Qom, where religious pilgrims gather.
Iranians have been largely left in the dark since last Wednesday, when two deaths were announced in the Islamic Republic from coronavirus. The regime wanted elections to go well on February 21, so it sought to prevent any news of the virus for days.
Iranians have been largely left in the dark about the local spread of the virus.
By Saturday it was too late, and the country moved to shut down schools and universities. 
But Iranians and other pilgrims who came to Qom and became sick with the virus were already on the move.
They flew back to Iraq's Najaf and via Dubai to Bahrain, as well as arriving in Kuwait and Oman. Iran did not inform its neighbors until it was too late. 
Last Friday, Turkish government officials were already warning that there might be 750 cases in Iran..."
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Lunch video-----Is It True, Or Did You Hear It On CNN?

The latest fake news from CNN about climate.


Revealing Bernie’s dark side — one 1980s quote at a time - Glenn Beck

Revealing Bernie’s dark side — one 1980s quote at a time - Glenn Beck:

Image result for flickr commons images bernie sandersFor starters, Sanders had (during the height of the Soviet Union) a very cozy relationship with people who openly advocated for Marxism and communism. He was an elector for the Socialist Workers Party and promoted the party's presidential candidates in 1980 and 1984.
To say the Socialist Workers Party was radical would be a tremendous understatement. It was widely known SWP was a communist organization mostly dedicated to the teachings of Marx and Leon Trotsky, one of the leaders of the Russian Revolution.
Among other radical things I've discovered in interviews Sanders conducted with the SWP's newspaper — appropriately named The Militant (seriously, you can't make this stuff up) — is a statement by Sanders published in June 1981 suggesting that some police departments "are dominated by fascists and Nazis," a comment that is just now being rediscovered for the first time in decades.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Korea Cases Top 2,000; Nigeria Confirms Infection...

Instapundit Blog Archive CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: 
  • Korea Cases Top 2,000; Nigeria Confirms Infection.
  • As Virus Spreads, Koreans Blame Refusal to Stop Chinese Visitors.
  • FDA reports 1st drug shortage due to novel coronavirus outbreak.
  • Coronavirus spreads in three continents; $5 trillion wiped off markets.
  • Coronavirus Found In Sub Saharan Africa As WHO Says Spread Could Get Out of Control.
  • China Spins Coronavirus Crisis, Hailing Itself as a Global Leader.
  • ‘It’s no worse than the flu’: busting the coronavirus myths.
  • Geneva Motor Show to be canceled after coronavirus causes government to ban large events.
  • Coronavirus: Quarantined inside Italy’s red zone.
  • France: “force majeure” can be declared over coronavirus in contracts with smaller firms.
  • Coronavirus is drying up the supply chains of Southeast Asia’s factories.
More at link.
Plus, today in Muskegon MI, Walmart bleach aisle: 

American heroine!

WHAT is GOING ON at Boeing?!!-----Boeing Company Funds Al Sharpton Event; Executives Refuse Comment

Image result for Sharpton riots Crown Heights quotesBoeing Company Funds Al Sharpton Event; Executives Refuse Comment
NORTH CHARLESTON, South Carolina — The Boeing Company sponsored a breakfast for Democratic Party presidential candidates hosted by Al Sharpton’s National Action Network on Wednesday morning, but Boeing executives refused to comment.
Image result for 737max crashSharpton has a long history of controversial rhetoric, especially on racial issues. He was blamed for encouraging antisemitic mobs in riots in Crown Heights, a neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, in the early 1990s.
More recently, he helped inflame the death of teenager Trayvon Martin into a major national issue in 2012, presenting it, falsely, as a racially motivated killing. The issue caused major damage to race relations..."
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