Saturday, July 06, 2024

Gavin Newsom says Joe Biden should have sole authority over the nuclear codes at age 86

The journey continues, whereby I take on the solemn task of asking as many Democratic Party “insiders” I can find whether they think Joe Biden ought to have “sole authority” over the US nuclear launch codes at age 86.  - Michael Tracey
  • ...If there’s any “Dem insider” you might expect to have as skillful an answer as is possible under the circumstances, it’s probably Gavin Newsom...
  • Luckily the meager turnout enabled me to get fairly quick access to a glad-handing Newsom. “Should Biden have sole authority over the nuclear launch codes at age 86?” I asked.
  • “I think he’s extraordinarily competent,” Newsom replied. “I can’t speculate about 86, but right now…I think he has all the competence and all the capacity,” Newsom continued. “So, yes.”...

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