Sunday, January 29, 2023

Straight Talk on the Latest Riots - American Thinker

Straight Talk on the Latest Riots - American Thinker - By Clarice Feldman
"...As Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) observes, Nichols’ beating was administered by “Black officers in a majority Black city with a Black police chief.”
The officers involved have been criminally charged, but the media to which every Black killed by a cop is just proof that we are still in the Selma, Alabama world of decades ago -- another case of some innocent Black person victimized by racist oppressors.
The odious Joy Reid at MSNBC highlighted a guest who blames Nichols’ death on “white supremacy” and CNN’s Van Jones opined “The police who killed Tyre Nichols were Black. But they still may have been driven by racism.”
  • To the contrary, I blame the death on those who actually administered the beating and the lack of rapid medical treatment, 
  • but people like Reid and Jones who refuse to acknowledge the murderous consequences of a savage urban Black culture which time and again ends on tragedy and who stir up absurdly conjured racism are also at fault...

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