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Checkin' in again. This what I get when I click "Provider Directory"

13 Nutrition Lies That Made The World Sick And Fat

13 Nutrition Lies That Made The World Sick And Fat - Business Insider:
3. Saturated Fat is Unhealthy
For many decades, people have believed that eating saturated fat can increase the risk of heart disease.
In fact, this idea has been the cornerstone of mainstream nutrition recommendations.
However, studies published in the past few decades prove that saturated fat is completely harmless.
A massive study published in 2010 looked at data from a total of 21 studies that included 347,747 individuals. They found absolutely no association between saturated fat consumption and the risk of heart disease (19).
Multiple other studies confirm these findings… saturated fat really has nothing to do with heart disease.
The “war” on fat was based on an unproven theory that somehow became common knowledge (20, 21)."

Well, we trust him with everything else......

Hey, it's "free" gotta problem wit dat? -----Top Hospitals Opt Out of Obamacare?

Top Hospitals Opt Out of Obamacare? | National Review Online:
"The U.S. News and World Report has more bad Obamacare–is there any other kind?–news:
The nation’s top hospitals may not accept many Obamacare policies.

From the story:
Americans who sign up for Obamacare will be getting a big surprise if they expect to access premium health care that may have been previously covered under their personal policies. 
Most of the top hospitals will accept insurance from just one or two companies operating under Obamacare.

Will President Obama call these institutions “bad apples” as he has insurance companies that followed the “law of the land”–aka, his “signature achievement”–and canceled millions of policies that people liked?
Good grief."

DOH!!!! Detroit auction as bad as Detroit city-Packard Plant's first-place AND second-place bidders are as flaky as the rest of the city

Packard Plant's second-place bidder has not paid | Detroit Free Press |
"Time is running out for the second-place bidder in Wayne County’s auction for the old Detroit Packard Plant.
As of noon, Chicago-area housing developer William Hults had yet to wire the $2.2 million to back up his bid, said David Szymanski, the county’s chief deputy treasurer.
He has until the end of the business day.
Hults has a history of outbidding his bank account. Last month, he failed to deliver on his promise of a $1 million payment for the Packard site to consummate what was an exclusive, pre-auction deal with the county.
If Hults doesn’t pay today, the roughly 40 acres of industrial wasteland could fall into the hands of Spaniard Fernando Palazuelo, who finished third in the property’s tax foreclosure auction with a bid just over $2 million.
On Wednesday County officials gave up on the auction’s first-place bidder, Texas doctor Jill Van Horn, after she didn’t make a $2 million down payment on her winning $6 million bid."

What a marvelous vision for Detroit! ---------Packard's new top bidder plans luxury hotel and mixed-use, manufacturing space

Packard's new top bidder plans luxury hotel and mixed-use, manufacturing space | Crain's Detroit Business:
"Bill Hults, the latest possible redeveloper of the Packard plant site, said the overall investment of his Packard Detroit LLC for the site could be between $750 million and $850 million to turn it into a 120-room "very, very high-level hotel" with about 750-plus loft residences, dining and commercial space.
Hults was the second-place bidder in Friday's auction sale of the site; earlier today, a $6.038 million sale of the plant to an investment group including Texas doctor Jill Van Horn was canceled after the group failed to make a down payment by noon.
Hults' bid was $2,003,000; that payment will be due to the county on Thursday.
Joe Kopietz, the Clark Hill attorney representing Packard Detroit, Hults' development entity, said the plan also includes light manufacturing space.
Hults said he was told the property could be valued at $1.65 billion when it's complete."

Hey, it's not like we weren't warned.......

Time to use the f-word about Obamacare

Blog: Time to use the f-word about Obamacare:
"The word is "fraud." It is now clear that the American people and their representatives in Congress were lied to, in order to obtain passage of Obamacare. "

Plan ahead or pay the price-Bicycle Generator to watch TV...and more

We know where you live------Drones: A rare glimpse at sophisticated US spy plane

Side view of Global Hawk cleanBBC News - Drones: A rare glimpse at sophisticated US spy plane:
"The Global Hawk is one of the US military's most sophisticated spy planes and the BBC was able to get a rare view of one at Grand Forks Airbase in North Dakota.
It can travel half-way round the world on a single tank of fuel and can can track a man on the ground, even when the earth is covered by cloud, from a height of about 18,000m - that's close to 60,000ft."

Can We Finally Stop Pretending?

Articles: Can We Finally Stop Pretending?:
"The president is incapable of telling a truth, and what conservatives have been predicting for three years about ObamaCare has been entirely correct.
Indeed, we haven't seen anything close to the worst of what is to come, since the system hasn't even begun to function in its utmost state of disarray and confusion.
We've seen a website and estimates of premium and deductible figures which have been panic-inducing all on their own.
There is not one single fact about this monstrosity that has been truly presented by the president, and his law, its destruction of lives and fortunes, and the pattern of fraud that have accompanied it rest solely and squarely on the Democratic Party.
They did this to the United States of America and they did it on purpose."

Obama Has Presided Over 5 of 6 Largest Deficits in U.S. History

Obama Has Presided Over 5 of 6 Largest Deficits in U.S. History | CNS News:
"In fiscal 2008, the last full year that George W. Bush was president, the deficit was $454.798 billion.

Even when adjusted for inflation, the $680.276 billion fiscal 2013 deficit is only exceeded by one pre-Obama deficit--the one the U.S. government ran in 1943, during the height of World War II. 
That year, the deficit was $54,554,000,000--or $738,367,890,000 in inflation-adjusted 2013 dollars."

$400 million to folks who want someone else to do their yard work......Fix our neighborhoods, Detroiters say in poll

Fix our neighborhoods, Detroiters say in poll | Detroit Free Press |
"Residents of Detroit have spoken:
Fix our neighborhoods!
As the federal government and private investors are expected to make about $400 million available to address needs in the city, 93% of likely Detroit voters said the money should be spent on beleaguered neighborhoods.
Only 3% said the funds should support downtown or Midtown."

Nothing to see here folks. Just business as usual.......Hillary Clinton's Lucrative Goldman Sachs Speaking Gigs

Hillary Clinton's Lucrative Goldman Sachs Speaking Gigs | National Review Online:
"Hillary Clinton spoke at two separate Goldman Sachs events on the evenings of Thursday, October 24 and Tuesday, October 29.
As both Politico and the New York Times report, Clinton’s fee is about $200,000 per speech, meaning she likely netted around $400,000 for her paid gigs at Goldman over the course of six days."

OoooKay.... how're the math scores.......South African Teacher Fired After Taking Students to Get Penises Pierced

South African Teacher Fired After Taking Students to Get Penises Pierced:
"JOHANNESBURG - A high teacher at Willowridge High School, east of Pretoria, has reportedly been fired after he took three students to have their penises pierced.
The unnamed teacher has been on paid suspension since earlier this year and had been awaiting a disciplinary hearing for a series of controversial actions - actions that include taking three schoolboys for Prince Albert piercings, having his own penis pierced in front of the teens, taking one youngster for a tattoo and giving the boys pasta shaped as male genitalia."

The mooch mindset of the democrats and their propagandist comrades in the media won't allow it-Much-Abused Food Stamp Program Can And Should Be Cut Responsibly

Much-Abused Food Stamp Program Can And Should Be Cut Responsibly -
"By now, you see, Obamanomics was supposed to have left the U.S. economy enjoying a Keynesian cavalcade of prosperity.
Instead, in spite of the weak Obama "recovery," the number of food stamp recipients soared from 28.2 million in 2008 to 46.6 million last year.

The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College warns the failure of poverty to decline with economic growth, as is the norm, was observed in the last decade too. This is an ominous sign that government dependency is becoming a way of life for many."

Local group trying to keep Muskegon Bike Time alive

Muskegon Bike Timeclick link and read it all:

Muskegon Bike Time - News and Updates: "News and Updates

October 29, 2013

Muskegon Bike Time Board Responds to 2014 Festival Restructuring

After reading the many responses to the announced restructuring of Muskegon Bike Time, the Bike Time (BT) Board of Trustees would like to respond to some of the questions raised by those who read the article published on Mlive regarding the future of Bike Time, and share a brief history as to why the decision had to be made to restructure the event."

This a great explanation-US #1 in Oil: So Why Isn’t Gasoline $0.80 Per Gallon?

Guest Post: US #1 in Oil: So Why Isn’t Gasoline $0.80 Per Gallon? | Zero Hedge:
"To sum up why the price of gasoline is so high even though the US is producing so much more oil than before:

-The high cost of American oil production
-Even higher costs due to imported (non-Canadian) oil
-Obama not allowing cheaper Canadian oil to flow to the refineries via pipelines such as the Keystone XL
-The taxes on crude are used to fund Obama's green dream—his green-energy "legacy"—and his love for ethanol and the taxes at the pump will not decrease"
......................................Let's take a look at who the US buys the imported oil from. 
Millions of barrels
exported to US per day
Saudi Arabia

Dumping democrats helps but union still successful in wrecking Michigan's business climate-Michigan economy improving, but state falls short of top 10

Michigan economy improving, but state falls short of top 10 | Crain's Detroit Business:
"Thanks to the elimination of the Michigan Business Tax and the shift to the Corporate Income Tax, the state's corporate tax climate has risen from second worst in the nation to the seventh best.
It also found that per-capita GDP, per-capita personal income and employment have grown more than most of Michigan's peer states since 2009.
But despite the improved business tax climate, on average, the report found businesses pay more to operate in Michigan than in top-10 states.
..The bulk of those costs to do business consisted of labor costs, which the report found were 15 percent higher in Michigan than the top-10 average.

Holy crapoli! Everyday there's a new "revelation"! ----The Secret No One is Talking About Buried In Obamacare

And if you are stricken with a new medical event, you will have a "pre-existing" condition that will affect your insurance payment in the "new" state. How nice......

Instapundit » Blog Archive » POINTS AND FIGURES: The Secret No One is Talking About Buried In Obamacare. Obamacare is a total…:

Obamacare is a total fail. It’s too clunky. They didn’t exactly use Lean Startup principles when they wrote the bill.
One of the goals of Obamacare which I agree with in principle is to separate employment from health insurance. Tying them together creates all kinds of poor economic incentives.
But, the ACA law is littered with even worse economic incentives. One of them is mobility.
Obamacare will cause people to freeze in geographic location.
Insurance companies cannot compete across state lines, so your policy is only portable within your state. That’s bad for economic development. A person now has to deal with 50 sets of rules, 50 exchanges. Obamacare didn’t solve the problem.
There will be people that stay in place because of insurance costs from one state to the next. I have looked, and personally for me my costs of insurance go up exponentially when I move out of state.
In our old broken healthcare system, employers would pick up the difference. As our society transitions to an independent worker society, and insurance isn’t tied to job, individuals will be forced to pick up the cost.
Instead of opening up competition, Obamacare shuts it down. One of the great facets of the United States is that each state competes with the other. If one state passes bad laws, and restricts freedom, people can pick up and leave to go to another state. If an industry shuts down, people can leave and pursue opportunity somewhere else.
Obamacare makes that highly difficult.
So many layers of disaster here. It’s like peeling an onion of fail."

Name change helps reduce crime in Detroit. Why not change "Detroit" to "Happy City"?-----------Rash of east-side Detroit fires mars an otherwise quiet Angels' Night, officials say

Rash of east-side Detroit fires mars an otherwise quiet Angels' Night, officials say | Detroit Free Press |
"Angels’ Night began in the mid-1990s in response to the arsons that scorched the city in the previous several years during what was then called Devil’s Night. 
In 1984, more than 800 fires were reported."

Teachers looting taxpayers, AGAIN-Illinois Teachers Pension Fund is 40% Funded, Drops Deeper Into Hole Despite Investment Return of 12.8%

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Illinois Teachers Pension Fund is 40% Funded, Drops Deeper Into Hole Despite Investment Return of 12.8%; What's the Solution?:
"In spite of a 12.8% annual return, with an 8% return assumption, the Illinois Teachers Retirement System (TRS) fell another $3.5 billion in the hole.
TRS pension underfunding grew to $55.73 billion as of June 30, 2013. "

NY exchange navigator list removed after including a spa, limo dispatcher, cupcake shop

NY exchange navigator list removed after including a spa, limo dispatcher, cupcake shop | The Daily Caller:
"New York’s healthcare exchange has removed its list of Obamacare “navigators” after discovering that companies that have no relation to the health care field — such as a cupcake store — were included.

“We are updating the [In-Person Assistors]/Navigators contact list.  New information will be posted shortly,” the site now explains in place of the original 228-page list of IPAs and navigators."

Plus today's helpful check-in page:

Europe is broke, loaded with farmland and incredibly lazy-Global wine shortage looms, says report

Global wine shortage looms, says report | Fox News:
"A major reason is because wine production in Spain, France and Italy--the world’s three largest wine-producing countries making 60 percent of the world’s wine--has sharply decreased as less land is being used to grow grapes."

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

God made a dog

Top 10 Facts About The U.S. Illegal Drug Market

Top 10 Facts About The U.S. Illegal Drug Market | Zero Hedge:
"Ever wondered how much a particular narcotic or opioid costs in your city? 
The answer might’ve been hard to find out 20 years ago without some serious hook ups in the shady part of town, but today all you have to do is head to
Type in your drug of choice, and up pops the data: location, price, date, and a 1-5 star rating.
You’ve got your standard cocktails on here – oxycodone, heroin, marijuana – and then a few not-so-popular choices like hydrocodone, Exalgo, and Klonopin.
Each one of them is going to cost you a pretty penny, depending on where you buy it – but at least you’ll know whether you got a good deal or not."

You think Obama's functionalies are gonna save you? Think again. And plan ahead.-------Bicycle Generator for Emergency Electricity

Bicycle Generator for Emergency Electricity:
 "Hackett's] back at it, this time with some practical advice for the next power outage to hit your city: why not prepare for the worst by building your own bike generator?
 You’ll no doubt recall that hurricane Sandy devastated New York City’s grid,"

"No-bid" Moochelle has long history of anti-American associates who are now getting their "payback"

Michelle Obama belonged to radical student groups | The Daily Caller:
"First Lady Michelle Obama and her Princeton classmate whose company received the no-bid government contract to build the Obamacare website were both members of a black student organization that caused a tense scene on campus by inviting a PLO leader who advocated for terrorism.

Michelle Obama ’85 and her classmate Toni Townes-Whitley ’85, a senior vice president at CGI Federal, were both students at the university when their groups the Organization of Black Unity (OBU) and the Third World Center (TWC) engaged in a confrontation with Jewish students on campus."

This is more than malignant incompetence, this is outright criminal fraud! CMS Spent More Than $1T in Less Than 1 Yr; More Than Entire Gov’t Spent When Medicaid-Medicare Enacted

CMS Spent More Than $1T in Less Than 1 Yr; More Than Entire Gov’t Spent When Medicaid-Medicare Enacted | CNS News:
"The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which runs the federal government’s major health-care programs, and which was responsible for developing the Obamacare health-insurance exchange website, spent more than $1 trillion in just the first eleven months of fiscal 2013, according to the Treasury."

More of that "Smart Diplomacy" Barry promised.........World’s anger at Obama policies goes beyond Europe and the NSA

WASHINGTON: World’s anger at Obama policies goes beyond Europe and the NSA | Europe | McClatchy DC:
"“It’s part of an overall trend, America’s disengagement and a seemingly aloof Obama, and in the Syrian case, that aloofness ran counter to the Syrians’ and Saudis’ interests,” "

Remember the public employee union thugs who rioted and attacked last year? They're baaack! State employee unions, Michigan at odds over wages and benefits: 'We're in for one hell of a fight'

State employee unions, Michigan at odds over wages and benefits: 'We're in for one hell of a fight' |
"LANSING, MI -- Disagreements on wages and benefits are holding up contract negotiations between Michigan's government and unions representing tens of thousands of state employees.
....The Michigan Corrections Organization, in a newsletter distributed this weekend, argued the state's wage proposals "were pitiful" and criticized a plan to move all state employees -- rather than just new workers -- onto a single health care plan."

Follow the money-Remember these guys were BIG supporters of BarryCare------Insurers Oppose Obamacare Extension as Danger to Profits

Insurers Oppose Obamacare Extension as Danger to Profits - Bloomberg:
Allowing Americans more time to enroll for health coverage under Obamacare may raise premiums and cut into profits, insurers are telling members of Congress in a bid to stop such a move.

DHS, NSA Czars attack small business for the right to parody them on mugs, T-shirts

Man sues DHS, NSA for the right to parody them on mugs, T-shirts | Ars Technica
For 10 years, a Minnesota man has been selling T-shirts, mugs, and other items with slogans like “Department of Homeland Stupidity” and “The NSA: the only part of the government that listens.”
In 2011, the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency sent a cease-and-desist order against Zazzle, the original manufacturer of these items for the website
The government agencies argued that it is a crime to use, mutilate, or alter a government seal without permission. (The site has now switched over to CafePress.)
....“The agencies’ attempts to forbid McCall from displaying and selling his merchandise are inconsistent with the First Amendment,” said Paul Alan Levy, the Public Citizen attorney handling the case, in astatement.
“It’s bad enough that these agencies have us under constant surveillance; forbidding citizens from criticizing them is beyond the pale.”

Detroit on the lake-County landbank scam owns properties but won't keep them up

Muskegon's Realty Reality: Deserted and dangerous blight homes threaten Muskegon Heights' vitality |
"Blight is a problem for several parts of Muskegon County, but nowhere worse than Muskegon Heights.
At the time of the 2010 census, Muskegon Heights had 840, or 17.5 percent of its residential homes, vacant.
That was three years ago, and the problem hasn’t gotten much better since then.
The Muskegon County Land Bank collects properties that revert to county ownership because of unpaid taxes."
...She’s started writing letters to her legislators describing her plight, and says she’s frustrated with Muskegon Heights city officials. 
She’s been cited by Muskegon Heights for trash she said other people dumped on her curb.
“I’m paying my taxes on time and my mortgage,” she said. “How come they can’t hold up their end?”

Obama shuts down local power plants, decimates local budgets, sends hundreds into unemployment. Cuz... "Yes, we can"--------Demolition of Muskegon's B.C. Cobb plant up for consideration by commission

Demolition of Muskegon's B.C. Cobb plant up for consideration by commission | "MUSKEGON, MI – Consumers Energy has asked the Michigan Public Service Commission to approve a special bond issue that will allow it to close down and demolish the B.C. Cobb Generating Plant beginning in April 2016.
....The Cobb plant is the largest taxpayer in Muskegon County, representing 17 percent of the city of Muskegon’s property tax base in 2011 along with employing approximately 115 workers.
The three coal-plant closures are being driven by stricter federal environmental protection standards for such facilities. "
Plus this from a former commissioner:
The whole two years that I was in office I said this was going to happen. 
But all the other politicians said 'no' they are going to just mothball the whole plant and all of government would still get its taxes. 
They acted as if they would be rolling in those tax dollars forever. 
They are still spending as if money grows on trees. Like building new jails we can't afford, get ready for a property tax increase. 
It will be just like Sappi leaving and the politicians saying 'we didn't see that one coming'. 
Now look at the sewer rate increase.
Alan Jager former Muskegon County Commissioner

Free government website operates like ...... well it is free, right? Not really. $600 million and counting!

What a concept! Empower cops to pull over ANYONE who might be allegedly looking away from their front windshield------- Getting caught texting and driving has few financial consequences under Michigan law

We're ALL law breakers now!
Tim Skubick: Getting caught texting and driving has few financial consequences under Michigan law |
"Next under current state law, it is a primary offense to text and drive, which means the cops can pull you over if they nab you doing it. 
But if you get caught, the fine is $100 for the first offense and $200 for the second.
And here’s the kicker:
There are no points on your driving record."

Of course. If free healthcare is a "right", why the heck should ANYONE have to pay for their own food? -------Meijer expands Feeding America's truck fleet to serve pantries across Michigan

Meijer expands Feeding America's truck fleet to serve pantries across Michigan |
"Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank's truck fleet grew by three trucks this week, thanks to a donation by Meijer Inc.
The refurbished trucks will help the Comstock Park-based food bank continue distributing food donations to more than 1,200 food pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters from Berrien County through the Upper Peninsula.
Meijer has given 10 semi-trucks and 20 trailers this year to food banks in the Midwest.
Since 2010, Meijer has donated 60 trucks and 20 trailers to food banks and other community partners.
The donation is part of the retailer’s continued commitment to supporting hunger relief initiatives in the communities it serves, the company said."

Political hack McCain promises that his hack cronies will lie their way through the primaries.--- "We'll Try to Pass Immigration Changes After GOP Primaries"

McCain: We'll Try to Pass Immigration Changes After GOP Primaries:
"Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) gave the clearest indication that proponents of comprehensive immigration reform may make their final--and strongest--push to get legislation passed next year after House Republicans make it through their primaries.
“I think conventional wisdom is that time is not on our side,” McCain told reporters on Monday after an event in Chicago.
“But there are a number of members of Congress who have primaries and when those primaries are done, they may be more inclined to address the issue of comprehensive immigration reform.”"

Our "betters" tell us that just a bit more moolah in their pockets will fix this.......US adults score below average on worldwide test

HOLD FOR RELEASE 5 A.M. EDT TUESDAY, OCT. 8; Graphic shows how countries scored in international adult literacy test; 3c x 3 inches; 146 mm x 76 mm;US adults score below average on worldwide test - Yahoo News: " It's long been known that America's school kids haven't measured well compared with international peers. Now, there's a new twist: Adults don't either.

In math, reading and problem-solving using technology — all skills considered critical for global competitiveness and economic strength — American adults scored below the international average on a global test, according to results released Tuesday."

Media Malpractice, Chapter 12,894

Media Malpractice, Chapter 12,894 | Power Line:
A few months back we were treated to MSNBC identifying George Wallace as a Republican.
Yesterday, CBS News proved itself unable to distinguish J. Edgar Hoover from Herbert Hoover.  (See about the 21-second mark in the video below.  Hat tip: Ann Althouse.)
It’s a wonder they can still tell the Kennedys apart."

Obama's america workin' to emulate their heroes---- How Adolf Hitler Prevented 'Subject Races' from Possessing Arms

How Adolf Hitler Prevented 'Subject Races' from Possessing Arms:
"During a speech in 1942, Adolf Hitler said, "The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to posses arms."
In other words, Jews and others whom Hitler wanted to wipe from the earth first had to be separated from their guns.
This was not new position for Hitler.
Rather, it was something he had put into practice from the moment he came into office.
When Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933, he seized gun registration information that had been compiled by Germany's previous government under the premise that the information would not fall into the wrong hands or be used for an all-out confiscation scheme.""

Oh, the humanity! Food stamp benefits are dropping; use our database to see the impact in your county

Food stamp benefits are dropping; use our database to see the impact in your county |

10 Best European Castles You Can Visit

10 Best European Castles You Can Visit -
10 Best European Castles You Can Visit

Get government out of my pocket! ----Michigan lawmakers consider decriminalizing ticket scalping

Michigan lawmakers consider decriminalizing ticket scalping |
"LANSING — Michiganders could resell tickets to sporting events and concerts for more than face value under a bill introduced Tuesday in the state House."

They could be drugged out and STILL collect my tax dollars?!!! ---Snyder signs law to end jobless aid to drug users

Snyder signs law to end jobless aid to drug users | WOOD TV8:
"LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a law denying unemployment benefits to job seekers who fail company drug tests.
The measure signed Tuesday is part of a package that gives the state more flexibility to reclaim fraudulent payments.
Most bills bring Michigan in line with federal requirements, though the drug-testing law is separate.
The drug-testing law is in effect for one year as a pilot program.

$70,000/yr PLUS full retirement?!!!!-------Mona Shores, Fruitport pay retired curriculum director $500 per day for principal coaching

Mona Shores, Fruitport pay retired curriculum director $500 per day for principal coaching |
"MUSKEGON, MI -- Mona Shores and Fruitport school districts are continuing to "share" their former curriculum director though she officially retired in August, with each district paying her $500 per day for a few days of work each month.

Camille Gabris will work as a privately contracted "principal coach" for the two districts. Because she retired, allowing her to collect her pension from the state of Michigan, she has to abide by strict rules regarding how much she can continue to work.

The Fruitport school board on Monday agreed to contract with Gabris for $500 per day at an annual cost not to exceed $35,000. Mona Shores has a similar arrangement, said Mona Shores Superintendent Dave Peden. It is expected that Gabris will work about four days a month at each district."

Shocker! Highest paid and they're still sh!theads! -------Study: D.C. Residents ‘Least Agreeable’ in U.S.

Study: D.C. Residents ‘Least Agreeable’ in U.S. | CNS News:
"A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology on Oct. 14 found that residents of the District of Columbia were the “least agreeable” in the United States, scoring a low 21.4 on the Agreeableness scale, followed by New York and New Hampshire."

This morning's greeting from Obama's america.....

LOL! 13 Only In AMERICA Pics!!!

#2 SO TRUE!!!:

It's the culture stupid! -----L.A. fights plague of garbage in central city neighborhoods

L.A. fights plague of garbage in central city neighborhoods -
"Focusing on Westlake and Pico-Union, a $1-million effort tries to clean up the wrappers, fliers and discarded furniture littering the streets — and the attitudes of people who dump.
... Much of the focus is on the immigrant-heavy neighborhoods of Westlake and Pico-Union just west of downtown.
..."What we're trying to do is change the culture of the place," Cedillo said. 
"To keep people from setting their sofas and mattresses on sidewalks, to stop them from tossing their hot dog and burrito wrappers on the floor."