Sunday, March 19, 2023

It's the STORAGE stupid!-----A Simple Reason Why Net Zero Is Impossible | Watts Up With That?

A Simple Reason Why Net Zero Is Impossible | Watts Up With That? - From CFACT - By David
"I have a new study out, titled “Constraining Renewables is a National Need”, that provides a simple reason why net zero is impossible. 
  • It is simply impossible to provide enough energy storage to make renewables reliable.
...Grid scale storage at the scale needed to replace fossil fuels with wind and solar is impossibly expensive. 
...The likely cost would be many times GDP. 
Clearly this is economically impossible. 
Despite this impossibility, present government policies and utility practices are driving toward massive grid penetration by renewables. 
This reckless drive must be properly constrained and managed, in order to protect reliability. 
  • American grid reliability must be maintained
  • ..our working estimate of the required storage is an amazing 250 million MWh. 
  • America today has less than 20 thousand MWh of grid scale battery storage, which is next to nothing. 
Grid scale batteries today cost around $700,000 a MWh
For 250 million MWh we get an astronomical total cost of $175 trillion dollars just to replace today’s fossil fuel generated electricity needs with wind and solar...
  • None of this impossibility is being considered in today’s reliability assessments. 
Not by the States, the utilities, NERC or FERC...

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