Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Encouraging their army-of-crazed-haters to do something?-----Leftist rag raked over the coals for portraying Trump as Hitler on its cover - literally

The New Republic was raked over the coals for its outrageous cover depicting a former U.S. president as a fascist dictator responsible for the deaths of millions. - Frieda Powers
  • “We chose the cover image, based on a well-known 1932 Hitler campaign poster, for a precise reason: that anyone transported back to 1932 Germany could very, very easily have explained away Herr Hitler’s excesses and been persuaded that his critics were going overboard,” the publication explained.
  • “After all, he spent 1932 campaigning, negotiating, doing interviews—being a mostly normal politician. But he and his people vowed all along that they would use the tools of democracy to destroy it, and it was only after he was given power that Germany saw his movement’s full face,” it continued...

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