Monday, June 10, 2024

History for June 10

History for June 10 - 
F. Lee Bailey 1933 - Attorney
  • 1801 - The North African State of Tripoli declared war on the U.S. The dispute was over merchant vessels being able to travel safely through the Mediterranean.
  • 1903 - Binney & Smith Company began developing a product line of wax crayons. The product was named Crayola.
  • 1909 - The SOS distress signal was used for the first time. The Cunard liner SS Slavonia used the signal when it wrecked off the Azores.
  • 1920 - The Republican convention in Chicago endorsed woman suffrage.
  • 1943 - Laszlo Biro patented his ballpoint pen. Biro was a Hungarian journalist.
  • 1948 - Chuck Yeager exceeded the speed of sound in the Bell XS-1.
  • 1985 - The Israeli army pulled out of Lebanon after 1,099 days of occupation.

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