Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The 89,000 Clean Energy Jobs Myth

The 89,000 Clean Energy Jobs Myth [Michigan Capitol Confidential]:
"And what came of all the clean energy jobs projected in 2010?
In that 2010 Huffington Post article, Granholm cited three businesses as part of the success of clean energy businesses: Energetx, Eaton Rapids Castings (formerly URV USA, LLC) and Merrill Technology Group-Northern Power in Saginaw.
Energetx Composites, which the state projected would generate more than 1,000 new jobs, reported 24 jobs to the state in 2011.  
The other two companies are hard to track.
In 2012, the Detroit Free Press reported that the Merrill Technology Group-Northern Power facility in Saginaw was in "standby mode," and Eaton Rapids Castings hadn't started production."

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