Wednesday, November 30, 2022

An exceptional read!-----Was Trump Our Captain Queeg? By Victor Davis Hanson

Was Trump Our Captain Queeg? By Victor Davis Hanson
  • And will the NeverTrumpers finally be exposed to have been as contemptible as the NeverQueegers were in The Caine Mutiny?
"...Yet the truth is that Trump was a victim, no matter how much or how tiresome it is that he recites the endless script of injustices. 
And his victimizers have far more to answer for than their victimized target.
  • The record is clear: no president in U.S. history has ever been impeached twice. 
  • None has ever been impeached and then tried as a private citizen out of office.
  • Remember, in both rush-to-judgment politicized efforts, there was no special counsel’s report, and no lengthy cross-examination of witnesses. The first impeachment writ was based on a clumsy phone call in which Trump suspended aid to an often compromised Ukrainian government until it investigated the Biden family’s corruption and collusion with members of the Kyiv apparat and state-related corporations...

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