Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Cause or Effect? - Kip Hansen

The newspapers and newscasts are full of this phrase: “caused by climate change”.
  • This phrase is so ubiquitous that in certain quarters it is used as a joke punchline. It seems almost anything you can think of has been claimed to be “caused by climate change”. Of course, it used to be “caused by global warming” and that was a joke too: “10 feet of snow? Yep, must be global warming!”; “Wife pregnant again?” “Yeah, you know, climate change.”...
...Roger Pielke Jr. recently posted a substack post : Climate Fueled Extreme Weather...

Here’s the home-run quote:

“Let’s correct one pervasive and pathological misunderstanding endemic across the media and in policy, and sometimes spotted seeping into peer-reviewed scientific research:

 Neither climate nor climate change cause, fuel, or influence weather.

Yes, you read that right.

Climate change is a change in the statistics of weather — It is an outcome, not a cause.”

And one more:

“Weather can be characterized statistically, but weather does not occur as a result of simple statistical processes. Weather is the integrated result of at least: dynamical, thermodynamical, chaotic, societal, biospheric, cryospheric, lithospheric, oceanic, vulcanological, solar, and, yes, stochastic processes.”...

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