Friday, January 31, 2020

Policing Muslim Rape Gangs - For Britain

Policing Muslim Rape Gangs - For Britain
"As a retired Deputy Chief Constable, I hang my head in shame at the emerging scandal which must be the worst and most damaging to the Police service in my lifetime. 
It seems that several Police forces and other public organisations have been complicit in ignoring and even covering up most blatant cases of rape and abuse, amounting to at least a neglect of duty at a corporate and individual level. 
Image result for Muslim Rape Gangs...It is hard to keep track of all the forces involved, but it seems
South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Thames Valley, West Mercia, Northumbria, West Midlands
have been a party to this stain on the integrity and trustworthiness of British policing. 
There are probably more exposures to come. 
Conscious decisions were taken not to investigate or pursue numerous allegations against gangs of Muslim men abusing young white and some Sikh girls. 
Overwhelming evidence is emerging of a consistent pattern in England and also recently in Scotland.
How has this happened? ...
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