Sunday, July 31, 2022

Trofim Lysenko Has Entered the Chat - by Michael Smith

Trofim Lysenko Has Entered the Chat - by Michael Smith--Unlicensed Punditry
  • The most protected and socially distanced senior citizen in America, a man living in the total security, isolation and protection of the White House, surrounded, managed and controlled by Priests and Cardinals of the most secret Inner Circle of the Covidian religion, attended by Soviet style Lysenkoist scientists and doctors, a man directly advised by the High Priest of their Religion, St. Anthony of Fauci, and advised by a cabal of St. Anthony’s High Cardinals at the CDC and NIH, a man who participated in a national campaign from the isolation of his basement due to fear of the disease and was, and is still, protected by the nomenklatura and the propagandists, who will ban and silence any critics for even the suggestion the state approved and mandated treatments do not actually work, has tested positive for Covid…AGAIN.
Let me repeat that.
Biden has tested positive for Covid FOR THE SECOND TIME IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS.
And in the most ironic of excuses, his doctors and the sycophantic media are blaming the treatment regime he was given, all the time trying to disprove a negative. 
  • “Well, it would have been so much worse of we didn’t do all those things!” they scream from their cloisters in the Monastery of Covidianism..."

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