Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Sea level rise?

Sea level rise  --Scientists Skeptical of Anthropogenic Global Warminges
Eric Negrón -Sonrsdtope4iacua4771ahi353f10c65c1ch8l95261gf0lf46073c188cum ·
"Sea level rise was once described as 1.0 mm/year the 1000 years BP, 1.5 mm/year the last years and near 2 mm/year the last 30 years...
The most significant difference is once again provided by 
  • the ending point with an upward increasing curvature in the first graph ending in 1973 and
  •  a downward decreasing curvature in the second graph ending in 1980. 
A huge difference was made to the sea level measurement trajectory during the last additional seven years when sea levels once again began falling.....

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