Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Return of Good and Evil, Part 1 | The Pipeline--more to come!

The Return of Good and Evil, Part 1 | The Pipeline
"... Even after relativity and quantum physics threw everything open," in the 1980s Stephen Hawking and other big shots claimed that physics was on the verge of a 'final theory,' or 'theory of everything,' that could answer these big questions and solve the riddle of reality," as John Horgan noted in the Scientific American.
But that expectation too was dashed
Nobody talks about a theory of everything now. 
  • As Sabine Hossfelder explains in her book Lost in Math, the Large Hadron Collider isn't finding what the standard model predicted. 
  • The James Webb Space Telescope discovered enormous distant galaxies that should not exist. "Nobody expected them. They were not supposed to be there. And now, nobody can explain how they had formed."
Part of the problem is although we are still enlarging the encyclopedia, the reversopedia is growing so much faster that our island of knowledge, while enlarging steadily is not expanding as fast as the shadows around it. 
Each year our store of knowledge grows, but never as fast as the list of unsolved problems they suggest. 
Worse the unknown unknowns, the mysterium tremendum grows fastest of all...
Continued tomorrow.

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