Saturday, May 27, 2023

Biden Ratchets Up 'Climate' Radicalism | The Pipeline

Biden Ratchets Up 'Climate' Radicalism | The Pipeline - Steven F. Hayward 
  • The barbarians are within the gates now.
"It is popular to say that the Biden Administration represents a third term for Barack Obama, but on climate and energy policy Biden is far more radical than Obama
Nothing makes this fact more evident than Biden’s new proposed regulations of greenhouse gas emissions from electric power plants.
Let’s do a brief review...
  • Obama’s Clean Power Plan sought to impose new performance standards on power plants that would have forced most coal-fired plants to switch to natural gas, or mitigate their emissions by supporting energy conservation measures by their customers...
  • The proposed Biden plan, which many observers are calling “Clean Power Plan 2” (the Biden team hasn’t offered up name for their new plan yet), will eliminate almost all coal-fired power with much tougher emissions standards that not even natural gas plants can realistically meet...

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