Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Hunter Biden’s the real point person in Joe’s White House — don’t underestimate the first son Miranda Devine

Democrats trying to dislodge Joe Biden will first have to combat the proxy commander-in-chief, Hunter Biden — and that’s more easily said than done.
  • But Hunter is glued to his father’s side for a reason. He was with him at Camp David to help prepare for the disastrous debate; was there for the vainglorious Annie Leibovitz family photo shoot post-debate; then flew back with the president to the White House, where he has been ensconced ever since.
  • Dad’s pardon power is not something Hunter will relinquish lightly, Devine writes.
  • He reportedly is acting as “gatekeeper” to his father and helping write speeches for him, while White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed that he has been sitting in on Joe’s meetings with senior staff.
  • Hunter has always regarded himself as smarter than his father’s aides, some of whom are telling reporters that they are flabbergasted by his presence at this crucial time...

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