Sunday, May 28, 2023

Unions destroy education!-----The Illinois Scholarship Scandal Teachers... - Roland Vincent Villars | Facebook

The Illinois Scholarship Scandal Teachers... - Roland Vincent Villars | Facebook - Roland Vincent Villars
  • The Illinois Scholarship Scandal - Teachers unions and Democrats kill a small program that showcases their failure. - By The Editorial Board
"We told you Wednesday about the Illinois Invest in Kids scholarship program, which lawmakers in Springfield had the chance to extend for 9,000 low-income students this week. 
Instead, Democrats led by Illinois Senate President Don Harmon and House Speaker Emanuel Chris Welch tossed it aside in rank obeisance to the teachers unions.
The small program, which provides privately funded scholarships for children to take to independent schools, is scheduled to sunset at the end of the year, with the final scholarships going out for the 2023-24 school year...
Unions want to kill the program because its popularity showcases the failure of the public schools...

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