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Multiple people shot inside New York City hospital: Police - Washington Times

Multiple people shot inside New York City hospital: Police - Washington Times:

Image result for Flicker Commons Images bronx lebanon hospital bronx ny"NEW YORK — A doctor who used to work at a Bronx hospital returned with a rifle hidden under his white lab coat and opened fire Friday, killing one person and wounding six others before apparently taking his own life, authorities said.
The gunfire broke out at 2:50 p.m. inside the Bronx Lebanon Hospital, drawing police cars and firetrucks to the scene and sending officers onto the roof with their guns drawn as people inside the building were told to hide."

Articles: Obama’s Criminal Enterprise Collapsing

Articles: Obama’s Criminal Enterprise Collapsing:

Image result for flickr commons images Federal Prison Cell"Throw in Loretta Lynch and John Koskinen in the political targeting of the Tea Party and Eric Holder’s role in Operation Fast and Furious and withholding of records under executive privilege, and you have a rogues gallery of felons in the most corrupt administration. The very real possibility exists that James Comey, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch Lois Lerner, John Koskinen, and even Hillary Clinton herself are guilty of federal crimes and belong in federal prison.

Of course, if Hillary Clinton had won, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. But Hillary lost and the Democrats made a foolish strategic error in pursuing charges of collusion and obstruction of justice based on sheer vengeance. "

The way we were-----To Sir, With Love: Steyn's Song of the Week #298 :: SteynOnline

To Sir, With Love: Steyn's Song of the Week #298 :: SteynOnline:
"...Don Black was a guest on The Mark Steyn Show a few weeks back to celebrate the 50th anniversary of "Born Free" becoming the first British song to win an Oscar.
1967 turned out to be a pretty good year for Don because he also wrote what proved to be Billboard's Number One record of the year in America - which isn't bad for an East End boy and tyro lyricist still recovering from his first attempted career (stand-up comedy).
This second entry from the Black songbook was introduced to the world half-a-century ago this month in the hit movie of the same name starring Sidney Poitier..."

Articles: Berniegate: How Jane Sanders Offers a Window into Liberal Scheming

Articles: Berniegate: How Jane Sanders Offers a Window into Liberal Scheming:
Image result for Berniegate"...In short, the scheme concocted by the former Democratic Socialist presidential candidate's wife, Jane Sanders, when she was president of Burlington College serves up everything we've come to expect of modern Democrats: 

  • delusional visions of glorious benefits to be realized by the masses if we follow their screwball ideas;
  • a shady real estate deal; 
  • phony and fraudulent claims used as the basis for getting other people to part with their money; 
  • alleged pressure from a powerful Democratic politician on a government-regulated institution to go along with their idea, or else; 
  • and, of course, no modern Democratic scandal is complete without a computer server potentially figuring in – in this case, a stolen one.  

The only thing missing is the sex.
But the investigation is still young..."

The Power Grid Is Far More Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks Than Most People Realize

The Power Grid Is Far More Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks Than Most People Realize
"In December of 2015, 230,000 people in Western Ukraine lost power after 30 substations were mysteriously shut off
Contrary to what most people assumed at the time, this wasn’t an innocuous power outage. 
The authorities would later admit that the loss of power was caused by a cyber attack, which marked the first time that malware was successfully used to attack a power grid. 
A similar, albeit more sophisticated cyber attack, occurred one year later just outside of Kiev. 
Given the current tensions between Russia and Ukraine, it’s widely believed that the Russian government was responsible for these incidents.
However, there’s more to this story than meets the eye. 
A computer security company has been investigating these attacks, and has discovered the malware that was used to take down the grid. 
They’ve found that it’s far more dangerous and easier to use than anyone realized before.

Image result for power grid failThe danger of the malware is that it can automatically trip the breakers within a power system that keep the electrical lines from being overloaded. If one breaker is tripped, the load is shipped to another portion of the power grid. If enough are tripped, in the right places, it’s possible to create a cascading effect that will eventually overload the entire system, said Weatherford, who was formerly the chief security officer at the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, the regulatory authority for North American utilities.

“In some cases, it could then take days to restart all the plants,” he said.

Two things stand out about the malware, dubbed “Industroyer” by the researchers — it’s an order of magnitude easier to use than previous programs and it wasn’t actually deployed to do any real damage, meaning whoever’s behind the December attack might simply have been testing the waters. 
In other words, this malware can induce what’s often referred to as a cascading failure
This is what caused the massive blackout that occurred in the Northeastern US and Canada back in 2003..."
Read on!

Obama's National Security Advisor Susan Rice Says GOP Is Targeting Her Because She's Black And A Woman | Daily Wire

Obama's National Security Advisor Susan Rice Says GOP Is Targeting Her Because She's Black And A Woman | Daily Wire:

Image result for free clip art Cry baby"“I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this. What do you think? ... I do not leap to the simple explanation that it’s only about race and gender. I’m trying to keep my theories to myself until I’m ready to come out with them. It’s not because I don’t have any.”
So it's not "only" about her race and sex, but that's at least part of it, she says. And she's not ready to "come out" with the rest of her theories yet, but she did just want to throw that racism and sexism thing out there.
Rice also wishes other people instead of her were the targets of Republican ire.
“Why me? Why not Jay Carney, for example, who was then our press secretary, who stood up more?” she asked.
Um, because he was a mouthpiece for the administration, a lackey paid to spout the White House line; Rice was a fully vested player, making real decisions (and, sometimes, in the case of Benghazi, lying about them)."

Seventeen Horrible VA Scandals Before Trump's Reform Bill

Seventeen Horrible VA Scandals Before Trump's Reform Bill
"Last Friday, President Donald Trump signed the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017
This bill empowers VA Secretary David Shulkin to fire bad employees. 
Americans are familiar with some of the horrible wait list scandals, but they may not know the stories of "Candy Land," porn on the job, "ghost panels," or many others.
Here are no fewer than 17 scandals at the VA between 2014 and 2017. 
A special thanks to Concerned Veterans for America, which helped PJ Media compile this list.

1. Barry Coates.

In January 2014, CNN reported the tragic story of Barry Coates, a South Carolina veteran who waited one full year to get a colonoscopy, and died from colon cancer (in 2016).
Even at that point, CNN reported that 82 veterans had died or were suffering serious injuries from delayed diagnosis or treatment for colonoscopies or endoscopies. As many as 7,000 veterans were on a backlog list at VA facilities in Columbia, S.C. and Augusta, Ga.

2. The Phoenix scandal.

Image result for VA ScandalsThe story which first drew major attention to the wait list scandals was the Phoenix VA scandal. Staff at the Phoenix VA kept secret paper wait lists for veterans who requested appointments, and did not reflect requests in the computer system. Veterans waited on these lists for weeks or months to be seen by a doctor, while the delays were conveniently left out of the electronic scheduling system. As many as 40 veterans died.
Sharon Helman, the director at the Phoenix VA, was not fired until six months after the scandal broke, and during that time she collected pay on leave. Helman pled guilty to a felony during the proceedings, but she later appealed her firing to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). In May 2017, the Appeals Court for the Federal Circuit ruled her firing unconstitutional on a technicality.
The law Trump signed last Friday addressed the technicality, preventing similar ruling sin the future.


Instapundit » Blog Archive » SNOWFALLS ARE NOW JUST A THING OF THE PAST: Hallelujah! Only Three More Years of Climate Hectoring, …:
Hallelujah! Only Three More Years of Climate Hectoring, Steve Hayward quips at Power Line:
The climatistas have issued this definitive declaration:

World has three years to save humanity from climate change, warn experts
Read the whole thing, and note that the above headline Steve quotes appeared in the London Independent, source of this classic prediction from 2000:
half-century of playing Chicken Little, and climate “scientists” wonder why nobody trusts them. Personally, I blame the Frisbee ion."

Lunch video-----Children of Darkness - The Mental Illness of Social Justice Warriors


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Feinstein Uses Kent State National Guard Shootings to Justify Free Speech Restrictions

Feinstein Uses Kent State National Guard Shootings to Justify Free Speech Restrictions:

Image result for flickr commons images Dianne Feinstein"Any doubts about whether or not California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who has admittedly sided with her Republican peers on a number of issues, is a true leftist at heart were squashed during a Senate hearing last week when the 25-year Senate veteran exposed herself as an enemy of freedom by using a national tragedy to argue against free speech.

According to Washington Examiner columnist Emily Jashinsky, Feinstein had been trying to justify the recent actions of the University of California, Berkeley, which has been banning conservative speakers left and right over alleged security concerns."

Will Sub-Saharan Africa’s Population Hit 10 Billion? 15 Billion? | VDARE - premier news outlet for patriotic immigration reform

Will Sub-Saharan Africa’s Population Hit 10 Billion? 15 Billion? | VDARE - premier news outlet for patriotic immigration reform:
"Here on, a demographer points out that all my scary graphs lately have been based on the U.N. Population Division’s optimistic-sounding “medium fertility variant” in which total fertility rates magically converge toward 1.85 babies per woman by the end of the century.
But what if Africans just go on doing what comes natural? 
The correspondent points out that 10 billion is within reach under the assumption of constant fertility and mortality rates. 
Indeed, the UN offers a “constant fertility” table with, I believe, declining mortality due to technological advances in health care in which Sub-Saharan Africa’s population in 2100 is 15,175,708,000."
Fifteen billion Sub-Saharans is really not likely to happen, but my main point is: 
I’m not making these numbers up. 
These all come from the United Nations, not me.
Also, the UN offers a super optimistic “instant replacement fertility” table in which the total fertility rate drops to replacement today and remains that for the rest of the century. 
Due to demographic momentum, the population of sub-Saharan Africa still grows from 969 million in 2015 to 1,237 million in 2035 to 1,444 million in 2050 to 1,731 million in 2100..."
un population 2017 high estimate

Professor: It's racist if you say Obama was born in Kenya or like to use his middle name (Hussein) - The College Fix

Professor: It's racist if you say Obama was born in Kenya or like to use his middle name (Hussein) - The College Fix:
FAIRFIELD, Conn. – President Barack Obama’s presidency allowed racist individuals an opportunity to publicly incite racism which has led to an increase in racist incidents, a Fairfield University professor said at a recent diversity conference.
The remarks came from communication professor Audra Nuru while discussing racial discourse in politically charged contexts during a session at the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities’ annual conference on diversity and equity.
“I’m not saying by any means that Barack Obama incited racism. 
I’m saying that him being in office, people who were already racist got a platform to address this publicly and reify it,” Nuru said.
Image result for intersectionalityAs examples of racism toward Obama, Nuru mentioned the birtherism movement and people who fixated on Obama’s middle name of Hussein
She also brought up when conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh called Obama a “halfrican-American” in 2007.
The result of these incidents, Nuru said, “was that explicitly racist messages have steadily increased since 2010.”
...Another aspect of Nuru’s talk touched on the concept of intersectionality. During her communications courses, Nuru said she’ll hand out to her students a “Privilege Bingo!” sheet. 
...She said intersectionality means students can be privileged and oppressed at the same time.
...“You can have immense privilege in some areas, yet still be oppressed,” she said."

How they "think"-----This Is What Global Warming Could Do to New York City

This Is What Global Warming Could Do to New York City
"Science-fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson paints a vivid picture of life in New York City after the sea level rises more than 50 feet, drowning lower Manhattan and creating a forest of skyscrapers in his new book, New York 2140.
Numbers often fill my head. 

"While waiting for my building’s morose super to free my Jesus bug from the boathouse rafters where it had spent the night, I was looking at the little waves lapping in the big doors and wondering if the Black-Scholes formula could frame their volatility. 
The canals were like a perpetual physics class’s wave-tank demonstration— backwash interference, the curve of a wave around a right angle, the spread of a wave through a gap, and so on—it was very suggestive as to how liquidity worked in finance as well..."
Bla, bla, bla.....

WATERWAYS: Current-day Venice provides a sneak peak at what a future commute in New York City could look like, if sea level rises sufficiently.juliohdez / Pixabay

You ought to know!

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Sarah Palin Suing New York Times For Defamati | The Daily Caller

Sarah Palin Suing New York Times For Defamati | The Daily Caller:

Image result for flickr commons images Sarah Palin"Sarah Palin is suing The New York Times for defamation, according to documents filed in federal court Tuesday that were obtained by The Daily Caller.

The lawsuit has to do with an editorial the NYT ran on June 14 that falsely smeared Palin as inciting the 2011 shooting of Democratic Rep. Gabby Giffords by a mentally ill man. There is no evidence to support the NYT’s implication that Palin played a role in inciting the Giffords shooting."

Let’s Stop Pretending Medicaid Saves Lives.

JOHN DANIEL DAVIDSON: Let’s Stop Pretending Medicaid Saves Lives. Remember Deamonte Driver? :

Remember Deamonte Driver? He was the 12-year-old who died of a toothache in 2007. The boy lived in Maryland and was enrolled in that state’s Medicaid program, which covers dental care for children, as all Medicaid programs are required to do.

Image result for Deamonte DriverBut Deamonte’s mother couldn’t find a dentist who would take Medicaid. At the time, only about 16 percent of Maryland dentists accepted Medicaid patients, and Deamonte was in dire need of basic dental care—as was his younger brother, DaShawn, who had six rotted teeth.

By the time Deamonte’s toothache got attention, bacteria from an abscessed tooth had spread to his brain. He underwent two emergency operations and six weeks of hospital care that cost more than $250,000. But it was too late, and Deamonte died. A routine, $80 tooth extraction could have saved his life.

Deamonte’s case prompted a national conversation about Medicaid. How had Maryland’s Medicaid program so thoroughly failed the Driver family? Why hadn’t they been able to find a dentist? And what is the point of being enrolled in Medicaid if there are no doctors or dentists willing to treat you?

Those questions were never really answered, but they’re as pertinent today as they were a decade ago—arguably more so, since we’re once again engaged in a national debate over health care reform and the fate of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion. Then as now, the reality is that Medicaid doesn’t save lives. In some cases, like Deamonte Driver’s, it bars access to basic life-saving treatments.
It isn’t just that Medicaid doesn’t save lives, it’s that it has put Washington on a course to bankrupt the nation. 
But if you think of it as the world’s most expensive example of virtue signaling, it all makes sense."

AM Fruitcake

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History for June 30

Image result for mike tyson quotes
History for June 30 -
Lena Horne 1917 - Jazz singer, Susan Hayward 1919, Nancy Dussault 1936
Image result for Lena HorneImage result for Susan Hayward

Florence Ballard (The Supremes) 1943, Vincent D'Onofrio 1959 - Actor ("Law and Order: Criminal Intent"), Mike Tyson 1966 - Boxer
Image result for Florence BallardImage result for Vincent D'Onofrio Full Metal JacketImage result for Mike Tyson Fat

1908 - A meteor explosion in Siberia knocked down trees in a 40-mile radius and struck people unconscious some 40 miles away.
Image result for 1908 - A meteor explosion in Siberia

1934 - Adolf Hitler purged the Nazi Party by destroying the SA and bringing to power the SS in the "Night of the Long Knives."
Image result for "Night of the Long Knives."

1936 - Margaret Mitchell’s book, "Gone with the Wind," was published.
Image result for gone with the wind book cover

1953 - The first Corvette rolled off the Chevrolet assembly line in Flint, MI. It sold for $3,250.
Image result for 1953 - The first Corvette

1971 - The Soviet spacecraft Soyuz 11 returned to Earth. The three cosmonauts were found dead inside.
Image result for Soyuz 11 Dead

1971 - The 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified when Ohio became the 38th state to approve it. The amendment lowered the minimum voting age to 18.
Image result for 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

1977 - U.S. President Jimmy Carter announced his opposition to the B-1 bomber.
Image result for Jimmy Carter announced his opposition to the B-1 bomber.

1998 - Officials confirmed that the remains of a Vietnam War serviceman buried in the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery were identified as those of Air Force pilot Michael J. Blassie.
Image result for Air Force pilot Michael J. Blassie.

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Donald Trump promises new petroleum pipeline to Mexico: 'It'll go right under the wall' - Washington Times

Donald Trump promises new petroleum pipeline to Mexico: 'It'll go right under the wall' - Washington Times:

Image result for Flicker Commons Images Natural Gas"President Trump on Thursday said he’s approved a new petroleum pipeline to Mexico as part of a broader plan to export American energy around the world.
“It’ll go right under the wall,” Mr. Trump said of the new pipeline during a speech at the Department of Energy.
His address coincides with the White House’s “Energy Week,” and the president used Thursday’s event to announce several new initiatives that he says are key to economic growth and kick-starting a “golden era of American energy.”"