Friday, June 07, 2024

How Joe Rogan Reacted to Mexico's 37 Political Assassinations This Year

More than three dozen candidates were assassinated, including a local government candidate in central Puebla state who was killed on Friday, increasing the total number of those killed to 37 ahead of Sunday’s vote - Matt Vespa 
"Claudia Sheinbaum is Mexico’s first female president, winning in a landslide victory that saw her clinch 60 percent of the vote...
At least 37 candidates were assassinated this election cycle in Mexico  — and that’s not counting failed assassination attempts, Reuters reported. Integralia counted 828 nonlethal attacks on political candidates during the current election campaign...
“Who the f**k would want to run for office in Mexico?” he added. 
The UFC commentator later asked if we’re gunning for a JFK-type of situation here, which, given how the Left reacts to Donald Trump, isn’t off-base. 
It’s scary and sad, but no doubt if Trump wins in 2024, it wouldn’t shock me if someone tries to kill him.

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