Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Portland safety commissioner blasts $7 MILLION budget for new syringes, homeless tents | The Post Millennial

“You as a taxpayer are paying for this, and then you’re paying for the city’s cleanup when there’s a mess left." - Katie Daviscourt
  • Portland's Public Safety Commissioner slammed Multnomah County's proposed budget of $4 billion because of its allocation of more than $5 million for syringes and nearly $2 million for tents...
  • "The city is going to spend $14 million this coming year on cleaning up tents just on our sidewalks and our parks so very, very concerned about distribution," said Gonzalez...
"It's like, here have these needles instead of going out and making the effort," he lamented. "We're just going to give you more of this stuff to do drugs with."

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