Monday, May 26, 2014

Blog: Premature suicide belt explosion dampens jihadi party

Blog: Premature suicide belt explosion dampens jihadi party:
"It’s the feel-good video of the day. 
I’d trade it for six cute puppy or kitten videos.
It happened in Syria, when a bunch of terrorists, said to be from abroad, got together for a little party.

Sean Brown of Mad World News reports:
The Syrian-based terror group is all sitting around singing, rifles stacked in the middle of the room in a menacing manner and their flag draped on the wall above.
As their celebration continues, all of the sudden there’s a massive BOOM and the camera is shot off the screen.
Panic ensues, and the men run around like madmen screaming “Allahu akbar!”
These men are said to be a group of Takfiri terrorists, a foreign-sponsored group that’s claimed responsibility for numerous attacks across Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq."

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