Thursday, September 29, 2022

Focusing on the IMPORTANT travel issues!-----Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic is now allowing 'gender fluid' uniforms

Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic is now allowing 'gender fluid' uniforms
"Forced gender conformity has no place in the skies, billionaire Richard Branson's airline Virgin Atlantic is telling its staff.
  • Virgin said it was taking a “fluid approach” to its uniform policy, allowing employees to “choose which of the uniforms best represents themno matter their gender, gender identity, or gender expression.”
  • Pronoun badges...Virgin Atlantic will now be offering optional pronoun badges to both its staff and passengers, which the airline said “enables everyone to clearly communicate and be addressed by their pronouns.” The badges will display the wearer’s chosen pronouns, such as “she/her” or “they/them.”..
On top of these changes, Virgin Atlantic also said Wednesday that it had updated its ticketing system to allow passport holders with gender neutral gender markers to select “U” or “X” gender codes on their flight bookings...

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