Monday, July 08, 2024

Not a BIG story, but imagine if a GOP rep had said same.-----Dem Rep Compares Biden to Jesus JAZZ SHAW

Democratic Congressman Don Beyer of Virginia ...While introducing Biden at a fundraiser earlier this week...compared the President to none other than Jesus Christ. 
  • But what is it about Joe Biden that reminds Beyer of the Savior so much? Apparently it's his ability to endure hardship and suffering...

"He died to demonstrate the universality of human suffering—that suffering was not the end," Beyer said of Jesus. "We each endure tragedies in our lives and hardships and suffering."

"But few had to endure more than this man," Beyer said of Biden, according to a White House press pool recording of the event. "Losing his wife, losing his daughter, and losing his son. The vicissitudes of American politics."

I had long believed that comparing anyone to Jesus Christ was something of a non-starter, but the rules have apparently changed in the 21st century...

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