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Shut down the criminal FBI!!-----The FBI: 55 Scandals, Controversies, Embarrassments :: News Lists

The FBI: 55 Scandals, Controversies, Embarrassments :: News Lists
The FBI spied on the Barry Goldwater campaign at Pres. Johnson's direction01/01/1964The Wall Street Journal
The FBI was warned about the 9/11 terrorists, but failed to stop them09/11/2001Coleen Rowley (former FBI special agent)
The FBI framed four men for murder; two died in prison, two spent 62 years behind bars07/26/2007The New York Times
The FBI was warned about a terrorist planning to blow up the NYC subway system (he backed out of the attack)09/22/2009PJ Media
The FBI was warned about the "Underwear Bomber," but failed to stop him12/25/2009PJMedia
FBI Special Agent Convicted for Dealings with Criminals Agency Investigating06/18/2012Newsweek
After the NSA scandal exploded in 2013, Comey's FBI was exposed conducting its own data mining on innocent Americans; the agency retains that material for decades (even if no wrongdoing is found)06/30/2013Bloomberg
The FBI was warned about the Fort Hood terrorist, Nidal Hasan, but failed to stop him08/28/2013Breitbart
The FBI was warned about the Boston Marathon bombers but failed to stop them04/15/2014NBC News
The FBI was warned about three Americans who joined ISIS in Syria, but failed to stop them05/14/2014NBC News
The FBI was warned about an ISIS-inspired American who killed three in Washington, one in New Jersey, but failed to stop him08/06/2014Seattle Times
In 2015, Comey's FBI conducted a controversial raid on a Texas political meeting, finger printing, photographing, and seizing phones from attendees03/01/2015World Net Daily
The FBI was warned about the Garland, Texas terrorists, but failed to stop them05/03/2015CBS News
Comey was forced to apologize after an error in the FBI's background check system allowed Dylann Roof to buy his gun07/10/2015The Atlantic
The FBI was warned about a man shouting "Allahu Akhbar" while attacking patrons at an Israeli-owned deli, but failed to stop him02/14/2016PJMedia
During the FBI's Hillary probe, "A technician who destroyed evidence lied to FBI investigators even after he received immunity, and Comey did nothing"04/01/2016The Federalist; The Wall Street Journal
The FBI was warned about the Pulse Nightclub terrorist, but failed to stop him06/12/2016Grabien
Comey promised transparency into the investigation into the Pulse Night Club terrorist, but almost immediately redacted from transcript the killer's reference to Islam06/12/2016The Federalist
Under Comey, the FBI blew its highest profile corruption investigations (into Sen. Ted Stevens); a federal judge blamed the "worst prosecutorial misconduct" he'd ever seen07/01/2016The Federalist
The FBI was warned about a Va. man shouting "Allahu Akhbar" while stabbing a couple, but failed to stop him08/23/2016WSLS
Under Comey, the FBI authorized informants to break the law 22,800 times in just four years08/23/2016The Daily Dot
The FBI was warned about the NYC bomber, Ahmad Khan Rahani, but failed to stop him09/19/2016The New York Times
During its investigation into Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified material, the FBI made an unusual deal in which Clinton aides were both given immunity and allowed to destroy their laptops.10/03/2016Fox News
Comey's FBI was embedded with the ISIS-affiliated terrorists who struck the 'Draw Mohammad' event but failed to act03/26/2017CBS News
Comey claimed in Senate testimony he didn't feel compelled to memorialize his meetings with presidents besides Trump; however, that's untrue06/10/2017Powerline
Comey drafted an exoneration statement for Hillary Clinton months before the FBI even investigated her10/16/2017Newsweek
Under Comey, the FBI's database for gun buyers lost millions of records11/10/2017The Washington Post
Under Comey, the FBI's case against Cliven Bundy was destroyed after the feds were caught deliberately withholding evidence12/21/2017The Oregonian
The FBI was warned about the Parkland mass killer, Nikolas Cruz, but failed to stop him02/14/2018BuzzFeed
Sexual misconduct was rampant at the FBI under Comey's watch, with at least 14 agents sanctioned02/25/2018The Daily Caller
The FBI was warned about Corey Johnson, who converted to Islam and killed a 13-year-old boy and stabbed a mom and her son, but failed to stop him03/13/2018WPEC
Comey's FBI blew its case against Omar Mateen's wife due to agents' misconduct04/03/2018USA Today
FBI forced the Pulse club killer's wife into a confession, but the case was dropped over the FBI forcing her to lie04/03/2018The American Conservative
Agent Peter Strzok was considered so hostile to Trump, Robert Mueller dropped him from the Russia probe; Comey, however, found him fit to lead the Clinton probe04/17/2018RealClearPolitics
On the FBI's Hillary probe, Comey claimed there was no coordination between the DoJ and FBI, but texts and emails later showed that to be untrue04/19/2018The Washington Examiner
The memos Comey leaked contained classified material, prompting the DoJ inspector general to investigate his illegal leak04/20/2018The Wall Street Journal
Comey's memos reveal that he briefed Trump on the Steele dossier specifically so it would leak to the media04/20/2018The Federalist
The FBI was warned about the Waffle House mass killer, Travis Reinking, but failed to stop him04/22/2018Grabien News
During the Hillary probe, the FBI lost track of Hillary's server for months05/05/2018Jack Posobiec
During his book tour, Comey claimed he didn't know the FBI thought Michael Flynn believed he was telling the truth05/14/2018Townhall
The FBI was caught overhyping the threat of encrypted phones05/23/2018Axios
The FBI's mismanaged surveillance of the New Mexico terror compound case resulted in a delayed raid09/14/2018The Federalist
An FBI agent was sentenced to 4 years in jail for leaking documents10/18/2018KSTP
The FBI was warned about the Nashville bomber, Anthony Warner, but failed to stop him12/30/2020WSMV
Nashville bomber's girlfriend alerted FBI he was building bombs12/30/2020WSMV
The FBI refuses to abide guidelines for recording interviews with witnesses03/13/2021The American Conservative
The FBI was warned about the Boulder shooter, Ahmad Al Issa, but failed to stop him03/23/2021The Daily Mail
FBI personnel conducted queries of data troves containing Americans’ emails & other communications without proper justification in 2019 & 2020, the FISA court ruled04/27/2021The Washington Post
FBI demands USA Today hand over data on its readers06/03/2021Politico
The FBI provided location data to the UAE’s authoritarian ruler about his estranged daughter, which he then used to abduct her.07/07/2021USA Today
FBI Tells Americans to Report ‘Family Members and Peers’ in Tweet, Gets Blowback07/12/2021Epoch Times
FBI Agents Disregarded Gymnasts’ Complaints About Nassar, Then Made False Statements to Cover Mistakes, Report Says07/14/2021The Wall Street Journal
Men accused in plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Whitmer say FBI set them up07/21/2021NY Post
FBI agent, 39, investigating Gretchen Whitmer kidnap plot is fired two months after he was arrested for 'beating his wife over a disagreement at a swingers party'09/13/2021The Daily Mail
FBI agents stole valuables from hundreds of safety deposit boxes in California09/20/2021Los Angeles Times

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