Monday, October 30, 2023

'Too Big To Fail' Banks - Are About to Fail Again - SETON MOTLEY

'Too Big To Fail' Banks - Are About to Fail Again - SETON MOTLEY
  • The Bigger They Are…
"Big Banks are again about to destroy the global economy.
And this time - they’ll probably help execute the US’s coup de grace in the process.
After Big Banks in 2008 destroyed the global economy?
DC pretended to care about banks being “too big to fail.” - while giving the Big Banks about 29 trillion of our dollars.
DC then pretended their 2010 Dodd-Frank bank “reform” legislation - would end “too big to fail” banks.
Except by 2012 - Big Banks were already 30% bigger
Because the “reform” legislation - was already well into the process of murdering many 1,000s of small banks.
Having watched DC’s legislation murder many 1,000s of their competitors? Big Banks used DC’s bailout money to purchase the corpses - and their assets.
Flash forward to 2023. 
And the Big Banks - which DC pretended to end? Are about to end US...
Bidenomics: Big Banks Writing Off Most Bad Loans Since China Virus Lockdowns:...

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