Saturday, July 30, 2022

Don Surber: Why the press is the enemy of the people

Don Surber: Why the press is the enemy of the people
1. In 2015, the media thought it could ease Hillary into the presidency by promoting Donald John Trump as the Republican candidate. Within a month of his June 16, 2015, announcement, he led the polls. He never looked back. This pleased the media because the reporters and media moguls thought this greased the skids for Hillary.

2. In the fall of 2016, it finally dawned on the press that maybe The Donald had a chance. It promoted a tape of a private conversation in which he boasted that if you are handsome and rich, women in Hollywood let you get away with things. Harvey Weinstein later proved looks don't matter.
The media acted shocked that a man would use the P-word in a private conversation. Liberal women were so upset by the P-word that they began knitting and wearing what they loudly proclaimed were pussyhats. The media promoted that too.

3. The media never said much about Hillary accepting millions of dollars from foreign governments in donations to her fake charity when she was secretary of state.

4. The media promoted a resistance -- a bureaucratic coup designed to hobble Trump's nascent presidency.

5. On Inauguration Day, the New York Times greeted the new president with a story about how the intelligence community worried about Trump's staff based on transcripts from what NYT called wiretaps...READ ALL!

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