Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Debunking the climate change hoax - by Joel Smalley

This paper aims to show that anyone who still believes in dangerous man-made CO2 global warming (aka “climate change”) urgently needs to reassess their views before the dictatorial Net Zero oppressions and privations being inflicted on us under the pretense of “tackling climate change” become unacceptably onerous and destructive. - By Doug Brodie
  • The indomitable Douglas Brodie argues that climate change is a politically motivated hoax designed to impose totalitarian control and redistribute wealth through flawed science and data manipulation.
  • He traces its origins to anti-capitalist ideologies and figures like Maurice Strong, criticizes the scientific basis for CO2-induced warming, and highlights manipulation by influential figures and organizations.
  • Doug contends that Net Zero policies are economically damaging and futile, urging skepticism towards the establishment and advocating for voting against mainstream political parties supporting climate policies...

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