Saturday, July 06, 2024

History for July 6

History for July 6 - 
John Paul Jones 1747 - First United States' well known naval fighter in the American Revolutionary War
  • 1699 - Captain William Kidd, the pirate, was captured in Boston, MA, and deported back to England.
  • 1854 - In Jackson, MI, the Republican Party held its first convention.
  • 1885 - Louis Pasteur successfully tested his anti-rabies vaccine. The child used in the test later became the director of the Pasteur Institute.
  • 1917 - During World War I, Arab forces led by T.E. Lawrence captured the port of Aqaba from the Turks.
  • 1923 - The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was established.
  • 1942 - Diarist Anne Frank and her family took refuge from the Nazis in Amsterdam.

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