Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Limits to Growth Revisited - American Thinker - William R. Forstchen (Author "One Second After")

Limits to Growth Revisited - American Thinker - By William R. Forstchen
"Oh my God -- we’re doomed. 
...I started to thumb through the pages of a work that took a team of international experts years to research and has sold well over 12 million copies since publication...
The list went on and on, a list that would render any sane reader numb with despair...the book that I was reading, Limits to Growth, was published more than fifty years ago in 1972.
I remember it well. I was in college and still of a mindset that swallowed much of what my young, hip professors were preaching that spring from this new bible...
The dates for some of these predictions were clearly stated in the Limits to Growth: 
  • oil will no longer flow by the 1990s if current (1972) consumption continues. 
  • Food by the 1980s will plunge to starvation levels and disastrous famines affecting hundreds of millions will be the new norm. 
  • The dying off will be upon us by 1985. 
  • The climate? Total disaster in the 1990s due to global cooling caused by greenhouse gas and smog blocking sunlight. 
  • Every major resource needed for a high-tech world from copper to lithium will be depleted, leaving our world an empty husk...

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