Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Lots here. Never trust liberal fact-check scammers. NEVER!-----Politifact is dishonest!

Politifact is dishonest
"...The first “fact check is a doozy, since their “Truth o Meter” and the content of their “analysis” contradict each other. 
They rate a claim “false” while their explanation for coming to the conclusion shows that it is, in fact, true. 
They just disagree with the implication.

The claim is manifestly true. 
  • The Biden Administration is making a big push for “gender-affirming care,” including surgeries, for teens and young adults. 
Not only do they support the policy, they actively push it as a priority. 
This is indisputable. 
And, ironically, Politifact doesn’t even dispute it; they simply downplay it.
Their quickie analysis:

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