Wednesday, July 10, 2024

On the subject of Chicago’s outrageous violence, its communist mayor, Brandon Johnson, had some words yesterday:

Do you know what kind of resources he’s asking for?  - John F. Di Leo
"I am urging all of you across the entire city to step up and say, 'We've had enough,'" Johnson said. "And I'm hopeful that our ongoing discussions will ensure that our state partners, as well as our federal partners, will swiftly come into the support of the city of Chicago. The city cannot afford to wait any longer."
Yes. Great idea. Blame the federal government for not helping enough, and expect the gunslingers to just stop shooting because you’re appealing to their hearts.
  • And now for the other half of that quote…
Brandon Johnson is calling for more resources from the federal government. 
Do you know what kind of resources he’s asking for? 
  • Victims’ assistance. 
  • He wants money and psychologists, to help the families of the people who have been shot...

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