Friday, August 15, 2014

History for August 15

History for August 15 -
Candlelight Vigil for Elvis Presley, Graceland, Memphis, TN (Aug 15-16). See

Birth anniversary of novelist and playwright Edna Ferber (1887-1968). She wrote Show Boat, Cimarron, Giant and cowrote the plays Dinner at Eight and Stage Door.

Birth anniversary of American culinary legend Julia Child (1912-2004).

Birth anniversaries of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) and Oscar Peterson (1925-2007).

Happy Birthday! Ben Affleck, Mike Connors, Phyllis Schlafly

1057 - Macbeth, the King of Scotland, was killed by the son of King Duncan. 

1848 - The dental chair was patented by M. Waldo Hanchett. 

1877 - Thomas Edison wrote to the president of the Telegraph Company in Pittsburgh, PA. The letter stated that the word, "hello" would be a more appropriate greeting than "ahoy" when answering the telephone. 

1911 - The product Crisco was introduced by Procter & Gamble Company. 

1914 - The Panama Canal was officially opened to commercial traffic as an American ship sailed from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. 

1935 - Will Rogers and Wiley Post were killed in an airplane crash in near Point Barrow, AK

1947 - India became independent from Britain and was divided into the countries of India and Pakistan. India had been under British about 200 years. 

1948 - The Republic of Korea was proclaimed. 

1961 - East German workers began construction of the Berlin Wall. 

1971 - U.S. President Nixon announced a 90-day freeze on wages, rents and prices. 

1997 - The U.S. Justice Department decided not to prosecute FBI officials in connection with the deadly 1992 Ruby Ridge siege in Idaho. The investigation dealt with an alleged cover-up. 

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