Sunday, May 28, 2023

Searching for ESG scores?-----Woke Capitalism Gone Wild | Power Line

Woke Capitalism Gone Wild | Power Line - JOHN HINDERAKER
"Of all the strange phenomena of our strange era, the most inexplicable to me is woke capitalism
We see it all around us: Major League Baseball moving the All-star Game out of Atlanta (does anyone remember why?), Delta Airlines aligning itself with the Democratic Party, the Bud Light fiasco.
  • Along with Budweiser, a number of other companies have driven off the “pride” cliff.
This is only a partial list, but let’s start with Target. Target has been aggressively featuring its Pride collection, which includes women’s swimsuits with extra crotch room to make them comfortable for “women” who are men...
Then we have Calvin Klein. 
Calvin Klein followed in the footsteps of Nike, which used Dylan Mulvaney, who at least looks somewhat like a woman, to model bras. 
But Calvin Klein took it a step further: they used an obese black model with a beard to advertise bras, a product that by its nature is intended for women...

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