Monday, July 08, 2024

False pride - American Thinker

False pride - American Thinker - By Eric Utter
  • Everyone is so proud. So damn proud!
We just came through Pride Month. 
Pride parades, celebrations, commercials, and notices were ubiquitous, everywhere, like drag queens...
It seemed nary a crosswalk, sports team, business, or email was unadorned by some form of acknowledgement or touting of the LGBTQ community.
So proud! 
Couldn’t be any prouder of our gender (whatever it is today) or sexuality!
Because that is what matters, what is really at the very heart of who we are, right? 
  • And that’s why they want to make sure youngsters are involved, as well. 
  • The younger the better. 
  • The younger, the prouder!...
You know who else is proud? 
  • Nearly everyone! Muslims, feminists, Native Americans, “educators,” “journalists,” the polyamorous, etc.
  • Everyone but straight, white, male Christians...

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