Thursday, April 22, 2010

George F. Will - Bringing Thunder-ous change to New Jersey

George F. Will - Bringing Thunder-ous change to New Jersey
"So he closed the $2.2 billion gap by accepting 375 of 378 suggested spending freezes and cuts. In two weeks. By executive actions. In eight weeks he cut $13 billion -- $232 million a day, $9 million an hour. Now comes the hard part.
Government employees' health benefits are, he says, '41 percent more expensive' than those of the average Fortune 500 company. Without changes in current law, 'spending will have increased 322 percent in 20 years -- over 16 percent a year.' There is, he says, a connection between the state's being No. 1 in total tax burden and being No. 1 in the proportion of college students who, after graduating, leave the state.
Partly to pay for teachers' benefits -- most contribute nothing to pay for their health insurance -- property taxes have increased 70 percent in 10 years, to an average annual cost to homeowners of $7,281. Christie proposes a 2.5 percent cap on annual increases."

The next Reagan?

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Thanks for the Jammie Wearing link
This is the newest on "the next Ronald Reagan?"

Voters voting in well over 50% of school districts rejecting school budgets.

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