Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Frightening read!-----The Elite Class Who Hates Life - The American Conservative

The Elite Class Who Hates Life - The American Conservative - Rod Dreher
  • Letter from a reader who knows the 'educated Red Guard class' driving America to the brink
"See that image above?
I got it from, I kid you not, Walmart.com (see here!)
This is a post about the kind of people who put that sign in their yard.
A reader whom I know personally, and who knows what she's talking about, writes:
"Your recent post about The Woke Tipping Point caught my eye, as it is something we've been wondering about quite a bit.
I have a lot to say on it, but to boil it down there is one thing in particular which really makes me doubt we're anywhere near it: the rising anti-natalism of the educated "Red Guard" classes.
  • We recently hosted a much-loved houseguest who is part of the international NGO missionary class. But the way opinions are shared has changed. Now they handed down as edicts with a contempt and self-assurance they never were even ten years ago
  • The declaration that women everywhere must be liberated from "family values" was astounding...
...This crisis is only getting started. 
The work is deeper than even being able to define a man or a woman: it is about being able to understand why human life is worthwhile.

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