Thursday, August 30, 2007

IMAO: Dog Quizzing Ring Broken Up

IMAO: Dog Quizzing Ring Broken Up: "Yesterday, the police came to my house to break up a dog quizzing ring I've been running, alleging I've been cruelly pitting dogs against each other in categories such as math, science, history, and pop culture."

Two great youtube spoofs

Jews for Obama: Show your support in style with "Obama-kahs" -- Obama Yarmulkes

Jews for Obama: Show your support in style with "Obama-kahs" -- Obama Yarmulkes: "Be sure to order by September 6 if you want to guarantee that you will receive your yarmulkes before Rosh Hashanah. Thanks!"

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why I watch FOX News

You'd never see "the rest of the story" on any of the liberal MSM outlets.

--8/28/2007-- Media Research Center:
"5. Saunders Discredits Media-Hyped Slam on Conservative Intellect
FNC's Brit Hume on Monday night picked up on a column by the San Francisco Chronicle's Debra Saunders which discredited the media spin on an AP/Ipsos poll that found liberals read one more book a year than conservatives, a finding Pat Schroeder, President of the American Association of Publishers claimed illustrated how conservatives can't think beyond slogans. The AP and CNN's Jack Cafferty both jumped on Schroeder's slam. Hume noted that Saunders 'says Ipsos told her the one book difference between liberals and conservatives is within the poll's margin of error and not statistically significant. The company also said that since the poll did not ask respondents if they read newspapers or magazines, it does not, therefore, say anything about their general level of knowledge or information.'
6. AccuWeather's Bastardi: Intense Hurricanes Part of Natural Cycle
On the Tuesday, August 21 The O'Reilly Factor on FNC, AccuWeather senior meteorologist Joe Bastardi poured cold water on claims that a global warming trend has been the cause of hurricanes of increased intensity as he contended that the Northern Hemisphere similarly saw periods of increased hurricane activity in past decades, going back to the 1890s: 'We're back in the '30's, '40's and 50's. This back and forth cycle that occurs, we saw it in the 1890s to 1910....And people are just getting carried away and fascinated when, if they go back and look at what happened before, you can see the similarities.' "

The Bush economic boom!

Economics Blog: "Within the overall data, however, some interesting trends emerge: those at the top and bottom of the income scale both made bigger gains than those in the middle. The income of the family at the 95th percentile — that is, higher than 95% of all families — rose 1.5% to $174,012, in constant 2006 dollars, while the income of the family at the 10th percentile rose 2.9%, to $12,000"

Monday, August 27, 2007

Weed-eating bug fights invasive purple loosestrife on Mona Lake

Weed-eating bug fights invasive purple loosestrife on Mona Lake: " A weed-eating beetle is showing success in rolling back the spread of an attractive but destructive invasive weed that has been driving out native species across North America, local officials say."

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rest in peace, mates.... :: Lost WWII submarine found in Bering Sea: "An expedition financed and organized by the sons of USS Grunion skipper Lt. Cdr. Mannert 'Jim' Abele lowered an ROV - remotely operated vehicle, equipped with cameras and video equipment - into an area where an object thought to be the missing sub had been spotted by sonar in an August 2006 expedition."

more here:

The Horror! The Horror!

The Horror! The Horror!: "The fascists are coming! Or rather, they're already here, installed in the White House, planning like mad to subvert the Constitution and extend their reign in perpetuity, having first suppressed and eviscerated all opposition and put all of their critics in jail. Thus goes the rant of America's increasingly unhinged left. " - Salim Mansur - Barbarians kill as West drifts - Salim Mansur - Barbarians kill as West drifts: "An evidence of this comes from Scotland. Theodore Dalrymple, a retired physician and prolific writer, in New York's City Journal reports:
'In an effort to ensure that no Muslim doctors ever again try to bomb Glasgow Airport, bureaucrats at Glasgow's public hospitals have decreed that henceforth no staff may eat lunch at their desks or in their offices during the holy month of Ramadan, so that fasting Muslims shall not be offended by the sight or smell of their food. Vending machines will also disappear from the premises during that period.' "

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

OpinionJournal - Featured Article

OpinionJournal - Featured Article: "For example, the new law does not offer explicit liability protection for telecom companies that cooperate with the wiretap program. Instead, the most Democrats would accept is language to 'compel' the cooperation of these companies going forward. The Administration hope is that this 'I had no choice' claim will be an adequate defense against future lawsuits, but in the U.S. tort lottery that is no sure thing.
Meantime, Democrats blocked any retroactive liability protection for companies that thought they were doing their patriotic duty by cooperating with the National Security Agency after 9/11. The goal here isn't merely to open another rich target for the tort bar. It is to use lawsuits to raise the costs for private actors of cooperating with the executive branch. Even if they lose at the ballot box or in Congress, these antiwar activists still might be able to hamstring the executive via the courts."

Six Myths About Child Care

Six Myths About Child Care: "Despite the dramatic increase in child care funding over the past six years, activists and some Members of Congress are still lamenting an alleged 'child care crisis.' However, many of the arguments concerning welfare and child care are outdated or misleading. This paper debunks six persistent myths about child care in America."

Monday, August 06, 2007

"Possum is the new mink"

Features : Radar Online : Eco Indulgence : Green luxury products for the trust fund tree-hugger: "POSSUM IS THE NEW MINK
Apart from perhaps Iggy Pop, it's hard to imagine anyone, let alone international fashionistas, sporting pest pelt. Yet imported 'eco-fur' from New Zealand is becoming standard issue for left-leaning fur fetishists everywhere"

Green Fakers: Why eco-hypocrisy matters

Green Fakers: Why eco-hypocrisy matters: "A few weeks ago, I wrote an item about Barbra Streisand, who was on tour in England. Though she's a big backer of environmental causes, and even offers tips for low-carbon living on her personal website, she was busted by the British press for touring in a private jet with a massive entourage that required 13 trucks and vast amounts of laundry—in other words, for sponsoring a traveling CO2 extravaganza. "

What? No TP jihad?

Climate Cate's dirty hair The Daily Telegraph: "EVEN Oscar-award winner Cate Blanchett is doing her bit to help combat climate change, which includes not washing her hair"

Govmn't "healthcare"

Arrogance, dogma and why science - not faith - is the new enemy of reason the Daily Mail: "What previously belonged to the province of the quack and the charlatan has become mainstream. The NHS provides funding for shamans, while the NHS Directory For Alternative And Complementary Medicine promotes 'dowsers', 'flower therapists' and 'crystal healers'."

Remember Worries About Global Cooling? - Newsweek Technology -

Remember Worries About Global Cooling? - Newsweek Technology - "Citing 'ominous signs that the earth's weather patterns have begun to change dramatically,' the magazine warned of an impending 'drastic decline in food production.' Political disruptions stemming from food shortages could affect 'just about every nation on earth.' Scientists urged governments to consider emergency action to head off the terrible threat of . . . well, if you had been following the climate-change debates at the time, you'd have known that the threat was: global cooling."..... In fact, the story wasn't "wrong" in the journalistic sense of "inaccurate."