Monday, October 31, 2022

Election theft is REAL!-----Big ballot-harvesting operation busted in Orlando, Florida - American Thinker

Big ballot-harvesting operation busted in Orlando, Florida - American Thinker - By Monica Showalter

"Ballot harvesting, according to the California Democrats who'd like to take it national, is an innocent practice where union members and activists, some of them illegally present in the country, do voters the favor, see, of helping voters fill out their ballots and then collecting those ballots for them so that they need never go to the polls. 

They call it "a new service." It's part of their "make every vote count" agenda, and who could be against that?...

“Ballot brokers typically work up to a year in advance,” [the whistleblower] stated. “Ballot brokers visit individuals in their residences and assists the individual with filling out a request for a mail-in ballot. After the mail-in ballot arrives, the voter is instructed to wait for the ballot broker returns to the individuals residence. They are asked to not seal the certificate envelope.”

“In rare circumstances, if the voter has filled out the ballot and sealed the envelope certificate, the ballot broker will take the ballot and then steam open the sealed envelope,” the affidavit added. “The ballot broker will either correct any votes, if necessary, that were not voted according to their wishes or just throw them out.”...

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