Thursday, December 29, 2016



Star of David

By Tammy Derouin

Every year comes to an end with the hope that the next year will be better.  It’s a hope which comes directly from the last celebration of the year, Christmas, the birth of Christ.  It saddens me to see how our country has moved away from the true meaning of Christmas, especially in our more recent history

With the exception of some very uplifting books, the Old Testament of the Bible is very difficult to get through.  It can be very dark and brutal. Turning every page brought hope that the next chapter or book would be easier to read and to get through.  Patience led to a better understanding of the events, the history, which took place that would lead to man’s first journey out of darkness, along with a much easier path as chronicled in the New Testament.    
Much like modern day history, it is necessary to understand the past so that we understand why actions and events took place.  History is our guide.  We must learn from the past so that we do not repeat the mistakes of those who came before us.  If we do not understand history, we will not understand the whole picture.  This is why it is very dangerous to hide our true history. Those who wish to control, hide the truth and manufacture a new reality to disguise their true intentions. 

Without Christmas, we wouldn’t have our many other celebrated holidays.  Without the birth of Christ, we wouldn’t have Easter and the salvation which is promised to believers.  Without the hope and blessings that Christmas brings, we would still be living in darkness.  The enslavement which man has forced upon man throughout the ages would have continued into our present day western world.......

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