Tuesday, July 27, 2021

And we give them "farm subsidies" too?????-----Why Are We Selling Farmland to China?

Why Are We Selling Farmland to China?

"...China — yes, China — is among those foreign countries snapping up American farmland as fast as they can. As Politico reported last week:

Chinese firms have expanded their presence in American agriculture over the last decade by snapping up farmland and purchasing major agribusinesses, like pork processing giant Smithfield Foods.

By the start of 2020, Chinese owners controlled about 192,000 agricultural acres in the U.S., worth $1.9 billion, including land used for farming, ranching and forestry, according to the Agriculture Department.

Deborah J. Comstock, who describes herself as “a girl farmer” — she actually is a farmer — wrote in a 2020 op-ed for the Ionia Sentinel-Standard:

The goal of China’s Communist Party authorities suggest specific strategies to invest in agriculture overseas...The revenues from these productions do not pass through the American commodities markets but, rather, flow through the foreign entities’ own distribution channels, directly to the home country...

...During a speech to the Heritage Foundation earlier this month, former Vice President Mike Pence talked about the issue, as noted by Politico. “America cannot allow China to control our food supply,” Pence said, urging Joe Biden and Congress to “end all farm subsidies for land owned by foreign nationals.”...Read all.

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