Saturday, July 06, 2024

Instapundit - Democracy dies in some serious gaslighting:

The New Hotness? WaPo Editorial Board Took the Liberty of Writing Biden’s Drop Out Speech (Not That She’ll Allow It). - 

Twitchy, today. Democracy dies in some serious gaslighting:

Four years ago, the pandemic was raging. More than 10 million Americans were out of work. Many businesses and schools were closed. People were exhausted by Mr. Trump’s chaos. Today, our economy is the envy of the world, thanks to 15 million new jobs, extraordinarily low unemployment and a start-up boom. Record numbers of Americans have health insurance, and we have made historic investments in our infrastructure and in the fight against climate change. Our allies respect us again, as we have rallied the free world against Russian aggression.

What exactly would Biden have done differently?
In 2021 the White House Christmas message to unvaccinated was: You’re looking at a winter of death for yourselves and your families, with then-President Klain tweeting...

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