Tuesday, September 26, 2023

No Straight Lines in Gay Geometry - Taki's Magazine

No Straight Lines in Gay Geometry - Taki's Magazine - Steven Tucker
"Now that your kids are “safely” back at school and college this September, what are they actually learning? 
How to eat shit, that’s what.
  • In 2022, teaching materials endorsed by American teaching union the NEA were leaked online, instructing children how to perform all kinds of queer-tastic sex acts so obscure even Sam Smith hasn’t tried them. One particular fact sheet enlightened children about “RIMMING: Stimulating the anus of another person using the tongue and mouth.”...
Mathematical Impossibilities
...The classic example comes with mathematics. 
Last week we saw how pedagogical indoctrinators were trying to make math racist. 
Now we shall see how they are also trying to turn it gay. 
How can you queer math? ...it is called Queer Theory...
  • Recall how, last week, we observed leftist math teachers claiming 2 + 2 may legitimately not equal 4 to a black student: That equates to “queering” math in the name of race. 
  • In this new way of considering the sum, perhaps 2 + 2 may generally equal 4, but not necessarily; to some blacks and Hispanics blessed with “other ways of knowing,” it may occasionally equal 3 or 5 instead.
  • This is analogously similar to transgenderism, where a penis may generally equal “male” but now, somehow, may occasionally equal “female” instead, somehow. 
  • The old way of looking at things could be expressed by the following paired equation: (2 + 2 = 4) = (Penis = Male)...

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