Saturday, December 31, 2016

Why Are Michigan House Republicans Continuing These Union Scams?

Why Are Michigan House Republicans Continuing These Union Scams? [Michigan Capitol Confidential]:
"As the latest legislative session came to a close, Michigan House Republicans failed to put a stop to two union schemes that are ripping off taxpayers.
It is bizarre that, despite having a huge majority, the GOP continues to allow unions to misspend tax dollars for the sole purpose of enriching their officials.
Earlier this year, the state Senate passed two bills ending these special union deals. Senate Bill 279 dealt with union pension spiking schemes, in which the state’s largest union teamed up with school districts to pretend its officials are still working for schools when they really are private employees of the union.
This enables the union workers to artificially inflate their taxpayer-funded pensions.
In at least one instance, this meant turning an approximately $8,000 annual pension into one worth over $100,000. 
Senate Bill 280 involved union release time, which makes taxpayers pay for the salaries of union officials who are released from their teaching duties to work full time on union business.
The bills made it through the Senate as well as a House committee but died on the floor..."

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