Saturday, June 08, 2024

What could possibly go wrong?-----The Army Wants a New Hybrid Electric Abrams Tank

Is this just Woke Politics? STEPHEN BRYEN
"...So far the Russians have bagged eight Abrams, and an even bigger number of German Leopard's....
the tank has had problems operating in Ukraine, frequently getting stuck in the mud or rolling into craters made by enemy artillery.
  • The Russians have found that the Abrams can be knocked out by drones, especially the Lancet,
  • destroyed by mines and 
  • found vulnerable to anti-tank weapons such as the Russian Kornet.
For the past twenty to twenty-five years the Army has been working on a hybrid electric tank to replace both the gas turbine Abrams engine and diesel engine alternatives. 
A hybrid tank would have at least two electric motors, lithium batteries, and a diesel engine to generate electricity....

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