Friday, June 07, 2024

How Public Radio Became the Enemy of the Public

Part I: Katherine Maher, Wikipedia's Woke Warrior - HELEN OF DESTROY
"It takes a truly staggering amount of narcissistic delusion to believe you not only know everything worth knowing but know everything about knowledge worth knowing. 
  • When NPR reporter Uri Berliner came forward last month to blow the whistle on his employer’s descent from beloved American institution into froth-mouthed partisanship and was quickly attacked and suspended by the organization he’d given 25 years of his life to, he unwittingly brushed up against a towering institutional hypocrisy that has come to saturate even the most trusted sources of information, a hypocrisy that threatens the very concept of “truth” in the western world.
  • While the Berliner affair at NPR may have been the general public’s first exposure to its new CEO Katherine Maher, her hire earlier this year was the culmination of decades of grooming by the ruling class political establishment...

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