Saturday, July 06, 2024

Uganda: Muslims murder Christian evangelist when other Muslims convert to Christianity after hearing him. Under Islam, those who leave Islam must be killed.

Dave Agema - Jihad watch reports: Uganda: Muslims murder... | Facebook
Jihad watch reports:
  • Hizballah launches 200 rockets and a swarm of drones into Israel. Yet the UN and EU condemn Israel for what Muslims do. America must get out of the UN.
  • Australia: Pro-Hamas protesters scale roof of Parliament carrying banners — ‘Palestine will be free. Muslims have infiltrated nearly all countries. Palestine is NOT a country- never has been.
  • India: Muslim leader commits Taliban-like public flogging, another says West Bengal is ‘Muslim nation’. 
  • Everywhere Muslims go they claim the land theirs, cause chaos and do not assimilate but change the country to Islam as demanded by the Quran and Sunna...

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